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Omnichannel CX and Digital Transformation


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The Role of the Contact Centre in the Omnichannel CX Ecosystem. Joubert Konsult.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Omnichannel CX and Digital Transformation

  1. 1. Omnichannel CX and Digital Transformation The Role of the Contact Centre in the Omnichannel CX Ecosystem
  2. 2. Agenda 1. The Meaning and Impact of “Omnichannel CX” and “Digital Transformation” Results from 2017 CX Benchmark Report The 2017 Status of Digital Globally and in South Africa On-going Trends 2. A 2020 vision for CX 3. Digital Maturity of the organisation – Interactive session 4. Contact Centre Strategy in the Omnichannel CX Ecosystem – Interactive session 5. How to proceed to attain your 2020 Omnichannel vision 6. Conclusions
  3. 3. Agenda 09:00 – 09:30 Registration and coffee 09:30 – 10:45 Session One The Meaning and Impact of “Omnichannel CX” and “Digital Transformation” Results from 2017 Dimension Data CX Benchmark Report The 2017 Status of Digital Globally and in South Africa Trends 10:45 – 11:00 Tea/coffee 11:00 – 11:30 Session Two A 2020 vision for CX – Interactive session 11:30 – 12:15 Session Three Digital Maturity of the organisation – Interactive session 12:15 – 12:45 Lunch 12:45 – 14:00 Session Four Contact Centre Strategy in the Omnichannel CX Ecosystem – Interactive session 14:00 – 14:15 Tea/coffee 14:15 – 15:00 Session Five How to proceed to attain your 2020 Omnichannel CX vision 15:00 – 15:15 Conclusion
  4. 4. 1. Contact Centre – Its role in Omnichannel CX Ecosystem CC Agent Twitter* Web & Webchat Smart AppVoice Call LogisticsStock Facebook* Virtual Agent Assistant Customer Payment Channels In Store CRM & Workflow Pinterest* Knowledge Base Back-officeRobotics Chatbot YouTube* Predictive Analytics Omnichannel Context * See
  5. 5. In an omni- channel world the customer alone decides where a brand can meet them.
  6. 6. Brand, People & Context Stage1:TheOmni-channelTrinity
  7. 7. To truly succeed the brand must build & maintain a relationship. The Omni-channeltrinity / Brand, context&people
  8. 8. Understand, research & analyse. Stage2:TheHuman-centricApproach
  9. 9. Understand context = Research people + Analyse touchpoints The human-centricapproach
  10. 10. 1. Results from 2017 Dimension Data CX Benchmarking Report Digital crisis or redemption - The uncomfortable truth 2017 Global Customer Experience (CX) Benchmarking Report
  11. 11. 20 years of benchmarking Telephone-primed CX Digital-primed CX The transformation of CX 2017 CX – proactive & customised New trend towards pushed CX, tailored and enabled by analytics and technology AI enabled automation via behavioural and profile personalisations Robotics reimagining world of CX 2018 – 2020 Broader and centralised channel access options Birth of contact centre 2000s 1990s Traditional call centres telephone replaced face-to-face 2010s Multichannel the norm telephone and digital improve customers’ channel options and an ease of contact Consistent cross-channel support for customers, via integrated digital channels Omnichannel a top priority 2016 – 2018
  12. 12. The uncomfortable truth Introduction
  13. 13. The uncomfortable truth High performing disruptors are outpacing established market leaders by committing to the opportunity created by the digital revolution. 81% of companies recognise CX as a competitive differentiator CX is the no1 most important strategic performance measure 79% can evidence cost savings; 84% an uplift in revenue/profits Just 13% self-rate their CX delivery at 9/10 or better Only 10% consider their digital business strategy to be optimised 36% don’t have a single manager responsible for CX; Of those who do, just 36% are at board level
  14. 14. Digital dominance Key finding
  15. 15. Digital dominance The world has formed a digital skin. Business, service, technology and commercial models have changed forever. Organisations are strategically challenged to keep pace with customer behaviour. Customer awareness of solution and functionality not meeting user needs - top factors hindering digital transformation Actual split of interactions falling short of desired model Majority are not tracking cost per transactions on digital solutions 9 channel choices the norm, will rise to 11 by 2018; CX no1 driver for digital 70.7% forecast increases in assisted-service volumes; 78% a rise in fully automated contacts Virtual assistant (Chat bots) top growth focus in 2017 ; IoT to double
  16. 16. Digital transformation of CX in next two years 62% forecast a rise in overall customer interaction levels in coming two years 71% anticipate increases to fully automated contacts volumes, while 56% expect transactions via telephone to fall How will digital transform your CX operations in the next two years? n= 1124 15,7 25,0 59,5 62,3 69,7 70,7 78,2 23,8 35,3 17,8 21,8 16,8 12,3 10,6 56,4 33,8 3,2 9,0 1,4 3,2 2,4 4,1 5,9 19,5 6,9 12,1 13,8 8,8 Telephone volumes will … Headcount employed will … Proactive automation volumes will … Overall interactions (spanning all channels) will … CX via social media will … Fully automated volumes will … Digital assisted service volumes will … Increase Stay the same Decrease Not applicable
  17. 17. Conscious journeys Key finding
  18. 18. Conscious journeys Seamless, proactive, reactive, connected, automated and analysed. Omnichannel is a priority but the customer journey patterns need to be understood, designed and personalised. 8% have all channels connected; Just another 22% have most connected 58% channels are being managed in silos; 42% channel data not actively shared between teams 72% fail to collect data to review and optimise journey patterns; 76% can’t identify blockages in process that will impact CX Connecting customer journeys 2nd top factor to transforming CX in next 5 years; 76% already have some channels connected 67% can now track customer journeys in some form, of those 44% have automated processes available
  19. 19. Omnichannel strategy 41% now have, or are striving towards, a full omnichannel strategy 70% currently have no, or very few channels connected How many of your contact channels are covered by an omnichannel (connected customer journey) strategy? n= 945 23,9 45,8 21,9 8,4 6,9 13,2 39,1 40,7 None A few channels connected Most channels connected All channels connected Now Within 2 years
  20. 20. Data supremacy Key finding
  21. 21. Data supremacy The importance of understanding and harnessing (mass) data is now critical to performance, the number one trend to reshape the industry – Analyse or die. Only 48% have customer analytic systems; 36% possess Big Data analytic solutions 29% using analytics to inform channel/contact mgt strategy Just 54% have agent analytics; 42% of analytic systems don’t meet current needs Customer analytics was no2 factor towards positive improvement in last 5 years; it’s been voted no1 for next 5 years Top benefit (58%) of analytics is improving customer journey 42% can now offer customised CX
  22. 22. Trends that will reshape CX – next five years Analytics voted top factor that will reshape CX industry - for third year running Personalisation rising at pace, as attention shifts to robotics and automation What are the top three things that will reshape your CX capability during the next five years? n= 1184 1,7 7,5 17,1 19,9 43,8 37,6 47,5 50,2 2,7 5,2 9,5 15,0 18,2 21,1 21,8 37,1 49,1 55,3 61,2 Other Enhanced security Introduction of cloud solutions CX enabled social media Artificial intelligence (internet of things, virtual agents etc.) Executive commitment to CX Proactive automation services Digital channel capability Personalised customer service Connected customer journeys (i.e. omnichannel) Customer analytics 2017 2016
  23. 23. What business information tools are available? Usage of Big Data analytics has grown by 75%, but it’s only available to a third Capability beneath expectation – less than half have customer analytic systems in place What business information tools are available? n= 1118 4,7 12,7 25,0 36,0 37,7 48,1 59,2 69,5 74,2 None of above Sentiment analytics Interaction analytics (e.g. speech analytics on phone calls or text analytics on webchat) Big Data analytics (combining data from all channels) Web based review/feedback mechanisms Customer analytics Business performance scorecards (real-time/historic data) Agent performance scorecards Customer surveys
  24. 24. Man vs machine Key finding
  25. 25. Man vs machine CX robotics in the form of automation, A.I. and IoT are creating a new reality, demanding a new approach. Human cost and productivity is challenged as these capabilities improve. Transaction complexity contributing to absenteeism levels double that in 1997 Agent average length of service 28 months FCR on digital paths lagging Phone, 56% say phone volumes will drop further through end 2018 Top 5 channel focus areas: 1. Virtual agents (chat bots) 2. Instant messaging (inc web chat) 3. Mobile apps 4. Video chat 5. IoT Phone volumes have dropped by 17% since 2015
  26. 26. How does technology meet current and future needs? Digital systems fall short for 42%, the same number reporting inadequate analytics The number of companies who fear digital channel technology won’t meet future needs has increased to 81%, as more than ¼ say current systems are failing against existing requirements How well do the following technology systems items meet your current and future needs? n= 792 18,6 18,6 21,5 23,2 23,6 25,3 34,2 44,0 39,6 39,5 46,3 57,7 47,5 52,8 47,3 43,7 41,8 41,9 32,2 19,1 28,9 21,9 18,5 12,3 Analytics systems Digital channel systems Knowledge management systems Business support systems (HR/Finance, etc.) Interaction optimisation systems (WFM/recording systems, etc.) Security systems (e.g. fraud prevention, etc.) Telephony systems - automated (e.g. IVR) Telephony systems - agent led interactions Meets current and future needs Meets current needs Doesn't meet current needs
  27. 27. Digital crisis or redemption Conclusion
  28. 28. Digital crisis or redemption? Pioneers of the digital age have reimagined business models and processes that have changed customer behaviour forever. The choices you make in your CX & digital strategies will define the future success of your organisation. Measure Disparate management the biggest threat to omnichannel Quality controls on digital up 49% since 2016, but still way behind more established phone Less than half of operations are fully involved in design of technology systems Intelligence powering new strategies, capability, and operating model evolution Top quartile performances evidencing ‘art of the possible’ Investment on technology and facility rises, as percentage of budget spend on human resource drops
  29. 29. 1. To participate or get the full report: Contact: James Douglas GM Customer Experience Dimension Data Cape Town
  30. 30. 1. 2017 Status of Digital – Global and South Africa
  31. 31. 1. 2017 Status of Digital – Global
  32. 32. 1. 2017 Status of Digital – Global
  33. 33. 1. 2017 Status of Digital – Global
  34. 34. 1. 2017 Status of Digital – Global
  35. 35. 1. 2017 Status of Digital – Global
  36. 36. 1. 2017 Status of Digital – South Africa
  37. 37. 1. 2017 Status of Digital – South Africa
  38. 38. 1. 2017 Status of Digital – South Africa
  39. 39. 1. 2017 Status of Digital – South Africa
  40. 40. 1. 2017 Status of Digital – South Africa
  41. 41. 1. 2017 Status of Digital – South Africa
  42. 42. 1. 2017 Status of Digital – South Africa
  43. 43. 1. 2017 Status of Digital – South Africa
  44. 44. 1. 2017 Status of Digital – South Africa
  45. 45. 1. SA Digital Penetration • More connected cell phones than people • Mobile has much bigger share of Internet traffic than PCs & Laptops • 30% year-on-year growth in active Mobile Social Media users • Significant adult smartphone penetration (69%)  • Digital (including Social) is becoming a major service channel • Digital users are shaping customer expectations
  46. 46. 1. Ongoing CX Trends (2014) • Contact centres morph into RELATIONSHIP HUBS - Driven by shifts in technology, capabilities, and consumer behaviour, leading companies are refocusing the primary purpose of contact centres from handling individual calls to building customer loyalty. • Lots of customer journey mapping – this will help build organisational empathy. • Integration of customer behavioural data – understand what customers have done, what channels they've used, what products they've purchased, and what service interactions they've had. This will fuel predictive analytics. • Renovation of Voice of the Customer programs – rely less on multiple-choice surveys and more on topic- specific surveys and text & speech analytics of unstructured content. • Consolidation of CX process methodologies – Don't allow process efficiency to dilute the focus of understanding the needs of target customers who drive your marketing efforts. • Mobile, mobile, mobile: Retail-digital integration – every major retailer will need to have a strategy for putting customers' mobile phones to use when they're in-store. From
  47. 47. 1. Other CX Trends • Virtual chat agent (chat bot) • Virtual agent assistant • Robotic process automation • Real-time Activity Monitoring • CC data exposed to BI engines • Self-service – moving mostly to Smart Apps • Proactive engagement BigDataAnalytics CustomerExperience QualityAssurance Agentsatisfaction Compliance ArtificialIntelligence BusinessProcessOptimisation “IT services giant Accenture carried out a survey of 32,715 people – 3,007 of them British – and found that more than two-thirds (68%) of UK consumers would use software robots for banking services, with a quarter attracted to the impartiality of advice given by robots.” – Computer Weekly (June 20)
  48. 48. 2. 2020 Vision for CX Think of how you would like your customers in 2020 to your Customer Experience. Brainstorm the words that come to mind. But …
  49. 49. 2. Vision 2020 – … but think exponentially ☺ 2020 2025
  50. 50. 2. Words of Vision - result of brain-storming session Quick to respond (instant) Personalised
  51. 51. 3. Digital Mastery of the Organisation The success of an organisation's digital model lies in a combination of its leadership and execution capabilities. By excelling in both, an organisation can manage to grow revenue and increase profitability. From: Turning Technology into Business Transformation - MIT/Capgemini
  52. 52. 3. Digital Mastery – Proven Financial Results Source: MIT & CapGemini (n = 391)
  53. 53. 3. Digital Mastery – result of interactive session 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 DigitalCapability Digital Leadership Digital Mastery Quadrant Fashionistas - Many advanced digital features (such as Social Media & Mobile) in Silos. - No overarching vision - Underdeveloped coordination Digital Masters - Strong overarching digital vision - Good governance - Many digital initiatives generating business value in measurable ways - Strong digital culture Beginners - Management skeptical of the business value of advanced digital technologies - May be carrying out some experiments - Immature digital culture Conservatives - Overarching digital vision exists, but may be underdeveloped - Few advanced digital features, but traditional capabilities may prevent them from building strong digital capabilities - Strong governance across silos - Taking active steps to build digital skills and culture
  54. 54. 4. Contact Centre Strategy - Digital Maturity (result of interactive session)
  55. 55. 4. Contact Centre Strategy - Servitisation The servitisation of products describes the strategy of creating value by adding services to products or even replacing a product with a service. The productisation of services describes either the evolution of a service to include a product or a service that becomes standardised to a degree where it is marketed as a product.
  56. 56. 4. Contact Centre Strategy in the Omnichannel CX Ecosystem DigitalMaturityContribution Alternative: Complexity,RiskandCost
  57. 57. 4. Contact Centre Strategy – Business Benefits weightings (result of session)
  58. 58. 4. Contact Centre Strategy – Result of Digital Maturity session)
  59. 59. 4. Contact Centre Strategy – Magic Quadrant (result of prioritisation session)
  60. 60. 5. How to proceed to attain your Omnichannel CX Vision Two to three day executive workshop – depending on scope Outcomes: • List of Initiatives • Magic Quadrant of Priorities • Detailed Roadmap • Business Cases Involve: Executive team, including Marketing, Operations, IT.
  61. 61. 6. Conclusions • Digital channels to be integrated with Contact Centre platforms • Contact centre is becoming a relationship hub with customers – will require a new focus in recruitment and training of agents. • The function of CC agents will change from managing processes to building relationships and loyalty through escalation role. • Contact centre to act as essential part of Omnichannel CX Ecosystem, including servicing digital channel escalations and proactive engagement. • Personalisation, context, analytics!
  62. 62. 6. Digital Transformation – your choice! Caterpillar Butterfly TurningTechnologyintoBusinessTransformation-MIT/Capgemini
  63. 63. Omnichannel CX Consulting Strategy Consulting on: • Omnichannel CX • Self-service • Automation • Operational Optimisation • Statistical Analysis • Strategic Planning
  64. 64. Global Experience in CX Space (with Dimension Data)