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Published in: Technology, Education
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  1. 1. Baker Framework &Unity 3DAdding 3D interactivity and games to book development
  2. 2. Getting involved• The path not taken – O A.D. • Development community wanted me to do something I wasn’t interested in • Project would be interesting, but not a passion…• eTextbooks • iBooks author and Inkling • Math text books with tools and game embedded • Perfect mix of past and present• Why Baker framework? • No Unity widget, I wasn’t squeaky enough • Still early (can make an impact) • There is a need – Apple Store REJECTION • Was feeling ambitious• No ask, just do…
  3. 3. Baker Framework• Simple book development using HTML5, CSS3, & JS• Berkeley Software License• Wraps webpage into an iOS app
  4. 4. Unity 3D• Game Engine• Easy to use, cross-platform, large dev community• Wraps a game in an iOS app• Proprietary
  5. 5. Basic process Baker View Controller HTML, CSS, JS ContentiOS Application Unity View Controller 3D & Code
  6. 6. Contribution• Simple demonstration• Activities • Figure out what the wrappers are doing • Unity – Complete mess, but lots of support options • Baker – Clean and organized, no support • One UIApplication -Merging files safely • Creating a Unity demo • Switching back and forth between • Upcoming tutorial• Community involvement • I informed them I was doing this project • No response (did it today) • Intentional – No ask, just do
  7. 7. Moments• “ah-ha!” • Unity 3D – Communicating directly to iOS, NSUserDefaults • Baker – Webpage to iOS, URL parsing • Amazing how clean the open source project was• “oh-no!” • You want me to do what? Eh… (0 A.D.) • Unity 3D – Holy cow, what a mess…
  8. 8. Blog Highlights / Summary• Big future with eTextbooks, and lots of potential• Don’t sit and wait for the wave to come…• Trilingual • Objective C • C# • HTML (well.. Spanglish)• Great, it’s working… how do I explain it now?• Left the path for any OpenGL implementation• Overall it was difficult, frustrating, but fun.