Web Development Certificate - Advance your career as a web developer


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Web Development Certificate - Ever since data made the shift to the cloud, the importance of websites and web services has become paramount. This has led to an increase in demand for healthy web developers who can operate, maintain and revise these online solutions. To give your career a push in the right direction, a web development certificate not only adds to your knowledge but also makes you a better prospect for a future employer. Here's what a web development certificate course entails and some places where you can get started.

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Web Development Certificate - Advance your career as a web developer

  1. 1. { Web Development Certificate Advance your career as a web developer
  2. 2. What is it?  The difference between the Web Design and Web Development Certificate is mostly about the back end of the website.  Choose this Certificate if the left half of your brain is typically your best side. You'll need less design chops but you'll need a never- ending love for details.
  3. 3. Web Development Tools  As with the Web Design Certificate, your take-aways from this Certificate will be a solid understanding of Adobe's Creative Suite design tools, as well as open- source coding that will allow you to hand-code a web site with a must-have grasp of cross-browser issues
  4. 4. Interactive Websites  You'll learn much more than how to drive viewers to a site or how to communicate with designers. You'll learn how to embed video, enable functionality, incorporate best practices in interactivity, work more effectively and create simple motion graphics.
  5. 5. Who should apply?  We recommend this Certificate to people who have some basic design skills but who will be even more marketable because they enjoy the coding side, as well.
  6. 6. The Scope  In 2012 there are hundreds of jobs available to people with web development skills--jobs at start-ups, corporations, nonprofits, ad agencies, brick-and-mortar companies, government entities and mobile app companies with salaries between $55K - $110K.  People who do well in graphic and web development love to solve puzzles, trouble-shoot the enigmatic and spending untold hours on a computer.
  7. 7. Jobs You Can Get  Web Developer  Information Architect  Website Strategist  Web Programmer  Web Producer  Banner Ad Production Artist  User Interface Designer
  8. 8.  Through five web development courses, you’ll gain skills to start or advance a career as a web developer.  You’ll learn to build dynamic websites that deliver content in a variety of formats for computers, smartphones, tablets, and the next “it” device.  Beginning with the fundamentals of website development, you’ll build a foundation through advanced study on topics like XML, Ajax, and database applications. Harvard Extension School
  9. 9.  HTML Certificate  HTML5 Certificate  CSS Certificate  JavaSript Certificate  jQuery Certificate  XML Certificate  ASP Certificate  PHP Certificate W3Schools Online
  10. 10.  Certificate in Web Development  Every organization today must have a presence on the web.  Every website requires a developer who determines a strategy for making effective use of the web; builds, designs, and programs the webpages; and maintains the site so that it meets business needs and keeps visitors coming back. New York University
  11. 11. { {Liz N. Vivien M. Testimonials
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