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How IBM is Creating a Foundation for Cloud Innovation


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IBM is making waves in the Cloud Innovation. At our Data Analytics Meetup, Tom Ericsson, explores the transformation that IBM has taken with its recent announcement of moving from Bluemix to Cloud.

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How IBM is Creating a Foundation for Cloud Innovation

  1. 1. IBM Cloud
  2. 2. The day before yesterday… “Today we are excited to announce that we are merging the Bluemix brand with IBM Cloud brand since they’ve grown to be synonymous. All the Bluemix products, services, support etc that you know and love will continue being offered with no changes, except for a simpler name … IBM Cloud. We’ve simplified our user experience, introducing the new IBM Cloud Lite account that never expires – it gives users access to try services with no time restrictions.”
  3. 3. Data • Data resides in silos • Detailed data was never stored • Unstructured and external data wasn’t considered • Difficult to access Governance InfrastructureSkills Why do companies struggle to deliver value? • Data Science skills are in low supply and high demand • Nurturing new data professionals is challenging • If the data isn’t secure, self-service isn’t a reality • Understanding lineage and getting to a system of truth • Need an environment that enables a “fail fast” approach • Discrete tools present barriers to progress
  4. 4. The World We Are Coming From…
  5. 5. …And Where We Are Going Forrester Wave 2017 Insight Platforms-As-A-Service
  6. 6. Watson Data Platform Watson Data Platform enables data-driven professionals to work together in a simpler way to quickly find new and unexpected insights that deliver business-changing results. The Watson Data Platform features embedded, cognitive- assisted machine learning. It provides user-specific tools and data, and analytic services on the IBM Cloud.
  7. 7. Watson Data Platform an integrated platform of tools, services and data that helps companies accelerate their shift to become data-driven organizations Drive governance policy effectiveness while tracking how data is used and its value to the company Data Steward Access powerful tools to prepare data to tease out the insights they’re looking for, without IT involvement Data Scientist App Developer Make the insights immediately actionable and add intelligence to apps in straightforward manner Data Engineer Easily build data pipelines that power dashboards and data platforms while ensuring high quality
  8. 8. IBM Watson Data Platform Partner Ecosystem The Open Community To Innovate Faster With Data
  9. 9. The IBM foundation for data innovation Watson Data Platform Healthcare Financial Services Logistics Cloud Infrastructure A highly scalable, security enabled infrastructure Data Tools to prepare data for cognitive AI Cognitive building blocks for developers Applications, solutions and services Targeted solutions for enterprise businesses Ingestion Conversation API Storage Analytics Deployment Governance Visual Recognition API Discovery API Speech API Compare and Comply API Document Conversion API DLaaS API Nat Language Understanding API Nat Language Classifier API Tone Analyzer API Personality Insight API …more Cloud Integration Networking Compute Security Virtual Compute …moreObject Storage Cognitive Micro-services DevOps Tooling Public Hybrid Private Dedicated Compute Data Science Virtual agentIoT
  10. 10. Persist Analyze Ingest Deploy Projects | Data | Assets | Pipelines | APIs Intelligent governance | Policy enforcement Making data into insights is a team sport Watson Data Platform Our Core Tenets 1. Intelligent by Design 2. Collaborative for data Professionals 3. Self-service access to trusted data 4. Best in class streaming and real-time analytics 5. Open and Extensible Collaborate Data steward Data scientistData engineer Developer Find Share
  11. 11. Watson Data Platform / July, 2017 / © 2017 IBM Corporation
  12. 12. Watson Data Platform / July, 2017 / © 2017 IBM Corporation
  13. 13. Watson Data Platform Key Components Data Catalog Today, data scientists spend 80% of their time searching for and preparing the data they need. Data Science Experience Solve your toughest data challenges with the best tools and the latest expertise in a social environment built by data scientists. Data Refinery A self-service data preparation for data scientists, data engineers, and business analysts. With it, you can quickly transform large amounts of raw data into consumable, quality information that’s ready for analytics. Dashboards Visualize, collaborate and share your insights across your organization.
  14. 14. Data Catalog Watson Data Platform Discover Intelligent discovery of data, advanced classification and profiling to provide context Govern Powerful governance policy tools to control and protect access to data with visibility to data use Catalog A rich metadata index of all data, with social collaboration and enhanced findability Unlock tribal knowledge to unleash your data professionals
  15. 15. Data Science Experience Watson Data Platform Learn Built-in learning to get started or go the distance with advanced tutorials Collaborate Community and social features that provide meaningful collaboration Create The best of open source and IBM value-add to create state-of-the-art data products Making data science a team sport
  16. 16. Data Refinery Watson Data Platform Wrangle Interactively explore, resolve quality issues, enrich, classify, standardize, summarize and join data Adapt Connect to 30+ cloud and on-premises stores and scale on demand with cataloging and governance Flow Create data flows visually, schedule for repeatability, monitor and notify A Breakthrough Approach to Explore and Prepare Data
  17. 17. Democratized data and analytics Watson Data Platform to organize, find and understand data that enables every project team to quickly discover and use data they can trust including open source notebooks and tools, shapers and data visualizations that enable the team to quickly investigate any volume of data enable team collaboration ensuring the enterprise builds upon the insights its members develop and springboards from those that peer organizations and experts share. Projects and communities Common tools Catalog enabling regulatory compliance with automatic policy enforcement that enables data professionals to focus on delivering valuable insights rather than managing and organizing data Enterprise grade governance to disparate data sources that makes it easy to connect to and gather data from anywhere without friction Data access
  18. 18. How does WDP help fulfill the promise of your data? Watson Data Platform Data Puts every important data source at the fingertips of the teams that need it wherever resides Enforces your policies without getting in the way of delivering insights Makes the most of the data professionals you have and helps them grow and learn from each other as a team Delivers the foundation for your first data project through to the complete transformation of your business Governance InfrastructureSkills
  19. 19. See how a small startup brought energy efficiency to NYC with WDP data-platform/blocpower/ Follow our thought leadership series: gs/bluemix/tag/ibm-data- catalog/ Browse & Share the WDP Tutorial Continue your WDP Exploration Build a custom fitness app:
  20. 20. THANK YOU | (813) 968-3238 @Tom_Ericsson