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Football sponsorship offers_united_kingdom


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Football sponsorship offers United Kingdom by CCI Media

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Football sponsorship offers_united_kingdom

  1. 1. Football  in  ENGLAND   connecting solutions
  2. 2. Premier  League  Interna7onal  Audience   connecting solutions
  3. 3. Global  Broadcast  Hours   Barclays  Premier  League  Season  09/10   connecting solutions
  4. 4. Live  Match  Audience  Average  Audience  –736,754  Viewers  Total  Average  Audience  –  8,104,300  Viewers   connecting solutions
  5. 5. Highlights  Audience  Figures  Average  Audience  –  3,767,967  Viewers  Total  Average  Audience  –  146,950,700    Viewers   connecting solutions
  6. 6. NEWCASTLE  UNITED  FC  Why  Newcastle  United  FC  ?:  •   Up  to  37,000  season  .ckets  holders  (EPL).  •   One  City,  One  football  Club  one  accident  management  provider.    •   Over  1  million  fans  St  James  Park  per  season  to  watch  the  team.  •   Corporate  Capacity  of  over  2600  people  per  match  day.    •   Over  1.1millions  known  Newcastle  United  fans.  •   NUFC  has  310,000  unique  individual  registered  fans  on  our  database.  260,000  are  adult.  •   NUFC  TV  channel  has  reach  to  over  153,763  people  per  year.  •   NUFC  has  the  third  highest  average  aQendance  (50,112)  in  the  EPL  –behind  Man  United  and  Arsenal.    •   NUFC  has  the  (12th)  twelUh  highest  average  aQendance  in  Europe.  •   Listed  17th  in  the  DeloiQe  report  regarding  the  revenue  genera.on  of  all  football  Clubs  in  the  world.  •   NUFC  has  the  most  loyal  fan  base  in  the  UK  (Virgin  Money  Survey).   connecting solutions
  7. 7. NEWCASTLE  UNITED  FC  NUFC  Website:    •  Had  visitors  from  202  countries.  •    2009  –Unique  Visits:  3,084,738  /  Total  Visits:  5,884,835  /  Average  Page   views  per  visit:  7.3.  •    2009  –74%  of  unique  users  are  located  in  the  UK  &  Ireland.  •    2008  –Unique  Visit:  5,428,080  /  Total  Visits:  12,224,859  /  Average  page   views  per  visit:  9.  •    2008  –73%  of  unique  users  are  located  in  UK  &  Ireland.  •    2007  -­‐UK  &  Ireland  Unique  users:  August  739,765  unique  users.      (a  record),  up  34%  on  August  06.  •    The  average  monthly  number  of  unique  users  for  2006-­‐07  was  435,120.  •    The  average  monthly  number  of  unique  users  for  2005-­‐06  was  376,960.  •    The  average  monthly  number  of  unique  users  for  2004-­‐05  was  223,240.   connecting solutions
  8. 8. NEWCASTLE  UNITED  FC  Marke7ng  Rights:    •    Access  to  the  Director’s  box  for  all  home  games.  •    Private  behind  the  scenes  St  James  Park  tour  ten  (10)  on  four  game   days.    •    Primary  pitch  side  sta.c  boards  (2x  panels).  •    Secondary  pitch  side  Signage  (4x  panels).  •    Email  service  to  129,000  fans  per  week  x  40  weeks   (database  (310,000  unique  records).  •    Partner  recogni.on  on  NUFC  website.  homepage  /  commercial   partners  page.  Service  promoted  on  the  NUFC  website  –5,428,080   unique  visitors  (Jan  09  –Dec  09).  •    Weekly  sec.on  in  the  newsleQer  (89,000  per  week)  x  40  weeks.  •    Access  to  the  NUFC  database.  •    Access  to  season  .cket  database  and  op.on  to  send  out  product   endorsement  with  fixture  lists.    •  at  SJP  •    Use  of  players  image  rights.     connecting solutions
  9. 9. NEWCASTLE  UNITED  FC    Marke7ng  Rights:    •  No   charge   for   tourist   board   for   player   right   images   for   joint   ac.vity   where   Newcastle   United   FC   has   retained   ownership  of  such  rights  .  •  LED  coverage  (all  FAPL  /  Championship  home  matches):    •  Pre  Match–In  the  lead  up  to  the  match,  tourism  board  to  receive  2  x  30  second  slots.    •  Match  Time–Tourism  Board  to  receive  10  x  30  sec  adverts  to  be  split  between  each  half.  Minimum  total  of  4  minutes.    •  Full  Time–During  the  10  minutes  post  match  tourism  board  to  receive  2  x  30  second  slots.    •  All  costs  associated  with  the  crea.on,  delivery  and  installa.on  of  content  to  be  used  on  LED  and/or  sta.c  adver.sing  sites  will   be   borne   by   the   Club.   The   content   shall   be   submiQed   for   approval   by   Newcastle   United   FC   a   reasonable   .me   before   the   beginning   of   the   relevant   match.   Newcastle   United   FC   shall   have   the   right,   in   its   sole   discre.on   to   require   changes   to   the   content  and  presenta.on  of  the  content  to  reflect  its  stadium  branding  policies  and  procedures.  •  Permanent  promo.on  of  Affiliate  accident  management  service  in  club  stores.  •  Tourism   boards   logo   on   the   NUFC   homepage   bar   with   permanent   click   through   to   the   Tourism   boards   landing   page   on  •  1  x  Full  page  colour  advert  in  the  Newcastle  United  FC  Match  day  Programme  for  all  home  matches.  •  Editorial  1  page  ar.cle  on  one  match  day  programme  only.  •  A  minimum  of  6  x  Signed  Shirts  by  at  least  10  players  from  the  First  Team  (to  be  provided  at  quarterly  intervals  during  each   season)  (priceless).  •  Access  to  corporate  areas  of  St  James’  Park  for  promo.onal  purposes.  •  Right  to  produce  editorial  content  on  NUFC  website.  •  1  x  PA  announcements  per  game  to  promote  Accident  Management  services  and  products.      Hospitality  Rights  benefits  for  the  Tourism  Board:    •  8  seater  box  for  the  all  season.  •  All  food,  beverages,  bar  drinks  and  3  x  car  park  spaces  included  in  the  above.  •  4  (FOC)  x  .ckets  for  every  home  game.     connecting solutions  
  10. 10. NEWCASTLE  UNITED  FC   Summary:       Proven  Cost  media  plakorm  at  a  frac.on  of  it’s  market  value.     Tourism  Board  to  receive  mass  exposure  in  the  NE.     A  mul.  layered,  365  day  PR  and  communica.ons  plakorm.       An  opportunity  to  join  NUFC  porkolio  of  Official  Partners.     SPECIAL  OFFER  /  per  season:  295  000  €*     pcoong@cci-­‐   (2  years  minimum,  normally  it´s  3)  *  This  proposal  is  subject  to  availability  and  change  of  sales  policy  from  the  clubs.  VAT  not  included. connecting solutions
  11. 11. ASTON  VILLA   Stadium:  Villa  Park.  C   Capacity:  43  300     -­‐ Winner  once  of  the  UEFA  Cup  and  the  European  Super  Cup.   -­‐ Campeones    de  primera  división  (7  .mes).   -­‐ FA  Cup  Winner.     One  of  the  oldest  clubs  in  the  country,  from  1874.  They  were  the  primary  founders  of  the   Football  League  14  years  later  and  are  one  of  the  brands  the  most  in  the  Midlands,  with   Jaguar  and  Land  Rover.   Adver7sing  Package:   •  Interview  Boards:  We  offer  the  opportunity  for  your  brand  to  be  present  at  the  interview   boards  of  stages  through  4  logos,  a  place  equally  to  the  city.  It  is   noteworthy  that  each  interview  logo  on  the  backdrop  is  an  assessment  of  media  in  the  Global   TV  £  190  241  (2009/2010  data,  source:  Repucom).  This  compared  with  that  every  minute  in  the   LED  has  a  valua.on  of  £  196  191  media  gives  greater  prominence  to  the  posi.on  in  the   backdrop.   •  LED:  6  Minutes  LED  for  all  Home  Cup  Matches.   •  2  VIP  Hospitality  Packages.   Commercial  Offer:  207  972  €*  *  This  proposal  is  subject  to  availability  and  change  of  sales  policy  from  the  clubs.  VAT  not  included. connecting solutions
  12. 12. ASTON  VILLA   Sponsorship  Package  Available   Stadium  visibility:   –  5  minutes  LED  perimeter  board  for  Premier  League  (PL),  FA  Cup  and  Carling  Cup  matches   –  4  logos  on  the  interview  backdrop  for  PL  and  Carling  Cup  (presence  where  possible)     –  1  fixed  non-­‐TV  facing  adver.sing  board     –  6  permanent  poster  sites  throughout  the  stadium  concourses   –  The  Client  to  be  included  on  the  match-­‐day  sponsor  roll  call  and  shown  on:     •  In-­‐stadium  screens   •  Car  park  screens   •  All  concourse  and  TVs   •  Match  programme  and  team  sheet   Database:  Access  to  the  database  to  support  the  Client  campaigns  twice  per  season  (620,000  and   verified  supporters)   Football  academy  possibili7es:  Football  academy  scheme  for  local  children  in  school  holidays.   10  places  on  soccer  schools  (possibly  for  under  privileged  children).   Website  presence:  1.1  million  page  impressions  per  month  made  up  from  MPUs,  adver.sements,  teasers,  etc..   –  Logo  footer  on  all  pages.   Sponsorship  Offer  /  per  season:  5pcoong@cci-­‐   79  000  €*  *  This  proposal  is  subject  to  availability  and  change  of  sales  policy  from  the  clubs.  VAT  not  included. connecting solutions
  13. 13. WOLVERHAMPTON  FC   Wolverhampton:  236  400  inhabitants;  located  in  the   center  of  England,  in  the  Staffordshire  county.   Stadium:  Molineux  Stadium   Capacity:  29  400     Sponsorship  Proposal:   •  Six  minutes  per  match  on  their  brand  new   stadium  (Prime  TV  Posi.on).   •  Four  permanent  adver.sing  boards.   •  One  colour  ad  page  in  every  home  game   program.   •  Official  partner  status  posi.on  on  partner’s   board  located  in  the  main  recep.on  entrance.   •  Exclusive  branding  of  the  pitch  facing  walls  and   crowd  facing  back  walls.   •  Inner  concourse  branding.   •  Exterior  branding  above  turns.les.   •  Many  other  advantages…   Commercial  Offer:  280  675  €*   pcoong@cci-­‐  *  This  proposal  is  subject  to  availability  and  change  of  sales  policy  from  the  clubs.  VAT  not  included. connecting solutions
  14. 14. EVERTON  FC   Liverpool:  434  900  inhabitants.  4th  biggest  city  in  UK     Team  founded  in  1878  and  very  well  established  in   Premier  League.  They  have  won  the  1st  Division  9  .mes   and  the  English  Cup  5  .mes.     Stadium:  Goodison  Park   Capacity:  40  565     Type  of  Adver7sing:  Electronic  LED  Board  -­‐  1st  Level     Commercial  Offer:  One  cup  match  -­‐  17  650  €*   pcoong@cci-­‐  *  This  proposal  is  subject  to  availability  and  change  of  sales  policy  from  the  clubs.  VAT  not  included. connecting solutions
  15. 15. Football  in  SCOTLAND   connecting solutions
  16. 16. CELTIC  GLASGOW  FC  Glasgow:  592  820  inhabitants.  It  is  the  largest  city  in  Scotland  and  the  third  most  popular  city  in  United  Kingdom.    Stadium:  Cel.c  Park  Capacity:  60  832    Definitely  the  best  team  in  Scotland.  They  have  won  the  Sco.ish  premier  league  42  .mes  and  35  .mes  the  Scoosh  Cup.  They  oUen  par.cipate  to  the  Champions  League.    Type  of  Adver7sing:  Electronic  LED  Board  20  x  30  seconds  adverts  to  be  shown  during  the  First  and  Second  Halves  of  all  possible  matches.     Commercial  Offer:  Half  pcoong@cci-­‐   €*   Season  -­‐  348  486   *  This  proposal  is  subject  to  availability  and  change  of  sales  policy  from  the  clubs.  VAT  not  included. connecting solutions
  17. 17. CELTIC  GLASGOW  FC   Sponsorship  Package  Available  Matchday  Promo7ons     Title  Designa7on    Designated  ‘Experience’  Days  :  •  2   x   Designated   match   day   promo.on   to   be   held   •  Official  Commercial  Partner  of  Cel.c  Football   both  inside  and  on  the  perimeter  of  the  stadium.     Club  •  Cypriot  food  and  drink  served  in  corporate  lounges     •  Official  Pla.num  Partner  of  Cel.c  Football  Club  •  Pre  and  half  .me  events  in  stadium.     •  Official  Sponsor  of  Cel.c  Football  Club  •  Flyer  distribu.on  in  all  corporate  areas  to  high  net   •  Official  Tourist  Partner  of  Cel.c   worth  Cel.c  fans.     Football  Club   •  Official  Tourist  of  Choice  for  Cel.c  Mascots     Football  Club  2  x  mascots  per  season  for  matches  at  Cel.c  Park       Press/Web  Launch    Play  on  the  Park  Experience  Opportunity  for  prize-­‐winners,  important  guests  etc  to   Press  and  PR  launch  of  the  partnership  including  play  a  match  at  Cel.c  Park.     prominent  members  of  Cel.c  Football  Club.,   including  Players,  Management  Team  and  senior  Non-­‐matchday  promo7on  events     club  representa.ves.    Client’s  events  created  for  targeted  groups  of  the  Cel.c  fan  base.  •  Promote  specific  •  Access  our  corporate  clients.   connecting solutions
  18. 18. CELTIC  GLASGOW  FC   Web  Ac7va7on     Stadium  Media  Adver7sements    Splash  Pages      •  Regular  Splash  page  rota.on  on   LED  perimeter  Adver7sing  space  :  •  Regular  Splash  page  bricks  on     •  20  x  30  seconds  adverts  to  be  shown  during  the  First  •  High  visibility  for  about  0,5  million  unique  visitors  per   and  Second  Halves  of  all  possible  matches     month.   Sta7c  Adver7sing  Boards    •  Web  Banners.   •  4  x  Pitch  side  sta.c  adver.sing  boards  in  front  of  the  •  Regular  MPU  and  Banner  usage  on  and  Channel   South  Stand  at  Cel.c  Park.   67.   •  2  x  External  of  the  stadium  adver.sing  sites.    •  Ability  to  show  video  footage  and  content  to  our  huge   Jumbotron     volume  of  web  traffic.   •  1  x  pre-­‐match  adver.sement  to  promote  the  tourist  Crea.on  of  a  designated  Sponsors  page  on  the  newly  created  at  all  home  Cel.c  fixtures  (domes.c  and   European).  Permanent  display  of  logo  on  homepage  (above   •  1  x  half  .me  adver.sement  to  promote  the  tourist  fold).  at  all  home  Cel.c  fixtures  (domes.c  and     European).  Advertorial/Web  stories     Stadium  Media  Backdrops    Monthly  News  Stories  with  prominent  Cel.c  players/ •  Presence  on  all  stadium  media  backdrops  at  Cel.c  management  team:  Cel.c  players,  managers  and  former   Park.  players  specific  and  holiday  offers  in   •  Used  on  all  pre,  half-­‐.me  and  post  match  interviews  the  Tourism   by  Online/TV  and  print  media.       Matchday  Programme    Online  Compe77ons     •   6  x  full-­‐page  colour  adver.sements  in  the  home  2  x  online  compe..ons  per  season  to  promote  the   match  programme  per  season.  Tourism  Regular  features  on  forthcoming  Official  Cel7c  FC  Facebook  site  :  Compe..ons,  prizes,  news  stories.   connecting solutions
  19. 19. CELTIC  GLASGOW  FC   Email/Mobile  Ac7va7on     Tickets/Hospitality    Monthly   Broadcast   emails   to   be   distributed   to   Cel.c   Stadium  Hospitality  Box  for  8  guests  available  for  use  at  all  FC  database  by  the  Club:   Cel.c  Home  fixtures  –  Domes.c  and  European  matches:  •  Direct  promo.on  and  access  to  our  database  of     520,000  fans.   •  Perfect  opportunity  to  host  VIP’s  and  network  with  •  promo.ons  to  key  target  audiences.   important  clients  in  the  travel  industry.  •  Special  offers  and  compe..ons.   •  Will  include  an  appearance  by  Cel.c  Player  or  former     player  pre  and  post  match.  3  x  Targeted  text  message  distribu.on  to  Cel.c  FC    database  by  the  club:   4  Places  on  the  official  travel  packages  to  all  Cel.c  •     Targeted  to  key  audiences.   European  matches  (including  travel  with  the  first  team,     match  .ckets  and  accommoda.on.   News/Print  Media  Titles     Table  for  10  at  the  official  end  of  season  awards  club     dinner.  2  x  full  page  adverts  in  the  Cel.c  View  .tle  per  season     Right  to  buy  4  .ckets  to  all  Cel.c  Away  matches  (Domes.c  Informa.on   flyers   posi.oned   in   all   14   of   the   club   and  European).    retail  shops  across  Scotland  and  Ireland.   Access  to  a  corporate  box  during  non-­‐match  days  to  host     external  mee.ngs/networking  with  clients.   Player  Appearances      Guaranteed  minimum  of  4  player/management  appearances  for    Tourism  events  per  season.   connecting solutions
  20. 20. CELTIC  GLASGOW  FC     Promo7onal  Merchandise    •   8  x  Signed  Footballs  for  promo.onal  purposes.  •   8  x  Signed  Shirts  for  promo.onal  purposes.     Promo7onal  Work  in  the  Des7na7on  Country  Cel.c  Youth  Academy  coaches  will  travel  to  the  Tourism  to  work  with  young  football  players  on  a  week  long  training  program.  PR  and  demonstrate  our  commitment  to  the  Tourism  on  a  regular  basis.     Sponsorship  Offer  /  per  season  =  5pcoong@cci-­‐   79  000  €*   Possibility  to  pay  each  6  months   *  This  proposal  is  subject  to  availability  and  change  of  sales  policy  from  the  clubs.  VAT  not  included. connecting solutions
  21. 21. HERTHA  BSC  BERLIN   St  MIRREN  FC   Paisley:  71  000  inhabitants.  It  is  the  largest  town  in   the  historic  county  of  Renfrewshire.     Stadium:  St  Mirren  Park  Stadium   Capacity:  8  016     They   have   won   the   Scoosh   Premier   league   4   .mes   and   also   3   .mes   the   Scoosh   Cup.   They   are   one   of   the  most  popular  club  of  the  country.     Type   of   Adver7sing:   Electronic   LED   Board   and   also   1st  Level  Fixed  Board   Total  adver7sing  minutes  per  match:  3  min     TV  Broadcas7ng:  SKY  &  ESPN     Commercial  Offer:  4  matches    -­‐  7  104  €*   pcoong@cci-­‐     Produc7on  Cost:  2  500  €  *  This  proposal  is  subject  to  availability  and  change  of  sales  policy  from  the  clubs.  VAT  not  included. connecting solutions
  22. 22. Your  personal  Contact    Dr.  Patrick  Coong  CCI  MEDIA    A  Business  Unit  of  CCI  Coong  Ltd.  Zurich  –  Fribourg  –  Madrid  –  London        pcoong@cci-­‐  /  pcoong@cci-­‐    Direct:  +41  79  555  37  25  or  +41  43  541  40  00    www.cci-­‐  /  www.cci-­‐  www.cci-­‐  /   connecting solutions