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Choosing a Late Term Abortion Clinic


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Choosing a Late Term Abortion Clinic

  1. 1. Pregnancy can result in many complications throughout the course of its development. When severe, life threatening complications to the mother arise, or whenfetal defects that are incompatible with life are detected, life saving measures must be immediately implemented for the mother. When these conditions develop late inpregnancy, an abortion must be considered. The majority of hospitals do not allow Late Term Abortion to be performed and the majority of States have banned theseprocedures entirely. Although there may be other types of facilities that offer such services, they may be located thousands of miles away from a patients home. If your physician and gynecologist suggest you should have an abortion late in pregnancy, it is imperative that you choose a reputable Late Term Abortion clinic.
  2. 2. Choose a Late Term Abortion Clinic with Extensive Experience
  3. 3. As with all medical and surgical procedures, there are risks involved with abortions. Although generally a safeprocedure, when performed by inexperienced doctors anduntrained medical personnel the risks can be dangerously compounded. It is vitally important that a patient obtain services from a clinic that has experienced doctors who can skillfully and safely perform the procedure. The clinicshould have modern medical and surgical equipment, andthe medical staff must be able to provide the compassionand care that are so important to a patient and her family.
  4. 4. Late Term Abortion Consultation and Counseling
  5. 5. The facility must also offer proper consultation and provide accurate and thorough information regarding therisks as well as the benefits of both carrying the pregnancy to term and terminating the pregnancy. Providing thepatient with a clear understanding of the steps involved is a very necessary component for helping her make a well informed choice.
  6. 6. Adequate Support after Abortion
  7. 7. The abortion clinic should not only serve the needs of the patient before and during the procedure, but abundant support after the abortion should also be provided.Services such as providing the necessary prescriptions and medication administration, post abortion emotional support and referrals should be readily given. The clinic should provide follow-up checkups to monitor the patients health condition, as well as to identify any problems that may have developed after the procedure and provide any necessary treatments or recommendations. One of the most commoncomplications that occur in approximately 25% of patients is breast engorgement. Breast stimulations must be avoided, including taking a shower for at least one week. Wearing of 1 or 2 tight fitting sports bras are encouraged
  8. 8. There are only a small number of Late Term Abortionclinics in the country. While they may offer the same set of procedures, not all provide the best and most comprehensive services required to best meet the needsof the patient. Take time to research and inquire about the most reputable Late Term Abortion clinics. Obtainthorough information about the quality of care and safety of the procedure. Making the effort to learn as much as possible about the late term procedure and the clinics who offer this specialized service can result in a safer, more efficient procedure with minimal risks involved.
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