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It’s all about Optimising the Client Experience


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Since our establishment in 2000, CallForce has developed a sound reputation for providing outsourced people solutions that allow our clients to enjoy a number of operational and financial benefits. We combine our HR expertise with the knowledge of our client’s environment to design, implement and manage outsourced people solutions, resulting in improved business performance for our clients.

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It’s all about Optimising the Client Experience

  1. 1. Innovative People Solutions CHT Presentation “It’s all about Optimising the Client Experience”
  2. 2. Agenda 30-9-2016 CallForce Presentation 2 Overview of Agenda Agent and Customer Satisfaction Overview of our Case Study Key Elements to our Success Check List for Optimising the Client Experience Sharing Stories of Success Q&A Introduction
  3. 3. Agenda 30-9-2016 CallForce Presentation 3 My Background & Experience in Outsourced People Solutions Started CallForce in 2000 with 2 staff Grown to hundreds of internal staff over the past 16 years Focus on BPO service, flexible and permanent recruitment services in the Contact Centre industry Key differentiator in my business is PEOPLE Selected as Endeavor Entrepreneur in 2005
  4. 4. Agenda 30-9-2016 CallForce Presentation 4 Overview of Agenda Overview of our Case Study Key Elements to our Success Check List for Optimising the Client Experience Sharing Stories of Success Q&A Agent and Customer Satisfaction Introduction
  5. 5. 30-9-2016 CallForce Annual Address 5 Organisations say that customers are their main focus yet they remain more focused on cost Employee dissatisfaction leads to customer dissatisfaction and lack of profitability in the contact centre
  6. 6. 30-9-2016 CallForce Annual Address 6 Agents believe that they are undervalued by their companies 59.9% 26.9% 25.2% 27.4% 9.4% 27.9% 3.5% 8.5% 2.0% 9.5% Strongly Agree Agree Neither agree nor disagree Disagree Strongly Disagree My role in the company I work for is important The company I work for thinks I am important 85.1% of agents believe their role in the company is important However, only 54.3% believe that the company they work for thinks their role is important
  7. 7. 30-9-2016 CallForce Annual Address 7 There are two very important aspects that a customer expects of a call Transactional Needs What was the call outcome? Was the call resolution to the clients satisfaction? How accurate was the information? Did the agent keep his or her promise? Emotional Needs How was the call handled? Did the client feel important? Was the client the centre of attention? Was the client treated as an individual? Was the client in control of the call? Was the client valued? Was the agent on the customer’s side?
  8. 8. 30-9-2016 CallForce Annual Address 8 The emotional needs of the customer are also the emotional needs of the agent The Customer Universe The Agent Universe Does the client feel important? Is the client the centre of attention? Is the client treated as an individual? Is the client in control of the call? Is the client valued? Is the agent on the customer’s side? Does the agent feel important? Is the agent the centre of attention? Is the agent treated as an individual? Is the agent in control of the call? Is the agent valued? Is the Contact Centre on the agent’s side?
  9. 9. 30-9-2016 CallForce Annual Address 9 Each department in the organisation has the opportunity to see their contact centre agents as useful extensions of themselves Importance of the agent’s role Integration into overall business strategy Breaking down traditional barriers Gold mine opportunity Seen in this integrated fashion, the contact centre therefore becomes an integral part in the overall business strategy of the company
  10. 10. 30-9-2016 CallForce Annual Address 10 The interface between the customer and the company is directly impacted by the agent morale in the contact centre Customer satisfaction begins with employee satisfaction “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients” Richard Branson
  11. 11. Agenda 30-9-2016 CallForce Presentation 11 Overview of Agenda Agent and Customer Satisfaction Key Elements to our Success Check List for Optimising the Client Experience Sharing Stories of Success Q&A Overview of our Case Study Introduction
  12. 12. 30-9-2016 CallForce Annual Address 12 Our Case Study “It’s all about Optimising the Client Experience” Partnership
  13. 13. 30-9-2016 CallForce Annual Address 13 What makes ITutorGroup so Successful?
  14. 14. 30-9-2016 CallForce Annual Address 14 The CallForce Virtual Language Centre Operation Across 12 different levels Into 3 Asian Countries Operating from 23:30 to 18:30 / 365 days per year Deliver 45 minute training sessions 2 Centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town
  15. 15. 30-9-2016 CallForce Annual Address 15 Our Journey on this Project Went live within 9 weeks on 6 August 2014 6 month Pilot successful Long term contract DTI incentive Grown to over 300 Language Consultants
  16. 16. 30-9-2016 CallForce Annual Address 16 Service Levels Required Student Rating – above 9/10 Complaints Index ratio of 1:125 Low Rating % - below 5% Compliments Index ratio of 1:10
  17. 17. Agenda 30-9-2016 CallForce Presentation 17 Overview of Agenda Agent and Customer Satisfaction Overview of our Case Study Check List for Optimising the Client Experience Sharing Stories of Success Q&A Key Elements to our Success Introduction
  18. 18. 30-9-2016 CallForce Annual Address 18 There are five key elements to our success SUCCESS Attracting Growing&Developing Benchmarking&Optimising Performance StrongLeadership HighPerformanceCulture
  19. 19. 30-9-2016 CallForce Annual Address 19 To attract and retain agents in this high-turnover era we must meet their top 5 work-place needs Work/Life Balance Workplace Culture Varied Job Role Management Style Training
  20. 20. 30-9-2016 CallForce Annual Address 20 Attracting and Retaining Top Talent Broad Sourcing Strategy Customised recruitment and assessment process Strict measurement against criteria Incorporate training into the selection process “Where do you find Top Performers when they have never done this job before?”
  21. 21. 30-9-2016 CallForce Annual Address 21 Stage: 1 Stage: 4 Stage: 5Stage: 3Stage: 2 Coaching, mentoring and development based on KPI’s Ongoing consultation and skills development Induction & orientation – focus on culture match Growing and Developing our Team Developed our own customised training material “Probation Consultants achieve an average rating of 9.2” 4 week phased Incubation Process
  22. 22. 30-9-2016 CallForce Annual Address 22 Analysis of MIS Reports Workforce Planning Performance enhancement plans Shift Management Benchmarking & Optimising Performance
  23. 23. 30-9-2016 CallForce Annual Address 23 When agents were asked what they liked about their job, relationships with management feature strongly Leadership is fundamental to our Success “Open relationship with management.” “Good relationship with colleagues and managers.” “Self management is encouraged.” “Open Door Policy.” “Management is very friendly.”
  24. 24. 30-9-2016 CallForce Annual Address 24 Creating a High Performance Culture Maintaining Motivation Through Recognition Commissions and Incentives Daily Compliment Feedback Weekly performance feedback on ratings, compliments etc Management emails to acknowledge exceptional performance Performance competitions
  25. 25. 30-9-2016 CallForce Annual Address 25 Although our agents would love a monetary reward, they also consider recognition through career development rewards as important Invitation to a Boardroom meeting Invitation to additional training Spend "a day in the life" of an executive from your company Opportunity to attend a business conference Monetary rewards linked to performance Recognition - certificates / wall of fame First option of choice of shifts Time off 22.0% 40.9% 53.8% 45.4% 60.5% 65.8% 37.7% 50.3% 44.0% 41.4% 34.9% 42.1% 34.1% 23.5% 33.9% 29.1% 14.8% 7.0% 9.1% 9.8% 4.3% 8.0% 14.8% 15.1% 19.2% 10.8% 2.2% 2.7% 1.1% 2.7% 13.7% 5.6%
  26. 26. 30-9-2016 CallForce Annual Address 26 Lack of recognition, lack of career opportunities, and poor leadership are within the top five key reasons why agents leave sooner than expected 0.0% 10.0% 20.0% 30.0% 40.0% 50.0% 60.0% 70.0% A B C D E F G H 68.4% 49.1% 45.0% 25.1% 22.8% 18.1%17.5%15.2% A The money is not enough B Lack of recognition and appreciation C Feeling that this is a dead end job D A lack of positive and supportive leadership E Family responsibilities F The distance I must travel to work G Problems caused by shift work H Poor relationship with team leader/supervisor (Agents were asked to choose the 3 most likely)
  27. 27. Agenda 30-9-2016 CallForce Presentation 27 Overview of Agenda Agent and Customer Satisfaction Overview of our Case Study Key Elements to our Success Sharing Stories of Success Q&A Checklist for Optimising the Client Experience Introduction
  28. 28. 30-9-2016 CallForce Annual Address 28 The Checklist to Optimising the Client Experience Robust and integrated contact centre strategy Effective communication and commitment to brand strategy Acknowledge the role of the agent and value to client satisfaction and retention Understanding what motivates staff through effective communication Communicate to all staff Acknowledge in broader organisation communications Communication forums Constantly re-enforcement Link to performance management Accurately measure customer service index linked to CSI Performance awards Variety in job function Increased responsibility Actively listen Conduct agent surveys Hold agent forums Provide feedback Translate into practical plans ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  29. 29. 30-9-2016 CallForce Annual Address 29 The Checklist to Optimising the Client Experience Reasons for attrition Recognition of agent success Investment in development of skills Conduct exit interviews Analyse results Conduct follow up exit interviews Feedback to organisation Devise practical plans to address issues Effective performance management model Public recognition Link to rewards Provide excellent training Link additional training to performance incentives ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  30. 30. 30-9-2016 CallForce Annual Address 30 The Checklist to Optimising the Client Experience Leadership approach Lifestyle Job security Clearly define accepted leadership style Invest in top leadership training particularly at Team Leader level Do not tolerate unacceptable behavior – Collusion! Open and honest feedback to managers regarding leadership Performance management model to drive right behavior Linked to performance incentives Provide flexibility to staff and link to performance Community approach Performance = job security Career development plan Permanency where appropriate Monthly salaries vs. weekly wages ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  31. 31. 30-9-2016 CallForce Annual Address 31 The Checklist to Optimising the Client Experience Recruitment strategy Remuneration and benefits ROI Model Develop correct profile of staff suited to the culture and job function Robust recruitment process to ensure accurate selection of staff Offer market related remuneration Stepped salary scale based on performance and skills acquired / added responsibilities Create model to motivate and substantiate investment ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  32. 32. Agenda 30-9-2016 CallForce Presentation 32 Overview of Agenda Agent and Customer Satisfaction Overview of our Case Study Key Elements to our Success Check List for Optimising the Client Experience Sharing Stories of Success Q&A Sharing Stories of Success Introduction
  33. 33. Agenda 30-9-2016 CallForce Presentation 33 Sharing Stories of Success Effective implementation and consistent application is the real key to success Creating a plan is essential and specific to each environment Create think tanks with colleagues in the industry Wealth of experience in the room Share your experiences Think about your own experiences within the workplace
  34. 34. Agenda 30-9-2016 CallForce Presentation 34 Agent satisfaction leads directly to customer satisfaction and overall contact centre success Agent Universe = Customer Universe Customer Satisfaction Revenue Growth Profitability Customer Loyalty Satisfied Clients Satisfied Agents Internal Service Quality