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Kosh Wallis, RN, a member of the Samaritan's Purse Disaster Assistance Response Team, describes the organization's response to help people in need after Typhoon Haiyan. She addresses the major challenges and disease threats faced after the typhoon.

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Ccih 2014-typhoon-haiyan-kosh-wallis

  1. 1. Stories from Typhoon Haiyan: Compassionate Care in Disaster Response
  2. 2. Tropical Cyclones Damage and deaths related to cyclones are the result of three major forces: - High wind speed - Storm surges - Secondary flooding   Storm surges and floods are the primary causes of death in cyclones Shannon. Doocey, PhD. “Natural Disasters: An Overview” PowerPoint Presentation. John Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD. 18 September 2012
  3. 3. Cyclone Injuries Injury rates estimated at ~3-5%   Lacerations, wounds, contusions, blunt trauma, animal/insect bites, and motor vehicle injuries are the most common types of injuries reported Shannon. Doocey, PhD. “Natural Disasters: An Overview” PowerPoint Presentation. John Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD. 18 September 2012
  4. 4. Typhoon Haiyan Mechanism of Action: 195 MPH winds accompanied by a tremendous storm surge that “may have been as much as 26.4 feet high” (NASA).  Result…
  5. 5. Before After
  6. 6. Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) • DART is the mechanism Samaritan’s Purse uses as it’s initial rapid disaster response mechanism. • Consists of a team of professionals trained in various disaster relief skills. • Regardless of the disaster, each DART team coordinates its activities with the affected country, non-governmental organizations and other actors
  7. 7. DART Preparation • Skills training • Lectures • Simulations • Field experience
  8. 8. and-hope-at-tacloban-hospital/
  9. 9. Role of Medical Responders: MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL
  10. 10. Role of Medical Responders: HEALER
  11. 11. Role of Medical Responders: TEAM MEMBER
  12. 12. WILD CARD
  13. 13. Don’t panic when you hit a roadblock!!! STOP…THINK…then IMPROVISE
  14. 14. Typhoon Haiyan Medical DART
  15. 15. Supported Schistosomiasis Research and Control Hospital
  16. 16. Schistosomiasis Parasitic worm infection Infection occurs when skin comes in contact with fresh water containing snails that carry shistosomes. Once in the body, parasites resides in blood vessels where they mature into adult worms. Females lay eggs which travel to bladder, liver, intestine, spinal cord and brain causing inflammation and scarring.
  17. 17. Mobile Medical Teams
  18. 18. Mass Vaccination Campaign Measles and Polio Vitamin A Malnutrition Screening
  19. 19. Typhoon Haiyan Morbidity Data
  20. 20. Lessons and stories…
  21. 21. Vulnerability Vulnerability—the extent to which an individual, community, sub group, structure, or service in a geographic area is likely to be damaged or disrupted by the impact of a particular hazard *the rationale for compassionate care* “Strengthening Emergency Response Abilities: SERA Project; Vulnerability Profile” Aheforom Woreda (district), Central Zone, Tigray Region. 2000
  22. 22. Take your time in the moment… LOOK LISTEN TOUCH
  23. 23. Remember your national colleagues…
  24. 24. “Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand.” - Mark Twain