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Pivotal CRM Wayne Homes - case study

  1. 1. PIVOTAL CA S E S T U D YBuilding Lifelong Customers >> Wayne Homes implements innovative automated marketing and lead management using Pivotal CRM In recent years, the home building market has reached a frenzied pitch across the United States, prompting the construction of new homes in record numbers from coast to coast. As low mortgage rates and a hot market have pushed more and more people to purchase new homes, the home building industry has enjoyed unprecedented growth.Customer Details For companies like Wayne Homes by Centex, According to Sharon Swendner, Vice PresidentWayne Homes by Centex a leading builder of hand-crafted “on your lot” of Operational Marketing, Centex Destinationwww.waynehomes.com homes in the mid- and southeastern United Properties (formerly National MarketingCountry or Region States, this had meant more prospects and Director, Wayne Homes by Centex), “We hadNorth America customers to track, follow, and manage. Wayne a lot of success with our marketing programsIndustry Homes has been building houses on cus- driving people to Wayne Homes throughHome Building/Construction tomer-owned lots for more than 30 years, and the Internet or model centers. The bottomCustomer Profile is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Centex, line was simply that we were not effectivelyWayne Homes by Centex is a leading one of the largest builders in the U.S., with following through with all of our leads andbuilder of award-winning handcraftedhomes, providing customers in seven operations in 25 states and over $10 billion converting them into sales.”states in the mid- and southeast United in annual revenue. To respond to escalatingStates with more than 30 years of customer data and marketing needs—and to Swendner was also interested in managingexperience. the online channel more effectively: “Our data ensure that cost-effective automation wouldBusiness Situation be in place should the tides turn—Wayne shows us that using Internet channels resultsWayne Homes was unable to effectively Homes chose to implement Pivotal CRM. in a more qualified prospect in the door. Wemanage the large number of leadsgenerated from rapid industry growth weren’t really leveraging that to make it easierand successful marketing efforts, A burgeoning market leads to for the salespeople to make a sale.”resulting in lost opportunities. a unique problemSolution Wayne Homes had an enviable problem. Their Swendner recognized that in this market,Wayne Homes implemented the Pivotal industry was growing at an extremely rapid many leads are “low-hanging fruit,” that is,CRM marketing suite to fully leverage prospects that are close to a sale and present pace. Potential customers were flocking totheir marketing efforts and minimizethe number of lost opportunities by them at sales offices and on the Internet, and the most promising opportunities for rapid,automating lead management and they were collecting leads faster than they low-cost sales. But Wayne Homes was simplyimproving customer communication. not able to capitalize on all of them in a timely could effectively manage. The company policyBenefits of following up with all leads was smart, but manner, and leads that were further down the• Increased Internet traffic and sales as it was becoming increasingly hard to execute. scale were often missed altogether. With so a percentage of total by 20% Wayne Homes recognized they needed a many leads to manage, the sales and market-• Improved sales productivity• Lowered costs of marketing operation marketing automation system to better ing team needed a system that would help by capitalizing on low-cost/high- manage their lead processes and improve them quickly qualify and prioritize leads so margin marketing campaigns their customer communication. sales reps could move more rapidly through• Improved integration of sales and the sales cycle and close more deals. marketing team
  2. 2. Leveraging an established system lost due to human error. Beyond that, Wayne Homes is “Wayne Homes had already implemented Pivotal CRM establishing ongoing relationships with homebuyers, as a sales force automation system and was seeing the encouraging repeat sales and referrals. Swendner says, benefits of improved sales processes. But we recognized “The opportunity we have using Pivotal CRM is to lever- we needed an automated marketing system to manage age the lifetime value of buyers and prospects. I believe this can best be achieved through automation—by using a contact system that allows you to keep commu-“We recognized that we needed an automated nication flowing without live human beings performingmarketing system to manage all of our leads—one that every step.”would seamlessly integrate with our SFA. Obviously our Incoming leads are inputted daily into Pivotal, and by analyzing their information, the leads are prioritizedfirst choice was Pivotal.” according to the same four-tier system to which Wayne Homes users are accustomed. Pivotal MarketFirst Sharon Swendner, VP, Operational Marketing applies a series of automated business rules that direct Centex Destination Properties a consistent sequence of communications to be sent to the prospect, depending on the qualification level all of our leads—one that would seamlessly integrate of the lead. This ensures every lead is followed up with our SFA,” says Swendner. “Obviously our first choice appropriately—and tracked through the process. was Pivotal. Ease and speed of implementation were critical for us.” Swendner explains, “We prioritize our leads by their urgency to purchase. With Pivotal CRM, we are able to For Wayne Homes, lead management is a two-step identify customers who are likely to move within three process, managed from start to finish in Pivotal, using to six months and connect them with an online sales Pivotal’s MarketFirst suite and Pivotal Homebuilder consultant for immediate, personal follow-up. We can Front Office. Wayne Homes collects leads through identify other customers in the second tier who are still their website and online marketing efforts, as well as likely to move, but not as quickly, and through educa- more traditionally, through face-to-face contact at tion and consistent communication we keep them community events and home shows or home model ‘warm’ and move them closer to sale.” centers. Every single lead is registered in the Pivotal CRM system, regardless of the size, origin, or timing of For the third- and fourth-tier leads, Pivotal CRM gener- the opportunity. ates a series of bi-weekly or monthly automatic e-mail responses that provide education on home building Managing online leads more effectively topics such as financing, how to purchase land, and Prior to implementing Pivotal CRM, Wayne Homes sales market trends, as well as educating them about the reps would manually qualify web-based leads in Pivotal, steps in an “on-your-lot” building process; these com- prioritizing and grouping them using a four-tiered munications help to move leads up a tier and result in a system. Hot “A” leads were pursued, but often the other more informed buyer, ultimately yielding an easier sale. leads were not followed up on, resulting in a large With every communication, Wayne Homes uses Pivotal number of lost opportunities. CRM to gather additional information, which is inputted back into the system to automatically update the lead’s With Pivotal MarketFirst, Wayne Homes has automated status and notify the sales representative. the qualification process, freeing up salespeople to focus on closing deals and ensuring that fewer leads are Pivotal Case Study - Wayne Homes by Centex 2
  3. 3. Despite the automated nature of this system, prospects Within months of implementing Pivotal MarketFirst, still receive a personalized experience. As Swendner Wayne Homes saw dramatic improvements in their notes, “Even though it is a completely automated online lead management. “We are pleased with the process, the customer doesn’t necessarily know, initial results we have seen since we implemented because communications are always personalized and Pivotal,” says Swendner. “We increased the percentage have the picture, e-mail, and signature of an individual of both traffic and sales from the Internet source by online salesperson.” Any comments or replies from approximately 20% through the first 18 months of the prospect automatically go to the online sales use. These metrics lead us to believe that Pivotal will consultant for review. continue to impact our revenue significantly as we continue to expand the system and learn from how“Pivotal CRM tools are integral to ensuring Wayne consumers interact with us through this communica- tion process. When you compare the amount of money Homes maintains market share and profitability in the it took to implement this against the bottom-line results, it’s a very good return on investment.” long term. We have established an extremely cost- efficient automation system for our sales and marketing Using surveying to capture information at every stage enables the company to learn more from all of their efforts that will set us apart in a downturn when other interactions. In a recent campaign conducted at the Centex level, a customer who had canceled his initial companies are searching for ways to save money.” contract indicated that he had changed his mind and was still interested in a purchase when he responded Sharon Swendner, VP, Operational Marketing to an ensuing survey. “That was a customer we would Centex Destination Properties have totally written off and never even considered going back and talking to under the previous system,” Live leads that are generated by a visit to a community says Swendner. event, home show, or model center are considered the highest priority, and they are initially tracked Sales productivity has also gone up. Salespeople differently from web leads because they are assigned have been able to significantly increase the number to a salesperson at the point of contact. However, these and frequency of customer touches. Swendner adds, leads are then entered into the Pivotal CRM system “It helps them because the people that are coming and prioritized according to their likeliness to purchase in are more qualified, and we’ve done a better job of based on information obtained by the sales rep. Once in educating them, so it’s an easier sale. There’s been just a Pivotal CRM, the lead is managed in the same manner whole ton of improvements on the qualitative side that as those originating from the web, ensuring consistency we haven’t even considered how to measure—but we regardless of lead origin. know that they’re there.” Extending marketing reach Today, Wayne Homes continues to utilize Pivotal CRM Wayne Homes deployed Pivotal MarketFirst across for segmentation and to generate low-cost, direct the company using a phased approach that targeted e-mail campaigns to educate and inform prospects and five specific segments within their database: leads, leads. The e-mail campaigns are completely customiz- prospects, realtors, current customers, and lot owners. able by segment. Every e-mail has a call to action for They prioritized the segments based on customer the recipient to respond and update their customer information pulled from Pivotal CRM, then designed profile or fill out a prospect survey so Wayne Homes targeted communications campaigns to reach out to can collect further customer information. This allows these segments. By first targeting the highest-priority them to refine future marketing efforts that help drive leads—those who visited the website and provided more prospects and leads through the process. their contact information—Wayne Homes was able to generate ROI quickly and move more confidently and knowledgeably into subsequent project phases. Pivotal Case Study - Wayne Homes by Centex 3
  4. 4. Building for the future During the housing boom of the last few years, Five Tips for a Successful Implementation companies like Wayne Homes have benefited from a In recognition of the vision and leadership Wayne surplus of prospects and leads to pursue. Automating Homes has demonstrated in its use of Pivotal their marketing and sales IT systems using Pivotal CRM, it won Pivotal’s inaugural CRM Innovator CRM has enabled Wayne Homes to capitalize on the Award for “Innovation in Improving the Customer Experience.” From her experiences, Sharon“Wayne Homes’ goal is to have customers for life. Swendner shares five tips for a smooth, successful implementation: We want to build homes for this generation and their 1. Prioritize phases: Implement marketing children and grandchildren. I believe if we are doing a automation and lead management in phases, good job on our front-end marketing, and we drive the focusing on segmented audiences. Prioritize your target market and go after the “low- right people into the system, Pivotal CRM can help us hanging fruit” first. convert significantly more of our leads into buyers.” 2. Invest time and resources in content: A database without information is virtually Sharon Swendner, VP, Operational Marketing useless. Take the time to input your content Centex Destination Properties into your CRM system properly. It is a big initiative, but you cannot draw on data to design marketing campaigns or track cus- opportunities of this dynamic market and effectively tomers effectively if that data doesn’t exist. pursue as many leads as possible. By removing the human element in prospecting and lead management, 3. Ensure stakeholder buy-in: If you want they have developed an extremely cost-effective way employees to use the system and manage- to manage leads and develop customer communica- ment to evangelize it, engage stakeholders tions that will foster long-term customer relationships early on, at the planning stage, and then with their clients. As the market begins to moderate, regularly communicate the benefits. Link Swendner believes that this will continue to be a key results to individual and company success. differentiator, as emphasis shifts from managing lead 4. Measure your results: Establish a series surplus to increasing the conversion rate of a smaller of metrics at the project outset and regularly pool of leads. measure results. Track your results to an end goal. “Pivotal tools are integral to ensuring Wayne Homes 5. Allocate sufficient resources to the maintains market share and profitability in the project: Unless you have the in-house long term,” says Swendner. “We have established an expertise, invest in the help of a professional- extremely cost-efficient automation system for our services team to implement the project, sales and marketing efforts that will set us apart in a customize it where necessary, and train your downturn when companies are searching for ways to users. Leverage external expertise to smooth save money. And because Pivotal CRM enables us to the transition and get the system up and drive two-way communication with consumers, we running as fast as possible. hear directly from them how to best satisfy their needs. In the end, if you can keep your customer happy in the long term, that is how you win—regardless of the activities of the market.” Pivotal Case Study - Wayne Homes by Centex 4
  5. 5. Areas of future growth with Wayne Homes’ Pivotal CRM “Our goal is to make CRM an integral part of the way implementation include enhancements to reporting that we run our marketing and to use it to leverage and analysis to improve the level of communication every possible touch-point and method of system they are sending to consumers, implementing referral development that we can,” says Swendner. In for the long term“Pivotal CRM has significantly impacted Wayne Homes’ Wayne Homes Pivotal CRM implementation is a key ability to manage our leads more efficiently, and I piece of a larger ongoing corporate strategy. “Pivotal CRM has significantly impacted Wayne Homes’ ability believe we have only scratched the surface of where to manage our leads more efficiently, and I believe we have only scratched the surface of where we can go we can go with the system.” with the system,” says Swendner. “Wayne Homes’ goal is to have customers for life. We want to build multiple Sharon Swendner, VP, Operational Marketing homes for this generation, as well as for their children Centex Destination Properties and grandchildren. I believe if we are doing a good job on our front-end marketing and we drive the right programs and post-sale communications, and expand- people into the system, Pivotal CRM can help us convert ing the implementation across other Centex divisions. significantly more of our leads into buyers.” For more information about Pivotal, please visit www.pivotal.com or call us at 1-877-PIVOTAL (1-877-748-6825). © 2006. Pivotal Corporation. All rights reserved. Pivotal and the Pivotal logo are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Pivotal Corporation. All other marks referenced are marks of their respective companies. Rev. March 2006