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English rural development over the past 25 years: the limits of government


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Professor Nigel Curry discusses the development of rural policy over the last 25 years and how this has been limited by government.

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English rural development over the past 25 years: the limits of government

  1. 1. CCRI Rural Policy Conference GloucesterPastoral or Past-Caring? New Directions In Rural Policy 27th September 2012 English rural development over the past 25 years: the limits of government Nigel Curry
  2. 2. Sustainable Developmentand Policy Inertia• Limitations in scientificmeasurement: scepticism anddenial.• The short term nature of politics:global warming and climate changegive way to economic recession.
  3. 3. Narrow definitions ofsustainability in policy• Business as usual but with a bit of environment thrown in• Reduce CO2 emissions
  4. 4. This buildsshortcomings intopolicies for:• The rural economy• Agriculture---------------------------• Rural land use planning• Rural communities
  5. 5. Rio 2012 – the starting pointThe director of UNEP Achim Steiner, atthe outset of Rio 2012:“pollution is killing millions of people a year,ecosystem decline is increasing, climate changeis speeding up, and soil and ocean degradationis worsening. If trends continue … governmentswill preside over unprecedented levels ofdamage and degradation. Earth systems arebeing pushed towards their biophysical limits."
  6. 6. Rio 2012 – the interest• Most G20 leaders don’t turn up• No legally binding commitments agreed• No political consensus between rich and poor• Sustainable principles overshadowed by global financial crisis
  7. 7. Rural economic policy • Income Support • Endogenous Development • Growth • Well being
  8. 8. SustainableDevelopmentCommission, March 2009
  9. 9. Distribution of public support within the rural4000 economy 2012 (£ million)3500 3440 (2011, pa)30002500200015001000 700500 165 60 12 0 Farm paymnets RGN Rural Econ Grant Rural Tourism Broadband Scheme
  10. 10. Distribution of publicsupport within agriculture
  11. 11. Distribution of publicsupport within agriculture 2011 Single farm payment Agri environment LFA Linked to production
  12. 12. Land use planning: sustainabledevelopment is urbanFour cornerstone PPG/Ss for rural areas• PPS 1 - Delivering Sustainable Development• PPS 3 - Housing• PPS 7 - Sustainable Development in Rural Areas• PPS 13 - Transport Define sustainable as urban through: • Transport • Increase development densities • Maximise development on Brownfield land
  13. 13. Friday, Sep 14 2012
  14. 14. Rural CommunityEmpowerment• Planning for Real• Local Agenda 21• Village Appraisals (3,000 +)• Parish Plans (2,000 +)• Village Design Statements(600 +)
  15. 15. Localism Act 2011• Neighbourhood plans• Neighbourhood developmentorders• Community right tochallenge• Community right to provide• Community right to buy
  16. 16. Cautionary Notes onRural CommunityEmpowerment• Unequal between communities• Unequal within communities• Shifts cost burden onto communities• Defence localism• Support favours the most able• Lack of strategy
  17. 17. 2012 (September) Rural StatementThree key priorities:• Economic Growth - we want rural businesses tomake a sustainable contribution to national growth;• Rural Engagement - we want to engage directlywith rural communities so that they can see thatGovernment is on their side;• Quality of Life - we want rural people to have fairaccess to public services and to be actively engagedin shaping the places in which they live.Broadband a priority over transport