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Call centre (crm,helpdesk for service industries such as HVAC,refridgeration,IT,Plumbers,Electricians, Maintenance and Repairs etc

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  1. 1. CDC Business systems cc West Beach Cape Town 27215540144 [email_address] www.cdcsys.co.za
  2. 2. Take a service call in seconds!
  3. 3. Manage the work schedule with ease with the integration of MS OUTLOOK See all your technicians’ schedules in daily, weekly or monthly view for a complete picture of upcoming jobs Just drag jobs from one technician to another to reassign them, or drag items to change the scheduled time or duration of work .
  4. 4. CDC decreases call-taking times and costs, improves the customer experience and reduces the risk of call backs. Control repeat calls (return call)
  5. 5. Customer branch facility for contracts or repairs by branch
  6. 6. Keep a detailed history of all the past services and equipment you have at each customer location
  7. 7. Flexible job management allows you to create the service task on equipment, schedule equipment installations, track in-house work orders, automate equipment drop-offs, or just track the helpdesk call Checks for duplications of jobs and be able to view status of job
  8. 8. Expected job date/time can be entered immediately as well contract priority. Set up fault code lookups for quick logging of calls
  9. 9. CDC HVAC software will also assist in the management of customers with maintenance contract services. Jobs can be assigned to technicians immediately or later
  10. 10. Multiple serial numbers can be entered and tracked for jobs
  11. 11. Jobs can be opened for logged calls automatically and job card or service sheet can be emailed to customer as confirmation That call is being attended to.
  12. 12. See service history details by customer, equipment and contract information. Displays: - Call date and time, Work completed date and time, - Caller and previous call history, Service request description.
  13. 13. Job Opened automatically from help desk
  14. 14. History of customers calls can be recalled .
  15. 15. Labour or travel charges are displayed on the job, eliminating time and errors.
  16. 17. CDC HVAC software can be used by any service industry such as Plumbers, Electricians, Repairs and Maintenance etc.
  17. 18. Different users can be notified of logged calls and open jobs