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  1. 1. Mission•  Provide the best information, facts and guides for the starting martial arts practicer. Because we believe that nutrition and mind status is as important as the technique.
  2. 2. Vision•  ALWAYS provide the customers the BEST information FIRST.•  Contribute to the development of martial art disciplines and athletes localy.•  Conquer the local, regional and global market.
  3. 3. The Name•  Ram: short noun for BATTERING RAM. The falling weight of a pile-driving machine.•  To Ram: (as a verb) be driven violently into in an attempt to stop or damage it.
  4. 4. RAM•  Male sheep part of the image and logo of our magazine.
  5. 5. Type of Business•  Magazine•  Advertising•  Covers•  Sponsorships
  6. 6. Investors•  Investors Data•  Names Age Carlos Alarcon 36 Santiago Moran 52 Pedro Giler 42•  3 investors are from United States. They had its own company called Us Invest; The company has 15 years in evaluating projects experience.
  7. 7. Staff Jessica Palomeque Chief Finance OfficerIvo Kolich Francisco Navas Director Public Relations Officer Jorge Loqui Sales and Marketing Manager Carola Jácome Research Director
  8. 8. Segment•  Target: men from medium to high class. (16 to 25 years)•  Topics: martial arts, news, techniques, nutrition, recipes, exercices, etc.•  Distribution: digital
  9. 9. Unique selling points•  First product of its class localy.•  First class information, provided by professionals.•  We care about you and your development.
  10. 10. Competitors•  There are no competitors for this product at the moment.
  11. 11. objectives•  Short Term•  Cover the latest techniques, weapons, self-defense systems, training regimens and industry trends.•  Catch sponsors in order to financing the operations of the magazines.•  During the first year obtain more than 300 subscribers.•  Sponsor martial arts events.•  Recover half of the investment during the first year.
  12. 12. objectives•  Long Term•  Promote the martial arts in Guayaquil and Ecuador.•  Be the first largest publication in the country.•  Have 100% acceptance in the market.•  Have the best authors, the best design, the best printing and binding, the best everything in fact.
  13. 13. conclusions•  Develop a magazine in Guayaquil is difficult and the sales are going to be the most challenging part but we notice that there is an underserved market and that the practice of martial arts is growing fast in the city therefore we believe that this magazine will succeed.Resources magazine/