How to plan a professional career in the BPO and Contact Centre Environment


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How to plan a professional career in the BPO and Contact Centre Environment

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  • How to plan a professional career in the BPO and Contact Centre Environment

    1. 1. Traditional Roles& Perceptions ofthe Call CentreJobI cant getanother JobIt is a deadend JobIt holds noopportunityIt is not acool Job
    2. 2. The BPO Sectorin 2013Transient JobDead End as a careerCant see prospectsWhere to from here?
    3. 3. Anatomy ofCareer GrowthOpportunityStepupcareerGrowthWhat can I do with CallCentre Experience?Basis for careeropportunity?
    4. 4. Why not use your Call Centre Jobto build a future career?Options:ManagementHuman ResourcesMarketingCommunications
    5. 5. See your career as a pathSo you started as a Contact Centre AgentLearn to identify and work with customers; howto understand needs and problems and fix them;gather call centre related data; operate as ateam member; performance manage yourself…Much of these are business functions withmultiple applications..
    6. 6. Requirements for aContact Centre AgentCCS L2 or 3 qualificationFor the designation: Above plus entry examMinimum 2 years of experience – T & C applies..CPD requirements…Joe Soap (CCA)
    7. 7. Requirements for ContactCentre Team LeaderSo you are a Team Leader?You will understand, implement service levelagreements; Monitor and control Contact Centresupport staff; Apply sales knowledge; Identifycustomers; monitor performance; coach others;work with statistics..Management functions, applied…
    8. 8. Contact Center ManagerArticulate operations in either a commercial or emergencyenvironmentAnalyse and use statistical dataManage the quality of operations, service levels andperformance levels and implement service deliveryAssesses the sales environment and take appropriate actionwhere necessaryDetermine and apply rewards and incentives, develop andmaintain contact centre customer databaseLead contact centre team members in diverse environment
    9. 9. Requirements fordesignationFurther Education TrainingDiploma Contact Centre Management Level 5Work Experience at least 5 years
    10. 10. Retaining the designationPerform CPD activities worth 50 points within a 3 year cycleAdhere to the CCMG’s code of conductParticipate in CPD activities as followsEducation and training for up to 10 pointsProfessional development for 25 pointsPersonal development for 15 pointsEnsure that hisher membership fees are paid
    11. 11. Contact Centre ExecutiveInitiate, develop, implement and evaluate operationalstrategies, projects and action plans to improveeffectiveness of the contact centreMonitor and measure performance and apply continuousor innovative improvement interventions in the uniteffectivenessLead and manage a team of first line managersBuild relationships with superiors and stakeholdersApply principals of risks, financial and knowledgemanagement and business ethicsEnhance the development of teams and team members
    12. 12. Requirements fordesignationNational Certificate in Generic ManagementLevel 5Operated as a Contact Centre Manager for over5 to 10 years
    13. 13. Retaining designationAdhere to the CCMG’s code of conductPerform CPD activities worth 50 points within a 3year cycleParticipate in CPD activities as followsEducation and training for up to 10 pointsProfessional development for 25 pointsPersonal development for 15 pointsEnsure that hisher membership fees are paid
    14. 14. Getting Practical…How to plan your careerCapitalize from professionalismPersonal Strategic Plan…?
    15. 15. Infomage Rims GroupContact Centre L3Marketing L4Management L5
    16. 16. Training versus RPLThe blended modelE-learningAssessmentCorporate clients
    17. 17. FundingCashEasy payment plans
    18. 18. Where to me : us 011 886 2727
    19. 19. What else can we help uwith?Skills AuditsCorporate Qualifications FrameworksQMS design for Cal CentresSkillsBook for learners & staff
    20. 20. Questions…?Thank you!