Google Apps vs. Office 365 vs. On-prem Exchange: What's right for you?


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Considering Office 365, but wondering if Google Apps is better? Maybe you should just stick with "traditional" Exchange 2013? Perhaps you know Office 365 is right, but you're not sure what version!

These are the questions you ask us!

In this deck we'll explore the issues, research, and determine if you should move some, all, or none of your workloads to the cloud. We'll walk through common company profiles, scenarios, needs, cost, etc., and determine what's-best-when. We'll also cover what a hybrid approach is, and when it's best.

If you have questions about the cloud, this is the deck you need to review.

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Google Apps vs. Office 365 vs. On-prem Exchange: What's right for you?

  1. 1. Google Apps vs. Office 365 vs. On-Prem ExchangeWhen is one or the other right for you?
  2. 2. Quick FactsAbout Us Approach Partnerships• 23rd Year • Vendor • Microsoft Gold• Grand Rapids & Independent • VMware Royal Oak • Non-reseller Enterprise• 30 Staff • Professional • Citrix Silver Services Only • Cisco Premier • Novell Gold
  3. 3. Microsoft Gold PartnerCompetencies Successes Pinpoint• Three Gold • Customer Excellence • Microsoft’s official• Five Silver Award partner directory • Virtual Technical • 5-star rating Specialist (VTSP) • Managed Partner • Numerous Partner Awards
  4. 4. Expertise
  5. 5. Get Social with C/D/HC/D/H Talks Tech C/D/H Tweets Tech
  6. 6. Meet your PresenterPaul Hillman• Partner, Director of Clients & Markets• 23 years with C/D/H PMP, MBA
  7. 7. Agenda• Set the Stage – Who is here & why?• Why Consider the Cloud• Collaboration Alternatives• Components of Web Solution• Google Product & Pricing• Microsoft Product & Pricing• Company Scenarios
  8. 8. Questions to set the stage• Which of you are non-profit? For profit?• What is the size of your IT staff?• Which of you have cloud-based solutions today?• Which of you are faced with a large upgrade now?
  9. 9. What is holding you back from the cloud?• Concerned about security of solution• Don’t know the cost of the solution• Anxious about the unknowns of solution• The cloud doesn’t have feature parity with on-premise• Other things
  10. 10. Progression of options• On-premise only option in the 90s• Software As A Service – 2000’s• Co-hosting / Co-location – 2000’s• Shared Tenant Model – 2008 – BPOS• Web Apps’, Next Gen 2013• Hybrid Solutions 2013 and beyond
  11. 11. Office Web Apps JourneyPre-2010 Office 2010 Looking Ahead
  12. 12. Why Consider the Cloud?
  13. 13. Why Cloud Solutions?• Lower up front capital costs• Lessen IT attention for part of IT’s work load• Fault tolerance provided at fraction of cost• Increased flexibility & agility• Lower Operating Costs
  14. 14. What is holding companies back?• Security Concerns• Inability to proper determine “real” costs• Software parity• Not familiar with model• Migration concerns
  15. 15. When does the cloud make sense?• Facing a big upgrade• Reduction / Constrained IT staff model• Volatile user growth / reductions• New business startup• “Generic” needs for email & collaborative technologies• IT struggles with “blocking & tackling”
  16. 16. When does the cloud NOT make sense?• Recent large hardware purchase to support IT• LoB applications tightly integrated to collaborative technologies• Unable / Unwilling to fight the “security” battle internally• Highly stable or slightly shrinking user base• Organizational willingness to run on 2nd and 3rd generation old versions
  17. 17. Collaboration Alternatives
  18. 18. Collaborative Solutions• Lotus Notes / Sametime / IBM Services• Google Gmail / Google Docs / Google Talk• Microsoft Exchange / SharePoint / Lync
  19. 19. When does Google Make Sense?• Not heavily invested in Microsoft technologies• Don’t rely on Active Directory• Disparate consumer-oriented workforce• Less concerned about security and support
  20. 20. When does Microsoft O365 Make Sense?• Use Word, Excel, PowerPoint and/or OneNote extensively• Security model relies on AD authentication• Existing business relationship established with Microsoft• HIPAA & Business Assoc Agreement Requirements• Business might be highly distributed geographically
  21. 21. When does MS On-Premise Make Sense?• Line of Business application integration• Third party snap-ins required• Non-Parity of Application is an issue• Previous large investment in on- premise• Large concentration of users in few locations
  22. 22. When does hybrid approach make sense?• Part of business has LoB integration requirements• Part of business has limited collaborative needs• Business is both concentrated and distributed• Portion of business has volatile employee counts
  23. 23. Components of Web Solutions
  24. 24. Trends & Expectations Web Centric Experiences Productivity via web vs. desktop Mobile Workers Work anytime, anywhere, any device Distributed Workforce Collaborate across distances
  25. 25. Your Modern Office Across People CloudOffice as a First Devices IT Control PlatformService
  26. 26. Comparable Web Solution Components• Email • Word Processing• Contacts • Electronic• Calendaring Spreadsheets• Task Management • Presentation Software• Instant Messaging • Document• Presence Awareness Management• PC to PC audio / • Web Conferencing video • Intranet Sites• Unified Messaging • Cloud Storage
  27. 27. Compare workloads Office 365 Google Apps Microsoft Office Google Docs Exchange Online Gmail, Calendar, Contacts SharePoint Online Sites, Drive, Groups Lync Talk, Voice, Hangouts Exchange Online, SharePoint Online Message Discovery, Vault Exchange Online Gmail, Google Message Protection Security SharePoint Online, Google Plus Yammer Applications excluded from enterprise SLA
  28. 28. Technical differentiators
  29. 29. Google
  30. 30. GOOGLE APPSGoogle Apps Editions Target: <10 users • 25GB email storage GOOGLE APPS FOR • Ads in Gmail BUSINESS • Online support only Target: Any size • No Google Video • 25GB email storage • No Google Groups • 99.9% uptime SLA • Ad-Free MESSAGING COLLABORATION • No Google Vault • Not covered by the SLA • 3rd party services and add- Gmail Google Sites ons $0/user/year • 24/7 phone support • Extensibility APIs Google Calendar Google Docs GOOGLE APPS FOR GOVT Target: US Federal, State $50/user/year & Local Google Talk Google Groups • FISMA certification GOOGLE APPS FOR • Gmail data segregation EDUCATION Google Contacts Google Video • Ad-Free Target: Education • 25GB email storage Google Vault* Google Drive $50/user/year • 99.9% uptime SLA • Ad-Free GOOGLE APPS FOR NON- PROFIT • 24/7 phone support ADMIN CONTROL Target: US NFP 501(c)(3) • Extensibility APIs PANEL • Free for <3000 users (EDU) • More storage for Google • 40% discount >3000 users Sites and Video than GAFB • Ad-Free * Google Vault is only available as an additional cost add-on, and only available with Google • US only $0/user/year Apps for Business and Google Apps for EDU $30/user/year
  31. 31. Google’s website
  32. 32. What’s the difference between EDU and Business edition? Google Apps for Google Apps for Comparison chart Education Business Cost Free! $50/user/year Google Video 10GB 3GB 10Gb + 500Mb per Google Sites 100GB # of paid users Message Security Free for all Google Free for K-12 - Powered by Apps for Business schools Postini users Email Storage 25 GB 25 GBSource: Question “What’s the difference between EDU and BIZ” on Google Apps for Education FAQMICROSOFT CONFIDENTIAL
  33. 33. Google’s Pitch Prevent Lock-in Browser- Based Mobile Rapid Innovation Ecosystem On-Premises = Legacy
  34. 34. Microsoft
  35. 35. Office 365: Value Proposition and Differentiators Offering Strategy Microsoft Google Apps Full suite of offerings serving low cost, basic Richest Software needs up to and including Enterprise Single offering Enterprise Class Choice & Flexibility with a “one-size-fits-all” approach for every type of user regardless Information Workers needing the richest capabilities.experience of needs Best The cloud on your Enterprise level across the PC, Phone terms security and Richest& Browser Software trustworthy Microsoft Google Apps Richer set of capabilities, including Office, SaaS only offering providing basic providing the best experience across the capabilities leaving the majority of users PC, Phone & Browser underserved Choice & Flexibility Microsoft Google Apps Seamless integration with On-premises solutions taking advantage of existing No On-premises options; integration technologies (e.g. RMS, Active Directory) provided through 3rd parties or custom coding Enterprise Class Microsoft Google Apps More, finer-grained IT control backed by an Support mentality built on consumer apps, Enterprise support organization with a less IT control and an SLA based on service financially backed SLA. credits
  36. 36. Office 365: Offering Strategy for Diverse Needs Offering Strategy Microsoft Google Apps Full suite of offerings serving low cost, basic Single offering with a “one-size-fits-all” needs up to and including Enterprise approach for every type of user Information Workers needing the richest regardless of needs capabilities.• Messaging • Messaging • Messaging• Collaboration • Collaboration • Collaboration• Basic productivity • Basic productivity • Basic productivity• Virtual meeting • Virtual meeting • Virtual meeting• Fidelity with Office • Fidelity with Office • Fidelity with Office documents documents documents• Option for Office Pro Plus • Option for Office Pro Plus • Option for Office Pro Plus • 24x7 Support & financially • 24x7 Support & financially backed SLA backed SLA • Advanced Collaboration • Advanced Collaboration • Unified Messaging • Unified Messaging • Finer Grained IT Control • Finer Grained IT Control Also provided by Google Apps • Kiosk Offerings • Kiosk Offerings • Voice (PBX, Call Control)
  37. 37. Office 365 increases the lead over GoogleRichest Software Choice & Flexibility Enterprise Class Best experience Enterprise level The cloud on your security and across the PC, Phone terms trustworthy & BrowserOffice 365 adds- Office 365 adds- Office 365 adds-Short list: Short list: Short list:o File Fidelity o Developer capabilities o Native offline o ex. Silverlight web accesso Even Better UX parts o ex. Conversation o IT level of granularity o Remote view / fluent UI PowerShell o ex. Turn on/off featureso Integration & depth below the app o Admin roles (w/ of functionality different scope) o Making the experience o ex. IM in OWA & work for you Virtual meetings / file sharing
  38. 38. The New Office Web AppsInvestment areas in the next releaseEdit on TabletsTouch-enabled editing onWindows 8 EditingBroad Viewing Support on Touch EnabledPhones ViewingTouch-enabled viewingfrom most smart phonebrowsers
  39. 39. Office Web Apps Delivery Options 365Consumer Public Cloud On PremisesCloud An option within the Run on Office Web Apps service ServerPublicly available to anyLive ID user Monthly per user Interface with SP, EX, subscription File shares, etcFree via SkyDrive
  40. 40. Common ScenariosMobile Deskless Students &Workers Workers HomeFamiliar web-based Provide cost Shared access andproductivity tools effective access to editing to regularlyanywhere, on any productivity tools to updated groupdevice. remote or branch information. l
  41. 41. Efficient
  42. 42. ProductiveFamiliar User Interface to Save Time
  43. 43. Email Management - Options • Reading pane on right • Reading pane on • Calendar view bottom • People view • No calendar, tasks or contacts view • People view • No reading pane • Conversation view • View by conversation • Calendar, tasks, and • No calendar, tasks or contacts view contacts view • Reading pane on the bottom
  44. 44. Offline Access Problems in Google Apps• No SLA for offline availability • Cannot create meetings Attachment • No offline experience for• Inconsistent user experience size is 5 MB Presentations, Drawings or Forms• Very reduced functionality from • No printing capability • Docs offline is read only – no editing or normal Google Apps UX • Labels work differently creating new docs• Requires Chrome13+ browser • Limited number of emails stored are • Lack of document fidelity within• Latest messages unavailable accessible Google Docs• No rich text formatting in • Missing images, comments, • Only a subset of attachments are composing emails highlighting, and more accessible while offline• No signatures Online version in Google Docs Offline version in Google Docs ? ?
  45. 45. Enterprise-classUnified eDiscovery across email, IM, calendar, docs, etc.
  46. 46. O365 High Level Pricing Plans
  47. 47. Email, SMB, Enterprise
  48. 48. Email, SMB, Enterprise (cont.)
  49. 49. Deskless Workers
  50. 50. Company Scenarios
  51. 51. C.A.R.E - Center for Animal Recovery Efforts• Newly formed not-for-profit• Director and secretary are full time• No file server, no other LOB application• Total Annual Budget of $250,000• BYOD to the Max!
  52. 52. McJunkin Corporation “Nobody makes Junk Like Us!”• 425 Employees,• Key LOB is Plex Systems, On-line ERP System• 3 locations, HQ in Lansing, Sales in Detroit, Plant in Vietnam• 1 IT Manager, 1 SysAdmin, 2 PC Technicians• Office 2003, Office 2007, and Office 2010 all deployed• Exchange 2003, running on 7 year old Dell Server• 18 month Old Cisco Call Manager VoIP solution• AOL Chat, DropBox,• iPads, iPhones, and Android mobile devices
  53. 53. Irma. M. DeSeesed Memorial Hospital• 4,000 Employees in two locations Huntington Woods and Southfield I.M. DeSeesed• Health Information Systems uses Memorial Hospital Exchange for scheduling• HR has implemented 3rd party training system using SharePoint as platform• SharePoint has extensive workflows using Nintex and custom code• Old Nortel Phone Switch, no Unified Messaging• IT Department of 25• Considering SharePoint basedPublic Web
  54. 54. Dewey, Cheetem & Howe Loans• 3,000 Employees in Detroit at HQ• 1,000 to 3,000 clerks Walmart Service kiosk• Quickly expanding into each Subway Shop, starting at 250, but may grow to 2,500 clerks in 2013• Loan origination application custom coded to tightly integrated with SharePoint 2007• HQ has need for HR portal for forms and policies to reach desk less clerk employees
  55. 55. C.A.R.E: Center for Animal Recovery Efforts Remote users Mobile devices
  56. 56. McJunkin Corp: “Nobody Does Junk Like Us!” g ADFS Proxy Exchange Hybrid DirSync ADFS Remote users Mobile devices
  57. 57. I.M. DeSeesed Memorial Hospital Lync Lync Edge Firewall Firewall Edge Lync SharePoint Lync Exchange ExchangeI.M. DeSeesed Memorial Hospital
  58. 58. Dewey, Cheetem & Howe Loans Lync Edge ADFS ProxySharePoint DirSync ADFS Lync Exchange Remote users Mobile devices
  59. 59. Which one is right for you?
  60. 60. Which one is right?• Are you more like C.A.R.E. or DC&H?• How invested in Microsoft rechnologies are you now?• How important is flexible pricing and product offering?• What are the goals you are trying to achieve moving to the cloud?
  61. 61. Thank YouRoyal Oak Grand Rapids306 S. Washington Ave. 15 Ionia SWSuite 212 Suite 270Royal Oak, MI 48067 Grand Rapids, MI 49503(248) 546-1800 (616) 776-1600