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NPIN's In the Know: Twitter for Public Health Webcast 2013


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This is the first of six interactive webcasts in the series, In the Know: Social Media for Public Health. Each webcast focuses on a different social media channel and provides basic information, tips, success stories, and discussion on how best to use social media to promote public health and expand outreach initiatives.

NPIN's In the Know: Twitter for Public Health Webcast 2013

  1. #SM4PH Twitter for Public HealthMelissa Beaupierre, NPIN Director and Senior Director for Content Marketing & Partnerships Erin Edgerton Norvell, Senior Director for Communication Strategy & Digital 1
  2. Webcast Overview Watch for these bubbles, join the convo #SM4PH 1. Making the Case for Twitter 2. Using Twitter Effectively 3. Helpful Twitter Tools 4. Evaluating Your Success on Twitter 5. Public Health Success Stories 2#SM4PH
  3. Brought to You by NPIN Mobile Devices Interactive Widgets Trainings & Webcasts Community Forums Social Media#SM4PH 3
  4. Making the Case for Twitter#SM4PH 4
  5. What’s the Big Deal? What is it? Twitter is a ‘microblog’ where users create, share, and follow. Who’s Using it? • In 2013, Twitter will reach 7.1 million U.S. adult users • 15% of online adults use Twitter, 8% on a typical day • African Americans and Latinos have high rates of adoption Why do people like it? Twitter provides a real-time stream of breaking news, announcements, and celebrity gossip.#SM4PH 5
  6. Benefits of Using TwitterBenefits: Engagement Pitfalls: Broadcast-Only• Immediate engagement • Spread information • No cost• Increase organization visibility• Connect stakeholders• Lower cost#SM4PH 6
  7. Twitter for Public HealthSixty percent of state health departments reported using at least one social media application in 2012. Of these, 86.7% had a Twitter account. • Track conversation on health topics • Rapid response and crisis communications • Use popular culture for public health messages • Engage with target audiences and partners#SM4PH 7
  8. Organizational Challenges • Lack of support from leadership • Privacy concerns, security risks, outdated policies • Understanding and allocation of resources • Volume of engaging content Tweet your challenges or solutions #SM4PH#SM4PH 8
  9. Making the Case • During planning, identify allies at all organizational levels • Use the organization’s mission to frame your justification • Develop a strategy: – Goals and annual objectives – Staff and time commitments needed – Process for repurposing existing content – Editorial calendar and approval for new content – Routing for incoming questions – Evaluation plan and reporting schedule 9#SM4PH
  10. Using Twitter Effectively#SM4PH 10
  11. Anatomy of a Tweet 11#SM4PH
  12. Hosting Events Back in 2010 @RedPumpProj held an initial townhall for National Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day • Town Halls Check out these regular chats: #hcsm #pubht #NPINchat • TwitterViews • TwitterChats Tweet your favorite events • ChatBlitz #SM4PH#SM4PH 12
  13. Best Practices• Leave room for retweets, comments, and additional hashtags• Shorten and test links before sending• Include pictures/videos to increase engagement• Use Twitter management tools#SM4PH 13
  14. Questions from Twitter & Email#SM4PH 14
  15. Helpful Twitter Tools#SM4PH 15
  16. Weekly Email Digest#SM4PH 16
  17. Twilert#SM4PH 17
  18. Recent & Upcoming Features • Tailored Trends • Influence Ranking • Twitter Archive • Vine#SM4PH 18
  19. Management Tools • Hootsuite Tweet your favorite tools • Tweetdeck #SM4PH • Twitter mobile app • Link shorteners: – – – – (government-only)#SM4PH 19
  20. Evaluating Your Success on Twitter#SM4PH 20
  21. Measure towards Your Goals Goal Metric Disseminate # of followers # of tweets Potential reach Engage # of retweets # of @ replies # of clicks on images/videos Connect # of event participants # of tweets/event # of tweets/participant/event Influence # of followers # of new followers over time Impact Qualitative assessment of @replies Self-reported data post-event#SM4PH 21
  22. Twitter Analytical Tools• TwitterAnalyzer• TWInfluence• TweetStats• TwitterGrader• Hashtracking• Tweetreach• TwitterCounter• Radian 6• Tweriod• PeopleBrowsr#SM4PH 22
  23. Questions from Twitter & Email 23#SM4PH
  24. Public Health Success Stories#SM4PH 24
  25. Success Story: Program Improvement Philadelphia Office of HIV Planning @hivphilly Expanding community workshops with Twitter. • Large service area (9 counties in 2 states) • Twitter extends conversation beyond the room • In advance, invite participation on Twitter • Live tweet workshop with updates and pictures • Share workshop consensus on Twitter for virtual feedback • Incorporate Twitter in every workshop • Use feedback for program development#SM4PH 25
  26. Success Story: Campaign PromotionCenters for Disease Control and Prevention@CDCemergencyIncorporating Twitter into a multi-channel emergencypreparedness campaign.• Zombie Apocalypse an ongoing campaign to engage new audiences on emergency preparedness• Took advantage of zombie trend in popular culture• Started as a blog post in 2011, developed into multi-channel campaign• Included educators website, posters, graphic novella, and use of Twitter and other social media• Developed content syndication, badges, widgets, etc. to spread content (kinda like zombies)• Promotion on the CDC Emergency Twitter Feed 26#SM4PH
  27. Success Story: Increase Media CoverageShelby Co. Health Department TN@ShelbyTNHealthUsing Twitter as part of press strategy.• Follows local print and TV networks and major reporters• Uses #nowfollowing hashtag to let reporters and media know the health department is following them• Includes Twitter handle in email signatures of department officials, in press releases and talking points• Repurposes press release content -- tweets highlights immediately after release• Regularly receives RTs from reporters. Recent release on norovirus had four reporters RT which expanded health department’s public reach• Has Twitter enabled on staff mobile device so can tweet while on the go#SM4PH 27
  28. Questions from Twitter & Email#SM4PH 28
  29. Success Story: Popular Culture for Public Health MessagesAmerican Public Health Association@publichealthUsing popular event hashtags to promote public health • Day before: began tweeting about healthy snacks, including link to CDC post on healthy #SuperBowl. Followers RTed & replied with their own tips • Game day: APHA reminded people about dangers of drinking & driving • During the game: tweeted about flu vaccination & highlighted CDC partnership with NFL players • Unexpected opportunity of the blackout got most response. APHA tweeted “Power outages can disrupt more than football games. Know how to be prepared with our @getready fact sheet: #SuperBowl”#SM4PH 29
  30. Success Story: Respond to Disease Outbreak/EmergenciesPhiladelphia Dept. of Public Health,Bioterrorism and Public Health PreparednessProgram, @PHLPublicHealth @PDPHFluResponding to H1N1, Hurricane Sandy• Disseminated information about H1N1 vaccines• Monitored public sentiment• Identified a problem when a mother tweeted about one of their clinics saying children couldn’t be vaccinated• Reached out to her, identified clinic and retrained staff by end of day• Hurricane Sandy, used Twitter to support first responder agencies like police, fire and emergency management, and to publish original content around topics of food safety, injury prevention, flood clean up, and mold removal 30#SM4PH
  31. Success Story: Community of Practice CDC NPIN @CDCNPIN Hosting monthly TwitterChats to engage partners and build a community of practice. • #NPINchats bring CBOs, health departments, health communicators and public together to discuss specific topics • Subjects chosen based on relevant topics, new research or resources, observance days • NPIN using TwitterChats since innovative Twitter Town Hall meeting in 2010 • Last #NPINchat on Twitter for Public Health had 551 tweets containing hashtag. Potential reach of 7,115,868 followers and probable reach of 711,586 (10%) exposed followers • Chats over time developed into community of practice 31#SM4PH
  32. Questions from Twitter & Email#SM4PH 32
  33. Special Thanks • National Association of County and City Health Officials • Office of HIV Planning, Philadelphia • Bioterrorism and Public Health Preparedness Program, Philadelphia Department of Public Health • Shelby County Health Department TN • American Public Health Association • Participants in January #NPINchat on Twitter for Public Health#SM4PH 33
  34. Want more In the Know? • LinkedIn & SlideShare for Public Health - March 12th • Gaming & Mobile – April 2nd • Facebook & Image-sharing – April 23rd • Google + & YouTube – May 14th • Measurement & Evaluation – June 4th Stay tuned to learn about upcoming special guests Each session is from 2 – 3pm ET Have a tip or success story to share? Tweet “I’m in the know” to @CDCNPIN to learn how you could be featured in an upcoming webcast #SM4PH#SM4PH 34
  35. Thank You! @CDCNPIN