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  1. 2. Introduction In this business project we are going to talk about Baskin Robbins and the possibility to bring the franchise to Guayaquil, Ecuador. As far as we know Ecuador has great ice-cream makers such as Il’Gelato, Top Cream and Pingüino, just to name some. Our main objective is to bring the great quality of American ice-cream makers.
  2. 3. Business plan Baskin Robbins is a franchise but the one that is located in United Stated is a retailing company. PERSONNEL PRODUCT/SERVICES MARKET MARKETING INFRASTRUCTURE
  3. 4. Statement of purpose Our business system are built on three legs of success:   First, to delight customers with magical experiences.   Second, profit potential for franchisees.   And third, a financially strong parent company.
  4. 5. Mision Our mission is to delight consumers with a wide variety of high-quality frozen treats and to offer spoonfuls of happiness to millions of customers every day.
  5. 6. Customer profile Our customer are all people from all ages, specially kids.
  6. 7. Company profile Name of Company: Baskin Robbins Flavors Inc. Address: 1001 S Victory Blvd Burbank, CA 91502-2548 Type of Business: Extracts, syrups Industry Sector: Food & Beverage / Tobacco Market Target: Japan, South Korea, Australia, Canada, and Russia Phone: 818-843-5500 Fax: 818-843-1855
  7. 8. Background information about our franchisor Baskin-Robbins is the world’s largest chain of ice cream specialty stores with more than 4,500 locations around the globe. There are continuous learning organization, innovating and building new strategies to stay ahead of competitors while taking advantage of opportunities to enhance their presentation to their customers. Baskin-Robbins has popularized the practice of offering free tasted on miniature pink spoons to customers dazzled by its selection of flavors Baskin-Robbins carries on the tradition of offering spoonfuls of happiness to millions of customers every day. Source: company’s web page.
  8. 9. Organization chart CEO Giovanna Cordero Human Resources Solange Carbo Advertising & marketing Manager Julissa Chong Financial Manager Maite Vélez Sales Manager David Sánchez Purchasing/Ventures Manager Hector Bastida
  9. 10. Professional profile Giovanna Cordero General Manager Julissa Chong Advertising & Marketing Manager Hector Bastidas Purchasing/ Ventures Manager David Sánchez. Sales Manager Maite Vélez Financial Manager Solange Carbo Human Resources Manager
  10. 11. Swot analysis STRONG If we need something we can get help from our franchisor Variety of flavors that we offer. Our brand. It is well-know WEAKNESSES Reatilers now demand freezers without having to pay any deposit OPPORTUNITIES Competitors reduce quality To open new locals THREADS Competitors. The people stop buying our products because they are too expensive for them.
  11. 12. Advertising campaing Target:   The advertising will be directed to:   Children’s 7 – 12 years old Men and women Middle class, middle high ang high
  12. 13. Promise to the consumer: We will offer product to our target with one wide scale of flavors, different of high quality.     Support:   We will rest on the quality of the ice creams. Mass media:   Radio, television, internet, advertising fences.
  13. 14. Business cards
  14. 15. Logo
  15. 16. Slogan “ Enjoying a new flavor each day of the month.”
  16. 17. Short and long Terms Our first short them at the moment is to open the store here in Guayaquil, then as a long term, we expect to expand our markets all over the city
  17. 18. Financial plan
  18. 20. Conclusion We have practiced our business English, we have learned the basic steps for creating a franchise , we have improved our personal relationships with our group partners and in general with all our classmates for our future business development . And the most important of all, we have learned that starting a franchise demands huge amount of time and that the market is small and competitive in our country.
  19. 21. The end...