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Patricia Brooks of MatchMap Media provides advice on media relations to organizations interested in advocating for support for global health programs and foreign assistance. Ms. Brooks covers how to attract media attention, how to pitch a story, and how to respond if contacted by the media.

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Ccih media relations_presentation_patricia_brooks

  1. 1. Speak Out! Conquer the Media& Achieve Your Goals By: Patricia Brooks
  2. 2. Framing: What is this all about? Before we begin:Let’s make sure we are on the same page.
  3. 3. "Can we watch one-quarter of some countries people die? Can 27 millionorphans be left to fend for themselves? We may not be able to solve the entireproblem today, but let us not be discouraged from taking the steps necessary tobegin the journey,” 118 bishops of the Episcopal Church, to President Bushand the US Congress, June 2001
  4. 4. Just like a doctor has tools to cure illness… We have tools to communicate...
  5. 5. We have had our refresher on WHY?….Now, HOW do we get from HERE To HERE To HERE?
  6. 6. Three critical questions to determine if you have a news: • Who cares? • What is the “wow” factor? • Why should they act now?MYTH : The goal of media relations is to raise awareness.
  7. 7. What makes news?
  8. 8. Working with international media• Know the market• No “one size fits all”• Have spokespeople that speak the language or provide a translator• Have an organizational system
  9. 9. Press Releases• Are they still in style?• When should you use them?• Pros and cons• Changing organization attitudes?
  10. 10. Audio and video releases• How has the field evolved?• Are VNR’s and radio tours out of style?• How do I do it?• Am I missing out if I don’t include, photos, audio and video? Yes!
  11. 11. Pinballing• New public relations technique• How do I do it?• Pros and cons
  12. 12. Pitch Calls• The “list” syndrome. Why I have a love/hate relationship with media databases• Always have last three clips in front of you• Less is more
  13. 13. Relationship Building• The straight truth, is it a myth? What does a relationship actually mean?• Why a story is better than a relationship• How to build a relationship
  14. 14. Press Events• Pros and cons• Planning• Promoting
  15. 15. Taking journalists to the field
  16. 16. Pitching via Social Media• Pros and cons• Does it work?• Tools to use
  17. 17. Content Creation
  18. 18. Fielding:What to do when the press reach out to you?
  19. 19. Be Prepared• Have designated media spokespeople• Craft messages for each interview• Research the outlet and reporter• Anticipate difficult questions• Participate in media training
  20. 20. Have a checklist Reporter contact details What is your deadline? Is it live or taped? Over the phone or in- person? How long will the interview last? When will it run?
  21. 21. What if you do not know theanswer to the question?Never say, “No comment.”Revert back to what you know. Stick to yourown messages.“I do not know, but I will get back to you,” isalways acceptable.