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'Practice' - Managing Farmland Resources for Profit (Steph Nellis)


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Published in: Education, Technology
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'Practice' - Managing Farmland Resources for Profit (Steph Nellis)

  1. 1. ‘Practice’ – Managing farmland resources for profit Steph Nellis, CSF
  2. 2. Example of CSF measures • All: Nutrient management planning • Arable: Cover Crops • Livestock: Roofing of livestock area
  3. 3. Other Natural England Initiatives • S4P • Agri-environment schemes: ELS/HLS and classic schemes CSS and ESA
  4. 4. Agri-environment • Another example of current payments made to farmers to improve the environment. • ESA/CSS and ELS/HLS.
  5. 5. The future • All current schemes discussed are ending • Changes will happen and payment for ecosystem services likely to be incorporated into new schemes • Crucial time to be inputting into pilot to influence future decisions.