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Kl journals catalogue 2011

  1. 1. All our journals online atwww.kluwerlawonline.comKluwer Law International2011 JOURNALS
  2. 2. WelcomeWelcome to the Kluwer Law International’s 2011 Journals catalogue. You will find price information forprint as well as single user online subscriptions for the subscription year 2011.Special terms are available for site and consortium licenses. Please contact our sales team on(+31) 172 641 523 or email: sales@kluwerlaw.com for more information.2011 Online Only Subscription Price FreezeOnline Only prices of our journals will not go up in 2011.When taking out an online subscription, you will enjoy the following benefits:I Electronic Table of Contents AlertsI RSS FeedsI Access to back issues (not included in the price)Online journals can be found at www.kluwerlawonline.com.2011 Print Only Subscription PricesPrint-only subscriptions are available at an 8% premium on the Online Only Single User Subscription price.Please contact us if you would like to change your print subscription to an online subscription.When taking out an online subscription, you will enjoy the following benefits:I FREE Electronic Table of Contents AlertsI FREE RSS FeedsI Access to back issues (not included in the price)Our Online journals and more info can be found at www.kluwerlawonline.com.Conditions of Sale: Print & Online subscriptions • Prices are given in EURO (EUR) which are definitive for subscribers outside the United Kingdom (GBP) and North, Central & South America (USD). • Customers in the E.C. should quote their Value Added Tax (V.A.T.) number on all orders. • Customers with no V.A.T. number should add the appropriate amount of V.A.T. when making payment. • Subscription can be based on a calendar year period i.e. January – December or they can begin on the month of your choice. Please confirm the start date you require when placing your order. • Subscriptions will be entered on a ‘standing order’ basis. Renewal notices will be sent automatically. • Subscriptions are accepted on a prepaid basis only and delivery will take place after receipt of payment. • Subscription prices are subject to change without prior notice.For more information contact our sales team at (+31) 172 641 523 or at sales@kluwerlaw.comPaymentsPayments may be made by bank draft, personal cheque, credit card, or international money order.Payment details are mentioned on our invoices or visit www.kluwerlaw.com for further details.ClaimsClaims for missing issues must be made within three months after the mailing date of the followingissues, otherwise such claims cannot be honoured free of charge.CancellationsNo cancellation can be accepted for a current subscription if the subscription is active and the paymenthas been processed.
  3. 3. Contents Journals are listed in the catalogue byOrdering Information / Customer practice areaServices / DistributionTurpin Distribution Services Ltd Commercial ArbitrationStratton Business Park Arbitration International page 1Pegasus Drive ASA Bulletin page 2Biggleswade Asian International Arbitration Journal page 2Bedfordshire Journal of International Arbitration page 3SG18 8TQ World Trade and Arbitration Materials page 3United KingdomTel: (+44) 1767 604 958 Competition/Antitrust LawFax: (+44) 1767 601 640 World Competition page 4Email: kluwerlaw@turpin-distribution.com Corporate / Commercial Law Business Law Review page 4Sales Department European Company Law page 5Kluwer Law International European Business Law Review page 6P.O.Box 3162400 AH Alphen aan den Rijn Environmental LawThe Netherlands European Energy and EnvironmentalTel: (+31) 172 64 1562 Law Review page 7Fax: (+31) 172 64 1555For sales enquiries: sales@kluwerlaw.com European Community Law Common Market Law Review page 7 European Foreign Affairs Review page 8 European Public Law page 8 European Review of Private Law page 8 International Tax Law EC Tax Review page 9 Intertax page 9 International Trade Law Global Trade and Customs Journal page 10 Journal of World Trade page 10 Legal Issues of Economic Integration page 11 Labour Law International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations page 11 Transportation Law Air and Space Law page 12
  4. 4. KluwerLawOnlineOur online journal and looseleafs offeryou the following features:I Electronic Table of Contents Alerts: Receive the Full Table of Contents via emailI RSS feeds; sign up to receive notification when a new journal/ supplement is posted to the site. Choose to receive an RSS feed for all journals or per journal.I Easy navigation to the journal issues of your choiceFor more information, visit www.KluwerLawOnline.com COMMERCIAL ARBITRATIONARBITRATION INTERNATIONALThe Official Journal of the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA)General Editor: William W. ParkArbitration International contains over 100 pages of authoritative informationper issue, maintaining an appropriate balance between controversial subjectsfor debate and topics geared towards practical use. It enables arbitrators andpractitioners of other forms of alternative dispute resolution, lawyers,academics, judges, corporate legal advisors, and government officials to remainconversant in this cutting-edge arena and to access information of practical usein their fields.Published four times a year, the journal includes:Specialist Articles: on crucial issues in global commercial arbitration covering all majorjurisdictions, written by respected international practitioners and key arbitration specialists.Up-to-the-minute Notes: reporting on important current developments and matters of debate.Special Section: subjects of particular interest or topicality addressed.Timely Book Notes and In-Depth Book Reviews: practitioners are kept informed of the latestpublications in worldwide arbitration.Conference Update: information provided on key arbitration events, like LCIA meetings,conferences and seminars.Annual Index supplied on disk to subscriber.2011, Volume 27 (4 issues), ISSN 0957-0411Online subscription rate: EUR 516.00 / USD 688.00 / GBP 379.00Print subscription rate: EUR 557.00 / USD 743.00 / GBP 409.00Combo price also available. Please contact your sales representative for more information. 1 Go to www.KluwerLawOnline.com for previews and sample issues
  5. 5. COMMERCIAL ARBITRATIONASA BULLETINAn official quarterly journal of Association Suisse de l’ArbitrageFounder/Chair of the Advisory Board: Pierre LaliveEditor: Matthias SchererThe Bulletin has carved a unique niche for its detailed focus on arbitrationcase law and practice worldwide as well as for its judicious selection ofscholarly and practical writing in the field. Regular contents includes: articles;leading cases of the Swiss Federal Tribunal, relevant leading cases of otherSwiss courts, and arbitral awards and acts of procedure rendered both in ad hocarbitrations and in administrated arbitrations under various auspices, including ICC, ICSID, CCIGand NAFTA.Each case and article is published in its original language with a comprehensive head note inEnglish, French and German.2011, Volume 29 (4 issues), ISSN 1010-9153Online subscription rate: EUR 230.00 / USD 307.00 / GBP 169.00Print subscription rate: EUR 248.00 / USD 331.00 / GBP 182.00Combo price available. Please contact your sales representative for more information.ASIAN INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATION JOURNALEditors: Michael Pryles, Philip ChanThe Asian International Arbitration Journal is the first journal to provide high level commentaryapplicable to arbitration throughout Asia. Published in collaboration with the SingaporeInternational Arbitration Centre and backed by a panel of distinguished and uniquely Asian-focusedadvisers, the Asian International Arbitration Journal offers independent, neutral and reliable coverage.Published twice a year the Asian International Arbitration Journal delivers ‘how-to’ guidance (Whatshould you be aware of? How do you enforce arbitration decisions? How do you ensurecompliance?) directly applicable to arbitration practice. This practice-based publication will guideyou through the maze of different arbitral institutions, regulatory changes and increasing body ofcase law and awards in Asia.2011, Volume 7 (2 issues), ISSN 1574-3330Online subscription rate: EUR 200.00 / USD 270.00 / GBP 160.00Go to www.KluwerLawOnline.com for previews and sample issues 2
  6. 6. COMMERCIAL ARBITRATIONJOURNAL OF INTERNATIONALARBITRATIONGeneral Editor: Michael MoserThe Journal of International Arbitration is a thought-provoking journalaimed at the specific requirements of those involved in internationalarbitration. The journal brings you in-depth examination on the mostcurrent issues such as:I New Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Emergency Arbitrator RulesI Legal and Practical Problems Arbitrating and Enforcing Awards in RussiaI Arbitrators and Conflicts of InterestI Compensation for Moral Damages in Investor-State ArbitrationsI International Arbitration and Legal HarmonizationThe journal is published six times a year so that it offers immediacy as a forum for original thinking,penetrating analysis, and lively discussion of international arbitration issues. In 2005 the Journalwon a prestigious Burton Award.2011, Volume 28 (6 issues), ISSN 0255-8106Online subscription rate: EUR 702.00 / USD 935.00 / GBP 516.00Print subscription rate: EUR 758.00 / USD 1,010.00 / GBP 557.00Combo price available. Please contact your sales representative for more information.WORLD TRADE AND ARBITRATIONMATERIALSEditor: Roger AlfordThis journal publishes the texts of all of the most important current documentsrelating to international trade not readily available elsewhere. It also includes aselection of essential current documents relating to international arbitration asa means of settling international business disputes. The journal provides arbitralawards, news of adhesion to international conventions, court decisions,statutes, reports from official authorities, arbitration rules, and news of arbitrationcentres and associations.Published 6 times a year its coverage makes World Trade and Arbitration Materials an indispensabletool for those working in the fields of arbitration and trade, especially those involved in research inthose areas.2011, Volume 23(6 issues), ISSN 1022-6583Online subscription rate: EUR 504.00 / USD 672.00 / GBP 370.00Print subscription rate: EUR 544.00 / USD 725.00 / GBP 400.00Combo price available. Please contact your sales representative for more information. 3 Go to www.KluwerLawOnline.com for previews and sample issues
  7. 7. COMPETITION / ANTITRUST LAWWORLD COMPETITIONEditor: Jose RivasNow in its 34th year of publication World Competition keeps its readers at theforefront of trends and events in international antitrust law and economics byconsistently presenting world-class contributions from todays leadingauthorities. Published four times each year, this journal is truly global in termsof coverage, authorship, and readership. It offers you unsurpassed reporting onUS antitrust laws, European Union competition law, Canadian antitrust law,Japanese unfair trade practices law, national competition laws in Australia andNew Zealand and antitrust laws in the countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America.World Competition also serves as a lively forum for debate on controversial issues, such ascollective dominance, private enforcement of antitrust laws, tying, and the implementation of asystem of international competition.2011, Volume 34 (4 issues), ISSN 1011-4548Online subscription rate: EUR 520.00 / USD 694.00 / GBP 383.00Print subscription rate: EUR 562.00 / USD 750.00 / GBP 413.00Combo price available. Please contact your sales representative for more information. CORPORATE / COMMERCIAL LAWBUSINESS LAW REVIEWEditor-in-Chief: Alan WellsA highly respected journal, Business Law Review offers through coverage of allsignificant issues and developments primarily in UK business law. Business LawReview also keeps readers fully informed of the latest news and legal opinionsin the European and international business environments.Every month Business Law Review offers readers:I Analytical articles on topics of current importance, written by experts in the field;I Current Comment on specific areas of business law;I Infobank – a compact guide to the month’s legal news, providing concise reports of recent developments in UK business law, arranged by subject and fully referenced;I International Corner – an occasional international service providing coverage of commercial law in foreign jurisdictions;I Reviews of the latest publications in areas of business law;I In Parliament – an overview of recent and forthcoming legislation in the UK;I In Court – a review of recent case law in the UK.This journal’s wide range of topical coverage includes banking, commercial property, company law,competition law, consumer credit and protection, contracts, data protection, employment, financeand financial services, insider dealing, insurance, intellectual property, media law, privatization, publicsector, takeover and mergers, taxation, transport and value added tax.2011, Volume 32 (11 issues), ISSN 0143-6295Online subscription rate: EUR 756.00 / USD 1,008.00 / GBP 556.00Print subscription rate: EUR 817.00 / USD 1,089.00 / GBP 600.00Combo price available. Please contact your sales representative for more information.Go to www.KluwerLawOnline.com for previews and sample issues 4
  8. 8. CORPORATE / COMMERCIAL LAWEUROPEAN COMPANY LAWEditor: Steef BartmanThe increase in cross-border corporate activity, together with the recentexpansion of the European Union, has meant that developments in Europeancompany and securities law continue to pose a challenge to law firms andcorporations. Staying current in this dynamic and rapidly-changing area ofpractice can be no easy task. To help you manage this challenge Kluwer LawInternational publishes European Company Law, a legal information servicethat provides you with an authoritative overview of current developments.European Company Law has been designed to be the ideal working tool for all corporate lawyerswith a European practice. Published bi-monthly and available in print and online, you’ll find it atime saving way of keeping up-to-date with all the issues affecting European company law. As asubscriber you will enjoy:I Authoritative articles providing you with analysis of the latest issues affecting European company and securities law. They help you gain insight and understanding of existing and forthcoming EC Regulations, Directives and other EC initiatives and developments.I Time saving country reports, written by leading academics you can depend on, offering you an at-a-glance overview of recent and forthcoming developments in major European jurisdictions including: Belgium; The Czech Republic; Denmark; France; Germany; Italy; The Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Spain and the UK.I A quick and easy to use reference of cases and legislation, ensuring that you are up-to-date with EU legislation and ECJ cases. With this time saving resource at your fingertips you will be able to stay abreast of important EU and domestic cases and legislation and their implications for your practice.I An essential update from the International Bar Association Corporate Counsel Forum and European Company Lawyers Association providing useful information on their pending and future activities in the field of European Corporate Law.2011, Volume 8 (6 issues), ISSN 1572-4999Online subscription rate: EUR 536.00 / USD 715.00 / GBP 394.00Print subscription rate: EUR 579.00 / USD 772.00 / GBP 425.00Combo price available. Please contact your sales representative for more information. 5 Go to www.KluwerLawOnline.com for previews and sample issues
  9. 9. CORPORATE / COMMERCIAL LAWEUROPEAN BUSINESS LAW REVIEWGeneral Editors: Guido Alpa, Mads AndenasEuropean Business Law Review offers you authoritative analysis on a wide rangeof issues and developments in European business law. With contributorsproviding an international as well as a European perspective, the Review provesan invaluable source of current debate, information, practical analysis, andexpert guidance for all practising lawyers, advisers, and scholars dealing withEuropean business law on a regular basis.Every issue of European Business Law Review includes:I Analytical articles offering incisive investigations and practical analysis of topics of current importanceI Country reports highlighting key issues from different European countriesI Eurobrief, containing concise summaries of the latest European Community Directives, as reported in the Official Journal, and details of relevant communications from key European institutionsI Case notes on important recent cases from the European Court of Justice, the Court of First Instance and various national courtsI Reviews of the latest literature on areas of European business law2011, Volume 22 (6 issues), ISSN 0959-6941Online subscription rate: EUR 740.00 / USD 986.00 / GBP 544.00Print subscription rate: EUR 799.00 / USD 1,065.00 / GBP 587.00Combo price available. Please contact your sales representative for more information.Go to www.KluwerLawOnline.com for previews and sample issues 6
  10. 10. ENERGY / ENVIRONMENTAL LAWEUROPEAN ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENTALLAW REVIEW Editors: Kurt Deketelaere, Zen MakuchEuropean Energy and Environmental Law Review is an established monthly journalwhich provides you with comprehensive coverage of the latest developments inenergy and environmental law throughout Europe. A network of expertcorrespondents provides, on a regular basis, news from the European Community(EC) and the national jurisdictions of the European Union member states.In addition to this incisive reporting, the Review contains concise, accessiblearticles which explore and analyse significant issues and developments inenergy and environmental law and practice throughout Europe as well asinformative book reviews, covering the latest literature on energy and environmental law and policy.European Energy and Environmental Law Review enables the reader to keep abreast of significant andtopical aspects including the legal issues relating to renewables, energy security, energy efficiency,energy competition law, energy liberalisation process, electricity and gas markets, climate change,sustainable energy, land, air, fresh water, oceans, noise, waste management, dangerous substances,and nature conservation. Its succinct, practical style makes it ideal for the busy professional, whileauthority, scope and topicality of its coverage make it an invaluable research tool.2011, Volume20 (6 issues), ISSN 0966-1646Online subscription rate: EUR 642.00 / USD 856.00 / GBP 472.00Print subscription rate: EUR 693.00 / USD 925.00 / GBP 510.00Combo price available. Please contact your sales representative for more information. EUROPEAN COMMUNITY LAWCOMMON MARKET LAW REVIEWEditors: Thomas Ackermann, Michael Dougan,Jacqueline Dutheil de la Rochère, Christophe Hillion,Jean-Paul Jacqué, Pieter Jan Kuijper, Sacha Prechal,Wulf-Henning Roth, Piet Jan Slot, Ben SmuldersThe Common Market Law Review has provided a forum for the keenest legalminds in the field for more than 40 years. Because of the internationalcomposition of its Editorial Board, and in view of the fact that it is able toattract contributions from all over Europe, and from the United States, theReview is able to adopt a unique approach to capitalize Community issues.Published six times year, this preeminent journal brings you detailed, in-depth examination of themost pressing and far-reaching issues on Community Law such as: Common foreign and securitypolicy; Community Law in National Courts; developments in market deregulation; E-commerce;Enforcement of EC and EU law; European consumer protection; European rules on conflict of lawsand conflict of jurisdictions; General principals of EU law; Regulation of public procurement; Stateaid policy and practice; telecommunications; The EU/WTO relationship; The single European currency.2011, Volume 48 (6 issues), ISSN 0165-0750Online subscription rate: EUR 682.00 / USD 965.00 / GBP 502.00Print subscription rate: EUR 737.00 / USD 1,042 / GBP 542.00Combo price available. Please contact your sales representative for more information.Winner of the BIALL Legal Journals Award 2010 7 Go to www.KluwerLawOnline.com for previews and sample issues
  11. 11. EUROPEAN COMMUNITY LAWEUROPEAN FOREIGN AFFAIRS REVIEWEditors: Jörg Monar, Nanette NeuwahlPublished four times a year, European Foreign Affairs Review considers theposition of the European Union with regard to political, legal, and economicrelations with the rest of the world. It provides an interdisciplinary medium forthe understanding and analysis of foreign affairs issues of relevance to theEuropean Union, its member States, and its international partners.2011, Volume 16 (4 issues), ISSN 1384-6299Online subscription rate: EUR 349.00/ USD 465.00/ GBP 256.00Print subscription rate: EUR 376.00/ USD 502.00/ GBP 277.00Combo price available. Please contact your sales representative for more information.EUROPEAN PUBLIC LAWEditor-in-Chief: Patrick J. BirkinshawEuropean Public Law provides a detailed analysis of constitutional andadministrative law at a crucial stage of European integration. In its high-qualityarticles, authorities in the field investigate the extent to which the separatesystems of public law in each Member state are, notwithstanding their distincthistorical and cultural backgrounds, developing a European Public Law intandem with the law of the European Community Treaty. The journal alsoexamines the public law systems of new Member states.2011, Volume 17 (4 issues), ISSN 1354-3725Online subscription rate: EUR 424.00/ USD 565.00/ GBP 312.00Print subscription rate: EUR 458.00/ USD 611.00/ GBP 337.00Combo price available. Please contact your sales representative for more information.EUROPEAN REVIEW OF PRIVATE LAWEditors: E.H. Hondius, M.L. StormeThe European Review of Private Law stresses the great practical as well asacademic importance of national private laws in an integrating Europe, in theface of the current overwhelming emphasis placed on European CommunityLaw. By providing accessible and comparative surveys of legal developments ina number of countries, with summaries of articles and case notes in French,German and English, the Review provides a valuable source of information forlawyers wishing to look for new ideas with which to encourage their courts toinnovate in private law.2011, Volume 19 (6 issues), ISSN 0928-9801Online subscription rate: EUR 568.00/ USD 758.00/ GBP 418.00Print subscription rate: EUR 614.00/ USD 818.00/ GBP 451.00Combo price available. Please contact your sales representative for more information.Go to www.KluwerLawOnline.com for previews and sample issues 8
  12. 12. INTERNATIONAL TAXATIONEC TAX REVIEWEditor: Ben J. KiekebeldEC Tax Review provides up to date coverage of developments in Communitytax law as it affects member states.Published six times a year, it provides comprehensive and timely analysisenabling you to anticipate the effect of EU tax law on the regime in yourown country. EC Tax Review offers the following features:I Exclusively dedicated to EU tax development, the harmonisation of taxation and the implementation of EC Tax taws into national legislationI Detailed coverage of direct and indirect taxation and social security from a legal and economic perspectiveI Key cases from the European Court of Justice and important national casesI Directs you to relevant literature from respective EU member statesI A first-class editorial boardI Articles are selected from local experts from member states and BrusselsThe quality, timeliness and diversity of its articles make EC Tax Review essential reading for theEuropean tax lawyer, practitioner, consultant, academic, or accountant.2011, Volume 20 (6 issues), ISSN 0928-2750Online subscription rate: EUR 474.00 / USD 632.00 / GBP 349.00Print subscription rate: EUR 512.00 / USD 683.00 / GBP 376.00Combo price available. Please contact your sales representative for more information.INTERTAXGeneral Editor: Fred C. de HossonNowhere is the complex field of international taxation better served than inthe well-established journal Intertax.For almost four decades it has provided 12 issues a year of practical, up todate, high-level international tax information. Intertax aims to enlighten thereader on transnational tax issues through the following:I Contributions from a global network of tax expertsI Articles on both direct and indirect taxation in countries around the worldI Reports on multinational tax developments emanating from organisations such as the WTO, the OECD, the United Nations and the ECI Special regional coverage features, for example Tax in the EC, US, or China, which offer concise overviews of the latest developments in each areaI Special issues on topical subjects such as abuse of lawIntertax is essential reading for tax practitioners and academics, who need a global opinion ondirect and indirect taxation.2011, Volume 39 (12 issues), ISSN 0165-2826Online subscription rate: EUR 901.00 / USD 1,201.00 / GBP 662.00Print subscription rate: EUR 973.00 / USD 1,298.00 / GBP 715.00Combo price available. Please contact your sales representative for more information. 9 Go to www.KluwerLawOnline.com for previews and sample issues
  13. 13. INTERNATIONAL TRADEGLOBAL TRADE AND CUSTOMS JOURNALEditor-in-Chief: Edwin VermulstGlobal Trade and Customs Journal provides you with innovative ideas, freshinsights, and expert views on critical practical issues affecting internationaltrade and customs compliance. Written for practitioners by practitioners, thejournal offers you reliable guidance on critical areas affecting internationalbusiness. It also provides you with actionable advice to ensure that you areable to protect your clients or organisation from developments that couldadversely affect their interests.With a subscription to Global Trade and Customs Journal you will be able to:I Stay up-to-date with today’s rules and regulations and one step ahead of tomorrow’s trendsI Develop successful compliance programs and cost-effective business processesI Heighten your awareness of trade issues with serious potential financial implications for your organisation or your client’s businessI Identify compliance opportunities and the do’s and don’ts of taking advantage of these benefitsI Avoid trade and customs problems through industry-specific guidanceI Feel confident in your decision making knowing you’ve been briefed by highly regarded trade and customs expertsPublished 10 times a year the journal is ideal reading material for trade and customs professionalswith an interest in staying ahead of legal and compliance-based developments in the field.2011, Volume 6 (10 issues), ISSN 1569-755XOnline subscription rate: EUR 478.00 / USD 637.00 / GBP 351.00Print subscription rate: EUR 516.00 / USD 688.00 / GBP 379.00Combo price available. Please contact your sales representative for more information.JOURNAL OF WORLD TRADEEditor: Edwin VermulstFar and away the most thought-provoking and informative journal in its field,the Journal of World Trade sets the agenda for both scholarship and policyinitiatives in this most critical area of international relations.With penetrating, in-depth analysis, the journal examines the relationshipbetween the separate and interconnected regional and global integrationprocesses stemming from today’s challenging multilateral trading structure.The operation of the North American Free Trade Agreement, the expansion ofthe European integration process, and especially the ongoing development of theWorld Trade organization have each raised complex questions that cut across many disciplines:economic, political, social and legal.Scholars, government officials, lawyers and negotiators turn to the Journal of World Trade whenthey seek to expose ground-breaking theses, to make important policy statements, to offer in-depth analysis and discussion of delicate trade issues.2011, Volume 45 (6 issues), ISSN 1011-6702Online subscription rate: EUR 844.00 / USD 1,126.00 / GBP 621.00Print subscription rate: EUR 912.00 / USD 1,216.00 / GBP 670.00Combo price available. Please contact your sales representative for more information.Go to www.KluwerLawOnline.com for previews and sample issues 10
  14. 14. INTERNATIONAL TRADELEGAL ISSUES OF ECONOMIC INTEGRATIONManaging Editor: James MathisLegal Issues of Economic Integration publishes thought-provoking articles, casenotes and book reviews on European and international economic integration. Itincludes contributions from regarded academics, practitioners, and legalrepresentatives of international economic organisations.The journal provides a discussion of the legal choices that are raised by theprocess of economic liberalisation. It compares European and other regionalsystems, and draws the developments into the larger framework of the WTOand other international bodies.Published four times a year, the journal’s sophisticated and scholarly articles make Legal Issues ofEconomic Integration essential reading for academics, practitioners, government officials andinternational civil servants concerned with European or other regional economic arrangementsand with international trade law.2011, Volume 38 (4 issues), ISSN 1566-6573Online subscription rate: EUR 319.00 / USD 426.00 / GBP 235.00Print subscription rate: EUR 345.00 / USD 460.00 / GBP 253.00Combo price available. Please contact your sales representative for more information.WORLD TRADE AND ARBITRATION MATERIALS – SEE PAGE 3 WITHIN COMMERCIALARBITRATION SECTION LABOUR LAWTHE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OFCOMPARATIVE LABOUR LAW ANDINDUSTRIAL RELATIONSManaging Editors: Olga Rymkevich, Marlene Schmidt,Michele TiraboschiProviding commentary, documents and critical analysis from all over theworld on labour law, industrial relations, and human resource management,this journal has become established as the major English language publicationin its field. Its interdisciplinary approach analyses economic and sociological developments aswell as legislation and case law.Published four times a year, the journal is an essential source of information and analysis forlabour lawyers, judges, policymakers, personnel specialists, international law firms, trade unions,multinational organizations, academics and libraries.2011, Volume 27 (4 issues), ISSN 0952-617XOnline subscription rate: EUR 274.00 / USD 366.00 / GBP 202.00Print subscription rate: EUR 296.00 / USD 395.00 / GBP 218.00Combo price available. Please contact your sales representative for more information.11 Go to www.KluwerLawOnline.com for previews and sample issues
  15. 15. TRANSPORTATION LAWAIR AND SPACE LAWEditors: Berend J. H. Crans, Peter van Fenema, MarkFranklin, Wybo P. Heere, Pablo Mendes de Leon, OnnoRijsdijk, George N. Tompkins, Jr., Niels van AntwerpenHailed as the preeminent source of analysis and debate in its field, Air &Space Law crosses cultural and international lines – and presentsgovernment, commercial, and theoretical perspectives – to help you handlethe new legal and business challenges wrought by key developments in air andspace law regulation, commerce, public policy, and litigation.Air & Space Law’s team of contributing editors consists of practitioners from the legalgovernment, public policy, and private sectors. These experts share their valuable research,analysis, and practical insights with you to help clarify such crucial issues as:I U.S. Commercial space legislation and policiesI Aircraft accident investigation and liability legislationI Air traffic control and related issues such as congestion and environment problemI Multilateral conventions and EC law relating to matters such as traffic rights and access to airportsI War and terrorism insuranceI Satellite communicationsAlso included are texts and in-depth commentary on important new and model legalinstruments, summaries of important cases, conference reports, and the most complete annualbibliography available.2011, Volume 36 (6 issues), ISSN0927-3379Online subscription rate: EUR 466.00 / USD 621.00 / GBP 342.00Print subscription rate: EUR 503.00 / USD 671.00 / GBP 370.00Combo price available. Please contact your sales representative for more information.Go to www.KluwerLawOnline.com for previews and sample issues 12
  16. 16. P.O.Box 316, 2400 AH Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands Tel: (+31) 172 64 1562, Fax: (+31) 172 64 1555, email: sales@kluwerlaw.com www.kluwerlaw.com www.kluwerlawonline.com