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Ccih 2014-transforming-denominations-katie-kraft


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Katie Kraft, Advocacy Coordinator for the Healthy Families Health Planet (HFHP) initiative of the United Methodist General Board of Church and Society explains how denominations can become advocates for change in global health.

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Ccih 2014-transforming-denominations-katie-kraft

  1. 1. Transforming the Church: How Denominations Can Become Agents of Change for Global Health
  2. 2. FBOs: Key Providers & Funders of Global Health • Faith-based organizations (FBOs) provide 30-70% of health services in many African countries. • UMC example: Imagine No Malaria – Raised $61 Million for Malaria prevention, treatment, and education around the world.
  3. 3. How can FBOs/people of faith be key advocates for global health?
  4. 4. Healthy Families, Healthy Planet Started in 2010, the Healthy Families, Healthy Planet project, an initiative of The United Methodist General Board of Church & Society, works to mobilize U.S. United Methodists on the importance of maternal health and international family planning.
  5. 5. Our Vision The Healthy Families, Healthy Planet project strives for a world in which every woman can plan her children and every family experiences God’s promise of abundant life.
  6. 6. Building a Successful, Faith-Based Advocacy Campaign • Theology • Volunteers • Denominational Support • Partners • Sharing our successes
  7. 7. Biblical Basis for Advocacy • Jesus is a manifestation of God’s desire to reconcile our brokenness. • Luke 4:18 • To be a follower of Christ is to serve the world in a way that brings about wholeness for all people. • Bringing wholeness to all people includes using our voices to proclaim Christ’s promise of freedom.
  8. 8. Advocacy for Women and Girls • Why does God care about maternal health? – Women & girls are made in the image of God – Women and girls are children of God with sacred worth. – Lack of access to family planning keeps women and girls from experiencing health and wholeness. – As people of faith we’re called to take action
  9. 9. Building a Network of Advocates • Identifying leaders:Who in our churches is already passionate about global health? • Training leaders:What do they need to build a movement for FP/MH? • Sustaining leaders: How can we support and sustain their efforts? • Recognizing our leaders: How can we lift up our leaders and recognize their good work?
  10. 10. HFHP Ambassador Program • 100 Faith leaders in the U.S. • Ambassador training program • Regular Ambassador calls & emails • Advocacy-focused resources • Community moments • Ambassador Leadership Opportunities
  11. 11. Identifying Denominational Support • What work is our church/denomination already doing that relates to family planning and maternal health? • Where are church communities already organizing around social justice issues? • What statements/language does our church have about FP/MH?
  12. 12. UMC Partners in Maternal Health • UMCOR- providing MNCH programs on the ground. • United Methodist Women (UMW)- organized circles of women learning and taking action for social justice. • UMC language- supportive language on RH. No language specifically on global maternal health.
  13. 13. Working with Outside Partners • Who are the faith-based partners working on FP/maternal health? • Who are the secular organizations? • Sharing best practices • Identifying opportunities for collaboration
  14. 14. Our successes • HFHP Ambassador Program – More than 200 events on FP/MH – 75 articles and op-eds about our work – Reached over 40,000 people of faith – Successful network of advocates • HFHP Bishop Sign-On Letter – Signed by 18 UMC Bishops
  15. 15. United Methodist Resolution Maternal Health:The Church’s Role (2012 General Conference) • Calls upon all local congregations to: – Support United Methodist projects around the world working on maternal health and family planning. – Advocate with policy makers at all levels to improve maternal health through increased access to maternal health and family planning services. – Support local health initiatives that expand access to information and services for women
  16. 16. Faith Communities Moving Congress • Rep. Kay Granger – Grassroots – Grasstops – Partners (CARE)
  17. 17. Thank You! • For advocacy-focused resources on FP/MH check out: