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Things to know Before iPhone App Development


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For iOS Developers and Clients.

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Things to know Before iPhone App Development

  1. 1. iPhone Application Magician How to cast a money-making spell on your business application?
  2. 2. • Know your target app market Have a keen study of the applications that fall under the same category as yours. • Follow latest trends You need have your hands on all the latest and upcoming iPhone applications. Find out why they are made and how are they able to achieve their targets. • Become The most frequent mobile app user Daily use of apps will help you enhance your ideas to design consumer behavior. • Understand customer’s dynamic needs & wants Make sure under what category your target audience falls and how often they feel the need for a change. Research
  3. 3. • The Best way to bring in innovation is not just by coming up with big ideas but improving the smaller concepts and creating a combination with new ideas instead. For example: Instagram, apple’s top app of 2011. a customized application with a photo gallery, no flashy graphics. Photo customization + social tagging = Instagram. • This isn't just it. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and a million more apps use the same formula Innovation
  4. 4. • Premium Apps, also known as the paid apps. The very obvious means of collecting revenue through applications. Cost barriers have been a major concern for its download rate. • Freemium, apps that indirectly earn revenue. Freemium apps are free to download and contain monetized content or asks to upgrade to a premium version of the application. This way your app can comparatively get more downloads. • Free Apps, people intend to get drawn towards the “free” tag often. More than one third of users said they have not paid for any of the apps they use and the other one third said they only pay for 4 out of 10 apps that they use – @Forrester. Monetization
  5. 5. • Basics to keep in mind before designing apps  Engaging  User-friendly interface  Social Media Sharing • Don’t forget the rewards. Create reasons or challenges that will connect and get the user back to your application. • Make sure you avoid using heavy duty images and files making it easily accessible for the user from any location. Design
  6. 6. • You don’t need to be a programmer to build an app, Chad Mureta built his first application for $1,800 without having any prior programming skills. • Keep your project management skills in practice. Anyone & Everyone
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