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Enrolling Students to Excel at OCPS Acceleration Academy


Published on - CCS Presentation Systems partner LearningStation deployed their Insight School platform on Orange County Public Schools’ Acceleration Academy which empowers students today for a bright future tomorrow. The schools goal was to create a more data driven classroom environment for teacher by incorporating technology that was already in place at the school. See how the teachers and administration used the Insight Program in various ways.

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Enrolling Students to Excel at OCPS Acceleration Academy

  1. 1. Case Study:Orange County Public Schools -FloridaSpotlight School: OCPS Acceleration Academy HSOther Insight Locations at the District:West Orange HS, Lake Whitney Elementary,Hiawassee Elementary, Azalea Park ElementaryMarch 2011Prepared:Insight Sales Group
  2. 2. CASE STUDY: OCPS ACCELERATION ACADEMYProfileSchoolProfile School name Orange County Acceleration Academy District Orange County, Florida Address 2274 S. Semoran Blvd. City, state, ZIP Code Orlando, FL 32822 Phone number 407-992-0917 Web site address Type of School High School Number of Students 500 Special Classifications High ProfileLEARNINGSTATION, INC CONFIDENTIAL PAGE 2
  3. 3. CASE STUDY: OCPS ACCELERATION ACADEMYSituationSchool OverviewThe Acceleration Academy High School is a very high profile school, both in OCPS as well as across the state ofFlorida. The principal Dr. Epps, is a very energetic administrator that entertains visitors from across the districtand state that travel to see what they are accomplishing there. Many Board members are also frequent guests atthe school as well, and use the progress there often to tout gains that can be achieved.The school has a very high emphasis on improving performance, and have shown considerable gains in studentprogress over the past two or three years.SituationThe Acceleration Academy placed a high degree of importance on frequent testing and evaluation of students togain insight into what was learned, and what still needed to be learned. For benchmark testing, the school hadbeen relying on the three annual practice exams as mandated by the district, though from the challengesassociated with the process, were not considered a primary method for establishing baselines for students (toomuch time between testing and results).Technical EnvironmentThe Technical environment at the high school is extremely advanced when compared to other schools, both in thedistrict as well as across the state of Florida. The school has whiteboards in every classroom; many withcomputers for all students, are nearly all with Interactive Student Response Systems.Goals for the SchoolThe school administration team for the Acceleration Academy had a goal: to create a more data driven classroomenvironment for each teacher, by incorporating the use of technology already in place within the school. The administration team wanted to implement a localized benchmark assessment in order to prepare for the FCAT on their own schedule Provide each teacher with the ability to consistently monitor student progress throughout the school year. To bring assessment activity and RTI opportunities into the classroom for use by teachers on a daily basis.Insight SolutionThe LearningStation team deployed the Insight School platform for all teachers and administrators within theschool. After initial trainings and follow up with both teachers and staff, an additional program for professionaldevelopment for the teachers was implemented to increase proficiency in the use of the Insight platform, as wellas assessment tools in general.Benefits and Success Highlights Teachers at the Acceleration Academy are using Insight to integrate text book and end of course exams with their learner response devices. Teachers are also using Insight to deliver bell work to their class - students are logging into their Insight account and answering questions set up as a daily assignment.LEARNINGSTATION, INC CONFIDENTIAL PAGE 3
  4. 4. CASE STUDY: OCPS ACCELERATION ACADEMY Lead teachers are building their own question banks inside of the Insight Platform in order to create custom assessments. These assessments are aligned to Florida Sunshine State standards and teachers are receiving weekly feedback on their student progress against these state standards. School administrators have created and delivered a school-wide benchmark assessments in preparation for the FCAT test in April. The administration team is using FCAT practice tests using content taken directly from the Florida Department of Education website and delivering these FCAT practice tests through the Insight Platform. Teachers at the Acceleration Academy are printing out their Test Reports from the Insight Assessment Platform for their data notebooks (data notebooks are required in the district). Teachers in each department collaborate during their bi-monthly meetings to discuss the contents of these data notebooks.LEARNINGSTATION, INC CONFIDENTIAL PAGE 4