Cod Recovery Plan-Management Options June '12 Presentation


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John Powell's presentation on Cod Recovery Plan management options. Presented in June 2012.

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  • Cod Recovery Plan-Management Options June '12 Presentation

    1. 1. North Sea Cod Recovery: A look at management options John Powell Countryside and Community Research Institute
    2. 2. Aims of the project • Explore a range of alternative management options for fisheries management • Describe the effects of different approaches to managing mixed fisheries • Describe impact on operation of fishing vessels • Describe fishermen’s perceptions of the options
    3. 3. Sample Characteristics • 19 useable responses • All operate in the North Sea, 4 in WoS, 2 in E. Channel, 4 in other areas. • Majority using demersal trawl • 12 targeting Cod • Cod quota ranges 0 – 500 tonnes. Only 4 have quota >100t • 10 have Haddock quota >100t
    4. 4. Species Targeted
    5. 5. Management Approaches: Description 1 • Continue the current management plan (landing TACs, effort controls) • Simplified derogations for fleets reducing cod catch 3 • Individual vessel/business catch quotas set at single species level • Vessel must tie up once any single quota is exhausted 2 quotas • Mixed fishery catch reduced to match across species • In-year increases if Cod catches kept below limit 4 • Effort based real-time incentives • Each vessel allocated ‘fishing credits’
    6. 6. Management Option 1: Effects
    7. 7. Management Option 1: Financial impacts
    8. 8. Management Option 1: Problems & Benefits “There are no benefits” “High catching Cod vessels have invested in Cod quota to cover catches, work large mesh sizes and have little discards” I would prefer this as I still hold enough quota to fish” “Still a bit of flexibility” “Even when targeting other species Cod are unavoidable...and I am fed up with any system which makes me throw away good fish...” “Leasing costs are a major issue if you can access the quota...last 8 months of the year is a killer, high lease costs, closing species, no profit” “Possible cut in days at sea” “Quotas need to increase to realistic level” “Too much Cod in the North Sea”
    9. 9. Management Option 2: Effects
    10. 10. Management Option 2: financial impact
    11. 11. Management Option 2: Problems & Benefits “It’s still very much a nonprofit scenario” “Leasing costs should decrease” “Banking and borrowing is a good idea” “None” “Sea is full of fish, reducing quotas is main problem” “With quota levels low on any species one good haul can put our year’s fishing in jeopardy” Keeping Cod quota artificially low does not work and results in high discards of both maturae and juvenile Cod” “It is impossible to reduce the North Sea to a negative discard fishery as long as quotas exist” “Reducing catch possibilities”
    12. 12. Management Option 3
    13. 13. Management Option 3: financial impact
    14. 14. Management Option 3: Problems & Benefits “CCTV is very good on reducing Cod discards and making the skipper think where to fish and with what size” “Vessels with high quota will be able to fish as they should those that have no quota will have to stop fishing sooner” “Reducing discards and getting extra quota in long term will reduce leasing costs” “Banking and borrowing with 15% limit” “I cannot take all my quota” “It’s impossible to fish and avoid Cod due to their abundance” “Will not work because the small quota on Whiting would stop you fishing within weeks” “Unworkable – impossible to stop fishing when one species is caught” “There has always been a dominant species, - trying to regulate the fishery on one species will always result in abuse and discards of the dominant species”
    15. 15. Management Option 4
    16. 16. Management Option 4: financial impact
    17. 17. Management Option 4: Problems & Benefits “None for larger vessels” “If a vessel stopped for too long we would lose men to other industries.” “If done correctly could be a way forward, fishing becoming a part-time job with full-time expenses” “Appears to be the best – but still a big question mark – some boats get bigger credits than others – how do you pay the banks when you have been tied up for 6 months?” “It might stop discards” “Free for all for a limited time, making everyone equal, and doing away with quota leasing system” “Less regulations than the current system” “Deciding the areas – making a complex job even more so - policing” “Would probably be tied up too long” “No fishing for the market” “Easy to shaft the fleet again because we will never get enough credits” “..increased costs are not of our making”
    18. 18. Management options: ease of enforcement Management option Very easy Easy Difficult Very difficult Option 1 1 8 3 1 Option 2 0 4 6 3 Option 3 4 2 2 4 Option 4 3 3 4 2
    19. 19. Perceptions of impacts Activity Harder No different/easier Fishing effort > Half say 3 and 4 is harder 25% say all Options are easier Controlling costs Options 2 and 3 appear more negative Option 4 has fewer negative responses Controlling quota For Cod 2 & 3 appears more negative Option 1 appears easiest for other species Reducing discards For Cod and other species Options 2&3 appear more negative For Cod and other species Option 1 no different Using my knowledge Options 2 & 3 more negative Fishing safely Adapting effort to controls Majority saying no difference under all Options Option 3 has most negative responses Majority saying no difference under all Options
    20. 20. Overall impressions • Option 3 seems least preferred • Strong focus on quota issues – if you have quota there are fewer problems • Option 4 – more uncertainty – but has potential • Financial impacts more negative on Option 3 – more uncertain for Option 4 • Enforcement – easiest for Option 1, hardest for Option 2, less certain for 3 &4
    21. 21. Overall impressions... • Options range from the known and familiar to the unknown... • Small sample size • Major focus on quota and perception of Cod abundance • Support for CCTV and banking/borrowing • Leasing Cod quota imposes high costs