Brasov Film Festival Sponsorship Information Package 2014


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In the spotlight today is the Brasov International Film Festival & Market, one of the most important and renowned nonviolent film festivals in the world. The Festival takes place each year in the beautiful resort city of Brasov, located in the heart of Romania.

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Brasov Film Festival Sponsorship Information Package 2014

  1. 1. Information2014 ! ! Brasov International Film Festival & Market: Brasov Film Center is the creator and owner of the Brasov International Film Festival & Market. The Festival benefits from both a very strong local/national and an international marketing and publicity campaign. ! The annual Brasov International Film Festival & Market selects nonviolent feature films, of high artistic and quality content. The Festival features an array of international Hollywood standard feature films. It attracts to the city of Brasov world film personalities and media executives. ! Brasov International Film Festival & Market at the Reduta Cultural Center ! September 4 - 14, 2014 THE FRIENDS OF BRASOV ARE FRIENDS OF THE FESTIVAL Brasov International Film Festival & Market is the most important and renowned nonviolent film festival in the world.
  2. 2. In its 1st edition 2012, the Festival has screened films from 15 countries amongst which were counted movies with/by Woody Allan, Nicole Kidman, Rachel McAdams, James McAvoy, Julianne Moore, Robert De Niro, Robert Redford and Ben Stiller. ! In its 2nd edition 2013, the Festival has screened films with/by Richard Gere, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cameron Diaz, Will Smith, Woody Harrelson and more. ! In 2014, the Festival is being held at the Reduta Center. Our audience (about 4,000 people) will represent the most wealthy and high class people of the city. Most films will be subtitled in Romanian language. The magnificent location of the Reduta Center will allow the public to go directly from the theatre to any centre location where parties are being held after the screenings, without the trouble of having to take cars and to travel to other parts of the city. The security will be tight and the attending public will have the chance to mix with the national and international media and with the Stars and the personalities who will participate. ! There will be red carpets, posters and roll-up panels inside and outside the Reduta Center. ! Daily & LIVE TV broadcast on TVS-Brasov: Brasov International Film Festival & Market has reached an agreement with TVS-Brasov. TVS is now the official TV station of the Festival in town. TVS Brasov will also be broadcasting from the Festival daily. In addition, on the THE FRIENDS OF BRASOV ARE FRIENDS OF THE FESTIVAL We chose the Reduta Center as location of the Festival in order to be able to offer to the public a perfect acoustical and screening system. Reduta Cultural Center is one of the oldest and most prestigious buildings in Brasov located just a few meters from The Council Square (Piata Sfatului). It was originally built in 1794 and renovated to modern standards in the 2000’s. It hosts a state of the art theatre and other elegant facilities.
  3. 3. Opening and Closing night galas, TVS will be broadcasting LIVE to their thousands of viewers in Brasov from the Festival. ! Discounts for Festival’s sponsors: The Festival is able to offer substantial discounts to its sponsors that wish to purchase air time for their commercials on TVS starting now and until the end of the Festival. ! Production of TV commercials: Brasov Film Center is available to produce professional TV commercials for its sponsors. The commercials (30 seconds) could be screened before each film of the Festival and/or on TVS. ! Marketing/promotion of products: Sampling of products and distribution of promotional materials is possible in the Grand Lobby of the Reduta Center where the Festival takes place. Sponsors could install their own stand and have their company representatives interact with the 4,000 members of the public who are attending the Festival. Video and photographic footage will be recorded during the Festival. ! ! Brasov International Film Festival & Market 2014 offers to sponsors the following: ! • a) Sponsor’s Logo and/or name in local magazine ads of the Festival, on city posters and promotional materials; ! • b) Sponsor mentioned in Festival’s Romanian and English (national and international) press releases, newsletters and media alerts (including social media +100,000 Twitter followers, Facebook and +30,000 Newsletter Subscribers of which 6,000 are from Brasov and 1,000 are from other cities in Romania); ! • c) Logo of Sponsor on Festival’s website (; ! • d) 1 page ad for Sponsor in the 2014 bilingual edition of DARIA! magazine; ! • e) Interview with Sponsor’s representative, conducted by our writer Ana-Maria Cioflec, to be published in the 2014 bilingual edition of DARIA! magazine; ! • f) 0:30 seconds TV commercial for Sponsor, produced by our company, Brasov Film Center; ! • g) 0:30 seconds TV commercial for Sponsor screened prior to Festival’s movies each night; THE FRIENDS OF BRASOV ARE FRIENDS OF THE FESTIVAL
  4. 4. • h) 0:30 seconds commercial for Sponsor on TVS - (prices are in addition to sponsorship amount); ! • i) 2 Sponsor roll-ups (provided by Sponsor) placed in the lobby of Reduta Center during the Festival (to be used, when possible, as background for on-camera TV interviews with celebrities and attendees); ! • j) Right to distribute flyers featuring Sponsor inside the Reduta Center during the Festival; ! • k) Sponsor can install a stand in the lobby of the Reduta Center where one of Sponsor’s representatives can distribute promotional & sampling materials and interact with the attendees of the Festival; ! • l) The presenter of the Festival (Director Bruno Pischiutta), from the stage, will thank the sponsors - each day before and after the screenings; ! • m) On one of the nights of the Festival, Bruno Pischiutta could introduce Sponsor’s representative on the stage so that he/she will be able to talk about Sponsor (1-3 minutes) directly to the attendees; ! • n) Sponsor’s representative may present one of the Festival’s awards at the Closing Night Ceremony Gala (the Opening Gala night on September 4 and the Closing Gala night on September 14 will be broadcast live on TVS); ! • o) Sponsor will be able to distribute promotional flyers inside the Old Firm and Times Pub during the period of the Festival. ! Sponsorship prices range between €2,000 and €250,000. ! The ‘Official Pub’ in Brasov - perfect location for meetings, parties and private receptions during the Festival: The Festival has closed a partnership with Old Firm and Times Pub. The Old Firm pub has become “The Official Pub” of the Festival. ! We will invite all the guests of the Festival to join us for drinks before and/or after the screenings of the films. We are now able to offer to our sponsors Old Firm and Times Pub as locations to organize private parties during the Festival. The costs will be supported by the sponsor and they are outside of the Festival sponsorship, but, the sponsor will benefit from discounts. ! THE FRIENDS OF BRASOV ARE FRIENDS OF THE FESTIVAL
  5. 5. International Promotion - Times Square: On another note, I am not sure if you have seen the picture of our poster in Times Square (New York City). It was there last year, on the gigantic screen of Reuters (seven floors); in 2014 the poster and our news will be there again many times. This is just part of our ongoing international marketing campaign of the Festival and of Brasov. I include here two important links: ! Times Square 2013: Times Square 2014: ! TV Show on TVS Brasov - Interview (1 hour): Here are the links to watch Part 1 & 2 of a one hour interview (in Romanian language) conducted by Ovidiu Gradinar of TVS-Brasov with Daria Trifu, film producer and director of the Brasov International Film Festival & Market, Bruno Pischiutta, film director and artistic consultant of the Festival and Denisa Barvon, actress and the Image of the 2013 edition of the Festival. ! The guests talk at length about what Brasov Film Center has realized in the city such as the Brasov International Film Festival & Market, the International Film Workshops, the Brasov Talent Agency, movies and documentaries. They also explain the importance that all of these enterprises can have for the city and the people of Brasov. ! TVS Interview - Part 1: TVS Interview - Part 2: ! International Press - Interview: Daria Trifu has recently been interviewed by Indian journalist Rakesh Raman for an article in RMN Stars, an on-line magazine read by millions every month and the Festival’s media partner in 2014. In the article, titled “Showing Violence and Sex in a Movie Is the Cheapest Way to Create Entertainment”, Ms. Trifu discusses an array of aspects about the Festival and the current trends in the global entertainment market. Read the article at: ! 2013 Festival Documentary: Here is a 25 minutes documentary, produced by Brasov Film Center about last year’s, 2013, edition of the Festival: ! We look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership. ! Contact: ! Madame Delon Angelina Tel: 248-869-6760 THE FRIENDS OF BRASOV ARE FRIENDS OF THE FESTIVAL