iPhone App idea where to start


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Get the new App ideas for iPhone and android smartphones, App developers are sharing the great app development ideas here. Top voted app idea by Users.

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iPhone App idea where to start

  1. 1. iPhone aPp iDea wHere tO sTart Don’t Know How To Program Source: http://www.preapps.com
  2. 2. iPhone App Idea  Turnpike EZ Pass App Stop, Scan, Go. Smart Phones are smart but sometimes we aren't smart enough to keep cash or have an EZ Pass. If you don't have either, this app would let you use your smart code to scan a barcode at the toll plaza to link to your paypal account.
  3. 3. iPhone App Idea  Rising Sun Alarm Clock This is an app for GoogleTV and other smart TVs. When the alarm clock goes off the TV turns on and plays a video of a slowly rising sun that fills the screen and grows more brilliant as it rises and illuminates the room to wake the occupants.
  4. 4. iPhone App Idea  DrawProto App for creating dynamic images: 1) Create image 2) Select Zones on image and select where user need to navigate (to another image or to url) 3) Build album 4) Send it to friends or to client App is in progrees for IOS, Android and WP/Windows 8.
  5. 5. iPhone App Idea  My Summer Body Users can plant a photo of their head on their selection of sexy bodies (male and female). The body they select can be used as their screensaver to help motivate the user to get fit for summer.
  6. 6. iPhone App Idea  Prank your friends car! Prank your mates and upload it on FB or text them the picture of their car being damaged, such as: Take a pic of your mates car and use special effects to make it look like it's been: - smashed in - smashed in windows - is lit on fire - has dent
  7. 7. iPhone App Idea  Shop Your Closet This app is perfect for the girl or guy on the go with a budget. After selecting and uploading items from your closet, along with accessories, sit back and relax while this app picks your outfit. Selections are made based on category, like date night
  8. 8. Thank You You have an App Idea and looking for Developer, contact with Cygnis Media http://www.cygnismedia.com/ +1 (800) 583-8716