Manage business communications with SAP


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SAP Customer Relationship Management
Manage Business Communications
Build Stronger Marketing, Sales, and Service

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Manage business communications with SAP

  1. 1. SAP Solution BriefSAP Customer Relationship Manage BusinessManagement CoMMuniCations Build StRongeR MARketing, SAleS, And SeRviCeSAP® Business Communica-tions Management softwareprovides a multichannel,all-iP communications plat-form that organizations canuse to deploy iP telephony People, processes, knowledge, and cesses with the SAP Customer Rela- contact points may be scattered across tionship Management (SAP CRM) appli-for everyone who needs it, geographies, functions, and organiza- cation. these processes can help youincluding telemarketing tions. executing effective marketing, more effectively manage your resources sales, and service programs requires a for marketing, sales, and service. Byexperts, customer service solution that can seamlessly manage more easily leveraging expertise through-agents, switchboard opera- and coordinate communications, both out your organization and monitoring inside and outside the organization. your customer-facing operations in realtors, office workers, mobile time, you can significantly improve yourexperts, and their managers. All too often, however, customer-facing internal performance across multiple communications are rigid and hardware locations and communications channels. based. this can make it difficult and expensive to organize customer service Route Inbound Contacts Based and telemarketing programs that re- on Customer Need spond to customer needs. it can also make it hard to create a competitive SAP Business Communications advantage that leverages the unique Management provides comprehensive expertise that exists across your organi- support for inbound contact centers – zation – from the field to your corporate especially those that are spread across headquarters and manufacturing plants. multiple sites and serve multiple contact executing an effective communications channels. intelligent routing ensures strategy becomes even more difficult that your customers reach the people as customers seek real-time contact who can best address their needs. through text messaging, e-mail, and the the software provides unified queuing, Web. prioritizing, and routing of all contacts – including contacts by telephone, e-mail, delivering an effective multichannel fax, voice mail, text messaging, and customer experience used to mean a the Web. complicated process of integrating communication hardware and software Web-based tools support your service from multiple vendors – and then build- agents, supervisors, and contact center ing a bridge between these components managers wherever they are. Mobile and your customer relationship manage- users can access contact-center ment applications. today’s challenges queues from any internet-connected require a more comprehensive solution. computer, any standard telephone, or any mobile device. A customer inquiry SAP® Business Communications Man- that reaches a service agent’s desktop agement software offers a more seam- is accompanied by customer-specific less approach by helping you create information and an interaction history. communication-enabled business pro- Access to this information increases
  2. 2. location or in the field. With this sup- Manage Communications Across port, your organization can respond Your Enterprise immediately and effectively to a wide range of customer requests. SAP Business Communications Man- agement can serve as the foundation Centralize Outbound Marketing for communication-enabled business Campaigns processes across your enterprise. the standards-based software is scalable Successful telemarketing and sales and works either as an in-house solu- efforts require efficient and effective tion or as a hosted service. tools for campaign planning and execu- tion. SAP Business Communications the software can support a wide range Management gives you greater control of users – customer service agents,first-time resolution rates and reduces over your telemarketing processes and office workers, and mobile specialists –the need for consultation and transfers. makes it easier to adjust those process- as well as their managers. users canthe combined functions of SAP Busi- es as your needs change. the software communicate and access communica-ness Communications Management combines disconnected or dispersed tions controls from any network-and SAP CRM help you route inbound telesales initiatives into a single net- connected computer or mobile phone worked operation that minimizes unpro- around the world. You can extend en- ductive tasks. You get a full-fledged terprise communications functionalityBy replacing your communica- solution for a virtual iP-based contact to standard third-party PBX extensiontions hardware with a software- center that can improve the perfor- phones, home phones, or mobile mance and quality of your telemarket- phones. the advanced communicationsbased solution, SAP Business ing programs. functionality accessed through theseCommunications Management devices is controlled via a local the integration of SAP Business internet-connected computer with acan help you make your staff Communications Management with softphone application. SAP Businessmore effective with customers SAP CRM makes it easier to design Communications Management sup- telemarketing campaigns and roll them ports an integrated telephony platformand lower your total cost of out as a single program that combines that enables multichannel communica-ownership. multiple sites and sales organizations. tions – both within your enterprise in addition, with this combination, you and with prospects, customers, and can segment your audience, set up partners outside your organization.calls to the service people who can reminders, take orders, manage con-most effectively answer customer tacts, and make sales calls from the Add Reporting and Interactivequestions and resolve issues. Service road. And the ability to deploy out- Voice Responseagents can verify the availability of bound and inbound contact-centerrelevant experts from across your functionality as a single solution lets A reporting option with online analyticsorganization and conference them in. you switch agents automatically from lets you monitor and manage yourAnd they can route contacts to other outbound to inbound activities as you communications in real time. this givespersonnel who might be appropriate – reach predefined contact volumes or you the flexibility to adapt yourwhether they are located in a fixed service levels. communication-enabled business pro-
  3. 3. cesses based on performance and efficient and effective execution of mar- Unify Your Business andresults. Analytics functionality in keting, sales, and service activities. Communications ProcessesSAP Business Communications the software helps you better manageManagement fully integrates with and coordinate customer interactions SAP Business CommunicationsSAP CRM to support blended analytics and improve the performance of your Management can help you integrateand a combined operational and business sales and service organizations. You the people, processes, and knowledgeview of your marketing, sales, and ser- can better leverage your corporate in your organization across multiplevice activities. expertise to solve customer problems. geographies and organizations to serve You can learn where your marketing, your customers more effectively. YouAn interactive voice response option sales, and service roadblocks are and can make the right people, knowledge,provides an automated channel for find the means to fix them. and technology available across allresponding to customer inquiries or customer-facing processes – creating agathering information for intelligent con- key advantage over your competitors.tact routing. Customers can respond to Gain an advantage over yourvarious choices via touch tones, obtain competitors and serve your cus-and leave information, or be routed to theappropriate service agent. tomers more effectively by mak- ing the right people, knowledge,Tap State-of-the-Art Technology and technology available acrossSAP Business Communications all customer-facing processes.Management is built on industry-standard technology and includes toolsto ensure high levels of security. it SAP Business Communicationsworks with both fixed and wireless net- Management gives all customer-facingworks and can be integrated with other employees access to the same infor-telephony and it systems. Because mation and comprehensive communi-SAP Business Communications Man- cations tools – making your staff moreagement includes functionality for fixed effective. By helping you decreaseand mobile telephony, you can switch response times and improve overallall telephony extensions within your service, the software can increase cus-business domain – including mobile tomer satisfaction and loyalty. By re-devices – to an all-iP solution at the placing communications hardware withpace you prefer. a software-based solution, SAP Busi- ness Communications ManagementReap a Wide Range of Business helps you lower your total cost ofBenefits ownership.With SAP Business CommunicationsManagement, your organization bene-fits from integrating its business andcommunications processes for more
  4. 4. QuiCk faCts /contactsapSummaryBy bringing together communications technologies and business systems, SAP® BusinessCommunications Management software and the SAP Customer Relationship Managementapplication help you create communication-enabled business processes that leverageorganizational know-how; enhance your marketing, sales, and service activities; and reducetotal cost of ownership.Challenges• need for flexible management and coordination of communications, inside and outside the organization• Reliance on rigid, hardware-based communication systems• Complicated process of integrating communication hardware and software from multiple vendors• inability to manage customer service, telemarketing, and sales programs that are respon- sive to customer needsSupported Business Processes and Software Functions• Customer service – ensure that customers reach people who can best address their needs with unified queuing, prioritizing, and routing of all contacts through multiple channels• Marketing and sales – Combine initiatives into a single networked operation that improves the performance and quality of your telemarketing and sales programs• Communications management – easily support a wide range of users and devices with an integrated telephony platform that enables multichannel communications• Communications operations – Monitor and manage communications in real time with reporting and online analyticsBusiness Benefits• improved performance of your sales and service organizations across multiple communi- cations channels• enhanced coordination of resources for marketing, sales, and service• increased customer satisfaction and loyalty with decreased response times and overall service improvements• lower total cost of ownership with reduction in hardware investments and more targeted 50 085 307 (10/11) ©2010 SAP Ag. All rights reserved. and flexible use of software SAP, R/3, SAP netWeaver, duet, Partneredge, Bydesign,• lower installation, integration, and maintenance costs as a result of prebuilt integration SAP Businessobjects explorer, and other SAP products and services with SAP Customer Relationship Management mentioned herein as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP Ag in germany and other countries.For More Information Business objects and the Business objects logo, Businessobjects, Crystal Reports, Crystal decisions, Web intelligence, Xcelsius,For more information on how SAP Business Communications Management can enhance and other Business objects products and services mentioned hereincommunications in your company, contact your SAP sales representative or visit our Web as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trade- marks of Business objects Software ltd. in the united Statessite at and in other countries. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies. data contained in this document serves informational purposes only. national product specifications may vary. these materials are subject to change without notice. these materials are provided by SAP Ag and its affiliated companies (“SAP group”) for informational purposes only, without representation or warranty of any kind, and SAP group shall not be liable for errors or omissions with respect to the materials. the only warranties for SAP group products and services are those that are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services, if any. nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty.