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An Innovative Energy Solution (John Turvill)


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An Innovative Energy Solution (John Turvill)

  1. 1. 1 AN INNOVATIVE ENERGY SOLUTION using renewable energy to change the built environment A sustainable, organic and secure energy solution Innovatively using the power of nature
  2. 2. 2 THE CZERO ORGANIC BIOGAS PLATFORM The CZERO renewable energy solution provides a combination of distinctive technologies and processes which deliver sustainable commercial and strategic advantages to new and existing infrastructure and development opportunities. In summary, CZERO employs ‘Dry Phase Batch’ and ‘Wet AD’ Anaerobic Digestion (AD) to produce biogas by harnessing the natural decomposition of organic matter in the absence of oxygen. The biogas can be used as a renewable energy source to produce Biomethane (BtG) electricity, heat and organic compost / fertiliser. This sustainable and renewable energy supply is of significant influence in the promotion of new and existing community redevelopment projects. ZERO enables local planning authority requirements for renewable energy in new development to be met or exceeded by a genuinely renewable and holistic energy process. There are commercially competitive advantages to be derived from the inclusion of a CZERO facility within a strategic development. Primarily it will attract new tenants seeking association with the renewable energy source and provide the landlord and tenants with a secure, renewable, stable and discounted energy. Innovatively using the power of nature
  3. 3. 3 AN INNOVATIVE SOLUTION CZERO will generate organic, renewable and holistic biogas and or power and heat throughout the UK.. It will contribute significant micro-generation of energy on demand for local industry and residential, mixed use development. It will provide new employment in the rural economy and produce a unique peat replacement in the form of organic fertiliser as a major co-product to support food production. The CZERO Organic BtG Platform provides a renewable energy facility delivering biogas and or heat and electricity alongside its users in a business or domestic setting. The facility uses Dry Phase Batch Anaerobic Digestion (AD) and EUCO AD technology to produce methane which can be converted to Biomethane for direct injection into the Grid, it can also be used to power CHP units which in turn generate electricity. The process produces heat and organic liquid digestate and fertiliser as its main co-products. The CZERO process is waste free (but can be used for municipal or commercial organic waste material in conjunction with Bio-crops as its resource (feedstock)). However,theresourceis predominantly from marginalgrasslandandcerealcropsusedsustainablyinrotationorasabreak crop inresponsible farmmanagement. DEVELOP construct and operate efficient, 5MW organic biogas projects throughout the UK. IDENTIFY new and existing commercial, residential industrial energy consumers, such as offices, factories, hospitals, public buildings and specifically business parks, housing (local communities) data centres and supermarkets to generate heat and power for localised consumption. The application of the CZERO Platform to communities provides resilience and sustainability. CREATE partnerships with landowners, developers and ‘end’ users’ (consumers) including manufacturers and local communities who require an innovative and sustainable solution for their energy needs. Innovatively using the power of natureInnovatively using the power of nature
  4. 4. 4 AN INNOVATIVE SOLUTION – THE DISTINCT BENEFITS RENEWABLE ECONOMIC DELIVERY This renewable energy solution provides both the private and commercial end user with efficient, affordable and sustainable energy. CONTINUITY OF SUPPLY The facility is designed to generate e i t h e r B io m e t h a n e f o r d ir e c t g r i d i n j e c t i o n o r d ir e c t b i o g a s s u p p l y t o g e n e r a t e heat and power to demand on a continuous basis which is not possible with other renewable energy generation systems. The platform can be properly described as a renewable and sustainable power station. PRICE STABILITY AND PREDICTIABILITY The efficiency of local delivery of the energy enables transmission cost savings which can be passed onto the end user in the form of long term supply agreements at a fixed and advantageous pricing structure. MEASUREABLE CARBON FOOTPRINT The energy produced and consumed has a fully calculated carbon footprint which significantly offsets fossil carbon consumption and emissions CARBON OFFSETTING The measured carbon footprint enables accurate carbon accounting to contribute to measured offset creation which when produced in a qualifying location. These offsets are of the highest quality and will qualify for Gold Standard on the voluntary carbon market. THE CZERO MODEL will be enhanced by producing an organic fertiliser which will become a direct replacement for peat, which is to be phased out of use in the UK and Europe by 2020. The use of heat, organic fertiliser and Bioliquor are associated ventures which will be supported by joint venture partners to develop the Horticulture and Aquaculture markets Innovatively using the power of nature
  5. 5. Innovatively using the power of nature 5 AN INNOVATIVE SOLUTION – HOW THE SOLUTION IS DELIVERED The first CZERO facility is being built in Blackmore Park Malvern and has full detailed planning permission with an additional ten projects in various stages of contract and planning, a further thirty sites have been identified and are in negotiation. The CZERO Blackmore Park facility is a 35,000 tonne model on a site of 2.65 acres to accommodate an enclosed complex of approximately 60,000 sq ft and an enclosed compound of 25,000 sq ft. The facility is to be extended to a 50,000 tonne facility which will require a further 1 acre and an additional complex of 10,000 sq ft. In some locations existing buildings – including some older industrial buildings - can be retrofitted. An adequate grid connection is required to allow for export, resilience and redundancy backup. SECURE RESOURCE The feedstock is delivered through a subsidiary farming entity called an Organic Resource Partnership which manages an individual or co-operative of farmers in a unique share farming agreement with a share in the financial success of the facility. CZERO’s organic biogas process is distinct from other anaerobic digestion technologies in that i t does not use waste but only processes organic material and designated crops. THE RESOURCE is identified and evaluated in the UK by Savills with the support of the Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG), Natural England and the Environment Agency. This is done in conjunction with conservation and stewardship programs to support and maintain the biodiversity associated with the feedstock. PROVEN TECHNOLOGY Our technology providers are Jones Celtic BioEnergy who are licensees for Schmack Carbotech (companies of the Veissmann Group) who are world leaders in the delivery of Anaerobic Digestion and Biomethane upgrading through PSA technology. Advice and operational support from Jones Celtic BioEnergy, Savills and Capita Symonds delivered through a Framework Agreement provides the support and expertise to deliver BtG and the localised generation of combined heat and power on a scalable nationwide basis. The design, implementation and day to day management and operational training is supported by Jones Celtic BioEnergy, Schmack Carbotech. Resource (feedstock) identification, assembly and delivery are to be provided by Savills. Development Management, Project Management, Facility Management and a Carbon Audit is to be provided by Capita Symonds. THE LESSONS The delivery framework process provides a successful demonstration of how this technology can be successfully applied to developments and operation in other countries throughout the World. Over 50 facilities using these technologies have been deployed and proven around the world.
  6. 6. 6 AN INNOVATIVE SOLUTION – HOW THE SOLUTION IS DELIVERED CONTINUED.... The CZERO model will be enhanced by operating sustainable joint ventures in the production of Horticulture and Aquaculture to a unique sustainable organic standard THE CZERO Organic Biogas Platform is conceived to provide micro generation to local users and to provide a viable reinforcement of the national and local grid infrastructure. THE FACILITIES and the process are ‘scalable’ THE OUTPUT of a standard model - 35k tonnes per annum - facility would typically generating 10,080MWh with a generating capacity of 1.68MW of electricity and 2.24MWof heat or 35,356MWh of Biomethane for direct grid injection (BtG). The 50K t facility provides twice the output of 2.2MW of electricity and 3.2 MW of heat or 50,509 MWh of Biomethane (BtG) and delivers exceedingly robust economies of scale. This would, for example, serve at least 2,000 average dwellings or 50,000 sq m of employment floor space (subject to the occupational use). In addition each plant will create 136,000t carbon dioxide emission savings per annum. The 50,000 tonne facility provides twice the output but delivers exceedingly robust economies of scale. CZERO can provide a turnkey facility to deliver renewable heat and power on a secure and stable long term contractual basis, either in partnership or as a contracted supplier of energy to governmental departments, institutional landlords of business parks, individual industrial / commercial consumers, residential developers and or local communities. Innovatively using the power of nature
  7. 7. 7 Electricity Either 2.02 MWh electricity produced Development Enablement Heat and power for up to 2500 new homes Heat And 3.03 MWh Heat produced CZERO Organic Biomethane Platform Biomethane PSA Facility Food Production Protected Growing Un 50Kt Facilit Marginal Land organic material Resource Partnership farmers to produce silage under a share farming supply agreement Traffic 16 no.16 tonne agricultural movements each day CZERO Facility 3.5 acres Biogas* BtG Or 50,509MWh BioCH4 Organic Compost 20,000 tonnes Water Treatment Commercial 480,000 sq ft of Business Park Jobs 100 new jobs in the Plant Agriculture and Horticulture Sewerage Treatment Transport Fuel* Innovatively using the power of nature
  8. 8. Washdown 500t Silage 500t 8 18,000 m 3 Organic Compost 18,000 65% TS CHP Engines Net 38.5% Efficiency 6 no. Aerated Compost Bays Organic Resource Partnership (ORP) Screening @ 12mm 15,000t 12mm Compost 65% TS 3,000t 12mm Mulch 65% TS Mass loss 18028 tonnes Mass loss 9428t Organic Compost 18,000t Horticulture Growing Medium Peat Replacement (3 x 18,000t) 54,000t Digestate Tank (Coccus) methanos Biofilter Electrolysis Utilising surplus windpower Organic Biogas Platform 10 no Dry Fermentation Chambers EUCO and COCCUS unit Reception Hall Heat 1,752 muhth Electricity 1,139 MWhel Algae Growth 5,350 t Bioiiquor Hydroponics Material Flow Diagram 50Kt Mass Balance Innovatively using the power of nature Aquaculture - Talapia PGU Greenhouse Fruit and vegetables dVegetables Hydroponics Biomethane PSA Facility (BtG) 5,050,900 M3 Biomethane GAS GRID TRANSPORTER (GT) Earthworms 400t Juvenile Dietary Protein Vermicompost 500t Vermiculture 1,400t H2O Water Vapour 15,800t H2 Hydrogen CO2 Exhaust GasesCH4 Methane 10,000,000 M 3 Biogas 36714t Digestate 30% TS 50,000t Blended Silage 30% TS 35,000t Grass Silage 10,000t Whole Crop Cereal Silage 5,000t Other break crops CO2 H2 Percolate 1,450t Digestate Bioliquor 2,900t