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Parish Enrolment Meeting 2017


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Parish of Laverton Prep 2018 Enrolment Parent Information Meeting

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Parish Enrolment Meeting 2017

  2. 2. Introductions Fr John Healy Parish Priest Parish of Laverton Chris Walsh Principal St Martin De Porres Primary School, Laverton Anthony Drill Principal Queen of Peace Parish Primary School, Altona Meadows Trish Armstrong Principal Lumen Christi Primary School, Point Cook Stephen Harrison Principal Stella Maris Primary School Point Cook West Leon Colla Principal
  3. 3. AGENDA • Welcome & Introductions Anthony Drill • Prayer Fr John Healy • Parish Profile Fr John Healy • School Readiness •Profile of Schools Principals • Enrolment Timeline Trish Armstrong
  5. 5. Lumen Christi Community Stella Maris Community St Martin De Porres Community Queen of Peace Community St Mary of the Cross Community
  6. 6. School Readiness Anthea Mallabone Vaitsa Deris Roxene Fenech
  7. 7. Transition to School Presented by Vaitsa Deris, Roxene Fenech and Anthea Mallabone Featherbrook Kindergarten
  8. 8. Transition from Early Childhood to School • Preparation for School • Second Year Funded Kindergarten Program
  9. 9. Preparation for School • Responsibility • For themselves, their belongings, the environment, their friends • Accountability • Do their own shoe laces, find their own bag • Go to the bathroom independently • Persistence • Not giving up or looking for a way to fix the problem • Independent • Recognise own belongings • Unwrap a sandwich
  10. 10. • Socially • Give Eye contact • Comply with Requests • Wait patiently • Share activities and take turns • Play with other children • Emotionally • Self Manage behaviours • Separate from Parents • Manage unfamiliar environments • Understanding the needs of others • Shares, smiles and cooperates with peers Preparation for School Developmentally Ready
  11. 11. • Physically • Dress and undress – shoes, jackets • Ride a bike (tricycle) • Skip, catch or kick a ball • Understand 3 or more instructions • Independently cuts paper with scissors • Cognitively • Simple Maths concepts • Follow rules of games and encourage others • Initiate and sustain conversations • Answer How? Who? When? • Understand Spatial concepts – up/down • Identify and name animals, objects Preparation for School Developmentally Ready
  12. 12. Second Funded Year of Kindergarten • The Teacher will assess during the year if the child is eligible for a second year of funded Kindergarten program • A discussion with parents will take place throughout the year. • Eligibility includes two or more Developmental Delays or a Diagnosed Disability For example: • Global Developmental Delay • Speech and one other area (ability to speak and/or understand language) • Self-care (your child’s ability to look after themselves sufficiently) • Cognitive (intellectual) development • Social development (how your child interacts with other children)
  13. 13. “It’s not the transition to school that matters, it’s the preparation that counts” Sharleen Lancaster Jamieson Way Kindergarten
  14. 14. Our Schools
  15. 15. St Martin De Porres Laverton Address 13-25 Bellin St Laverton Population 214 Students & 23 Staff Brief History First School in the parish opened in 1972. Situated on a large site in a quiet tree-lined residential area. Close to public transport and major roads leading to Williams Landing, Altona Meadows, Altona, Point Cook,Truganina and Williamstown. St Martin de Porres Church on site. Boundary Princes Hwy from Forsyth Rd to Kororoit Rd Laverton. Old Geelong Rd to Palmers Rd to Wetlands Bvld and all the area from Waterways Bvld through to the RAAF Base. Special Features Spacious air-conditioned flexible learning areas. Personalised learning. Walker Learning Approach. High priority on Literacy & Numeracy along with Social -emotional learning
  16. 16. Queen of Peace Altona Meadows Address: 62 Everingham Rd Altona Meadows Current Population: 516 children & 60 staff Brief History: • Second school in the Parish. Established in 1982 and began with 121 students. • Originally called Altona Bay Catholic Primary School. • The school’s population peaked in 1999 with 654 students. • From 1982 – 1992 was the school was used as a Mass Centre. • The multipurpose hall we are sitting in was built as part of the Building the Education Revolution (BER) 2010 – 2011.
  17. 17. Queen of Peace Altona Meadows Special Features • A welcoming, friendly atmosphere • A Gospel based approach to all that we do • Learning Communities based around a personalised learning environment • A caring and happy school, where all children are treated with respect • The chance for children to perform to the best of their ability
  18. 18. Queen of Peace, Altona Meadows
  19. 19. Lumen Christi Point Cook Address: 260-278 Point Cook Rd Point Cook, 3030 Current Population: 788 students & 73 staff Brief History: Lumen Christi opened in January 2000 with 78 students. We have a strong focus on building relationship between home and school. Lumen Christi aims at all times to provide a safe, stimulating and nurturing learning environment which sustains and strengthens a rigorous, stimulating and dynamic learning culture that promotes high personal achievement, maximises learning for all and which encourages students to assume responsibility for their learning. We adhere to the Victorian Curriculum
  20. 20. Lumen Christi, Point Cook
  21. 21. Stella Maris Point Cook • Address: 54 - 72 Innisfail Dr. Point Cook • Current Population: –Stella Maris began 2006 with 83 students. In March 2017 we have 581 students. We have 350 families in our community. • Features: –Our open learning spaces were designed for contemporary pedagogy that meets the needs of 21st Century learners. –Multiculturalism is an important aspect of our community. Seventy-five of our students were born in countries outside Australia and forty different languages are spoken and understood in our community. We aim to create High Quality Teaching and Learning environment through our design principles of: –Shared understandings of what matters –Shared Leadership –Expert teachers –Students at the core –Personalised Learning –Community engagement
  22. 22. Stella Maris, Point Cook West
  23. 23. St Mary of the Cross Point Cook Address: 70 Carrick Street, Saltwater Coast Estate Current Population: 351 students & 28 staff Brief History: Started on the current site in 2014. We have built in two stages and a third stage to be built in 2018. Features: A friendly and welcoming environment Community cafe Open Plan architecture Point of Need instruction Kitchen Garden program Use the Victorian Curriculum
  24. 24. St Mary of the Cross, Saltwater Coast
  25. 25. Enrolment Timeline Trish Armstrong
  26. 26. 2018 Enrolment Procedure Term One Week 7 Tuesday, 14th March Parish Enrolment Meeting Application packs available
  27. 27. TERM TWO Week One Friday, 21st April Enrolment Applications close Week Seven Friday, 2nd June Notification of Allocated school for interview
  28. 28. TERM THREE Week Six Friday, 25th August Interviews completed Week Eight Friday, 8th September Enrolment Offers posted Weeks Nine – Ten Thursday, 21st September Enrolment Acceptances completed and payment processed
  29. 29. TERM FOUR Schools to advise 2018 Prep Orientation program
  30. 30. Enrolment Criteria Stephen Harrison
  31. 31. The criteria First intake: • Baptised Catholic children resident in the designated zone/ catchment area of the Laverton Parish • Brothers and sisters of currently enrolled students in the school Second intake: • Baptised Catholic children resident in other parishes (special circumstances only) Third intake: • Baptised children from Christian religions which share a special relationship with the history and traditions of the Catholic Church. Fourth intake: • Non-Catholic children (providing acceptance of enrolment is consistent with the limits approved by the Archbishop of Melbourne. CEOM Policy 2.3. Clauses 3.4, 3.6)
  32. 32. Enrolment Pack Chris Walsh
  33. 33. Enrolment Pack • Parish of Laverton Enrolment Form • Appendix (Supporting materials) • Parish of Laverton Enrolment Policy • Please complete the Request Form and hand it to the School Secretaries • They will hand you an enrolment pack
  34. 34. QUESTIONS??????