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Advanced Javascripting in Cognos


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Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS) and Convergence Consulting Group (CCG) partner to present Advanced Javascripting in IBM Cognos. HCPS solicited the help of CCG to develop a merit based bonus system to support and develop strong leaders in the Hillsborough Principal Pipeline utilizing IBM Cognos software. Presentation from IBM Cognos Central Florida User Group Meeting help on April 24, 2014 at Rusty Pelican in Tampa, FL.

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Advanced Javascripting in Cognos

  1. 1. Building a Foundation of Strong Leaders
  2. 2. Supporting & Developing Future Leaders The Hillsborough Principal Pipeline consists of four integrated components: 6/9/20142
  3. 3. Leader Selection Tool Focused on Component 3 (Selective Hiring) • Used for making data driven hiring decisions. • Used to match the right leader to the right school vacancy. 6/9/20143
  4. 4. Cognos Leader Selection Tool
  5. 5. Business Requirements • Need a solution to filter many different attributes and interact within list • Select rows within the candidates list and be able to do side-by-side comparisons • View detailed resume style report for selected candidates after analysis • Consume different reports in specified formats only (pdf, excel, html)
  6. 6. Overall Solution Design • Set of three reports • Main report needed extended functionality • Turn off Cognos Toolbar • Hide Multiselect prompt choice lists until clicked • Reset report button • Add checkboxes to list object • Pass checked row values to drill-through reports
  7. 7. Cognos Leader Selection Tool
  8. 8. Using JavaScript in Cognos Some examples of common uses: • Hide Cognos toolbars • Validate input boxes • Manipulate default prompt selections • Automatically reprompt • Mimic built in Cognos capabilities (button for pdf, excel, drill up , drill down) • Passing data values • Changing default behavior of Cognos elements
  9. 9. Considerations for using JavaScript • Extra testing will be needed when migrating reports to another environment • Extra regression testing will be needed should there be an upgrade, patch • Know what browsers you support and Cognos is compatible with based on version. Make sure you test compatibility between browsers
  10. 10. • Typing in parameter names and arguments • Standard debug tools/techniques • Parameter/list names don’t propagate • Code may behave differently in Cognos viewer versus Report Studio Considerations for using JavaScript
  11. 11. Tips / Best Practices • Using tags • Layout component references for html items that are used across multiple reports • Place .js file on gateway servers and call script • Utilize Prompt API
  12. 12. Cognos Prompt API