Overview of Few Basic Facebook App Development Steps


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Apps have changed the way people use the social media. Today, Facebook apps are the biggest source to engage people. Facebook pages and apps are used by different brands to increase the fan base and brand awareness. Facebook app development is in trend these days, mobile and web app developers are also taking keen interest in developing Facebook apps. This slide provides an overview of the basic steps of Facebook app development. Feel free to share your thoughts, learning and experience regarding this topic.

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Overview of Few Basic Facebook App Development Steps

  1. 1. Facebook App Development Overview of few basic steps
  2. 2. • Applications are small programs on your social network. • Just like MS Word on your desktop system • For example: Facebook messages, Write on your friend’s wall, play a game. • Third party programmers (developers like you) build their applications (programs) for Facebook. • Facebook allows everyone to add remove applications from their accounts. • Facebook also allows users to create applications for their accounts. • Pet Rescue Saga is an example of Facebook application. It is a popular game. What Is A Facebook Application?
  3. 3. • Facebook application does not live on user’s computer. • Facebook application lives on its developer website. • That means you need things to build your Facebook application Where Does A Facebook Application Run, Exactly?
  4. 4. • A Facebook account. • A web site of your own. • Support for PHP on that web site. • A MySQL database on your web site. • The Facebook developer application. • The Facebook "client library" for PHP. Things you will need
  5. 5. • You really should know HTML. • Knowledge of PHP will be helpful. • You don’t need to know JavaScript or CSS, but in advance development you may need the support of these tools. What you should know?
  6. 6. Web browser Internet Facebook Server (apps.facebook.com) Internet Your web server (canvas application) Your web server (iframe application) How Facebook apps work?
  7. 7. • An "iframe application" is a Facebook application that relies upon HTML's "iframe" element to display itself. This HTML element allows one page to be easily embedded in another. • A "canvas application" approaches the problem in a completely different way. Here the web browser never actually communicates directly with your own web site (well, almost never). Few understandings
  8. 8. • Download the SDK to interact with Facebook API. • An application programming interface (API) specifies how some software components should interact with each other. • Visit Facebook App Dashboard • Click on “Create New App” Registering Our Facebook Application
  9. 9. • Write the code of your app. • You can use Facebook Markup Language (FBML) which is derived from HTML with additional FB tags. • You can also use Social Markup Language (SML) by Involvers to write code for your application. Write the code of your app
  10. 10. • Once your application is ready click on the “Submit button at the bottom of the form to add your application to Facebook. Submitting the Application
  11. 11. http://www.cygnismedia.com/