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Careers in Ag

  1. 1. Careers in Agriculture Unlimited Possibilities
  2. 2. When you think of careers in Agriculture What types of jobs Do you think of?
  3. 3. NO MATTER WHAT YOUR INTERESTS, THERE ARE OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOU IN AGRICULTUREBanking Engineering Education Communication PoliticsBiology Mechanics Nutrition Accounting ComputersPlant Science Marketing Chemistry Animal Science Medicine Law
  4. 4. EMPLOYMENT SKILL NEEDED FOR A JOB IN AGRICULTURE Integrity /Honesty  Self Esteem &Responsibility  Communication Team Participation  Customer Service Problem solving / Analysis Skills  Mathematics Listening  Writing Skills Social Skills
  5. 5. EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS High School Diploma:  2 Years of College  Associates DegreeEntry level, usually on farms in production agriculture; Mid level management on farms; experience and education for entry level positions in AG related advancement. businesses.wage - $8 - $10/hr wage - $10-$14/hr salary - $20K - $30K/year
  6. 6. EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS 4 Years of College:  Advance Degrees  Bachelors Degree  Masters Degree; PhDUpper level management or Top Management on farms and AG ownership on farms; mid to related business; Research at upper levels in AG related Universities and industry. business. Salary: $55K+wage: $14 - $18/hrsalary: 30K - $45K/yr
  7. 7. ADVANTAGES TO A CAREER IN AGRICULTURE The quality of jobs/careers is comparable to other industries Opportunities for females, males, all ages and all education levels High tech and business orientated Agriculture is a vital part of everyone’s lives and community.
  8. 8. STEPS TO TAKE IF INTERESTED IN A CAREER IN AGRICULTURE1. Evaluate your interests.2. Take relevant high school courses.3. Get as much experience as possible: summer or weekend jobs; clubs and organizations (Cornell Cooperative Extension,4-H,FFA); internships.4. Further your education.5. Market yourself for career your interested in.
  9. 9. PRODUCER DAIRY FARMEREducation Requirements: Although acollegeeducation is not required, a degree in dairyanimal science or other ag major is preferred.Previous dairy experience is essentialThe Dairy Producer’s role is to manage thedairy farm business to produce qualitymilk, while taking good care of both theanimals and land and managing a successfulbusiness.
  10. 10. HERD MANAGER Educational Requirements: Although no formal education is required, a degree in dairy science is beneficial. Extensive on-farm experience is also needed to move successfully into position. A Herd Manager is responsible for making decisions and caring for the animals in order to produce the highest quality & quantity of
  11. 11. PHARMACEUTICAL REP Education Requirements: A Bachelor’s degree for entry level positions The Pharmaceutical Representative’s role is to improve health and wellness of animals by educating vets and producers about products and programs using a problem solving approach.
  12. 12. AGRICULTURE ENGINEER Education Requirement: Professional engineers must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited engineering college. They must pass a national examination to become an engineer-in-training and work under supervision of a professional engineer before obtaining their professional engineer license. They must also pass an exam to be licensed in each state. Strong math and science skills are required. An agriculture background is helpful. an Agriculture Engineer develops solutions to enable dairy farmers to operate while decreasing the impact of animal agriculture on the environment
  13. 13. CROP CONSULTANT Education Requirement: A Bachelor’s degree in agronomy, animal/dairy science or ag mechanization is helpful but not required. Some practical farm experience and good oral and written communications skills are very valuable to fulfill the responsibilities of a crop consultant. A Crop Consultant provides independent advice for customers to help them make informed decisions about the aspects of their operation that pertain to crop production and nutrient management.
  14. 14. LAB TECHNICIAN Education Requirement: High School diploma with some college, training is provided. A lab technician conducts tests for coliforms, standard plate counts and SCC. They also work with milk handlers, run DNA tests for mastitis, and provide the testing for raw milk permits issued by the state.
  15. 15. DAIRY FOOD PLANT MANAGEREducation Requirement: Bachelor’s degree in FoodScience or a related field. Business and Engineeringskills would also be helpful.Tasks:A plant manager oversees food safety and quality of milk and ice cream.• Review of product, quality, and financial reports• Taste milk and ice cream products• Maintain dairy processing facility and machinery• Purchasing of food products
  16. 16. AGRICULTURE TEACHER Education Requirement: Bachelor’s degree in Ag Education and familiarity with the ag education program.  An agriculture teacher instructs courses such as large animal science, veterinary science, dairy foods, and production agriculture. They also facilitate FFA programs that allow students to gain career development skills.
  17. 17. DAIRY HERD IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION (DHIA) REPRESENTATIVE Education Requirements: A Bachelor’s Degree in Dairy Science, Dairy Management or related field is desired. Coursework, formal training, associate’s degree and/or experience in dairy records management is necessary to fulfill responsibilities. A DHIA Representative provides producers with DHIA milk testing and dairy herd management resources.
  18. 18. AG LAWYER Education Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree and a Jurist Doctorate degree from a law school. This usually takes about seven years total.  Ag lawyers provide legal advice and services to producers to help them minimize taxes, assist with farm transitions, settle legal disputes and form farm businesses.
  19. 19. AG JOURNALIST & MEDIAEducation Requirement: Bachelor’s degreein dairy science or in communications. Acombination of both would be helpful.  Anagricultural journalist is responsible for covering events and writing feature stories.
  20. 20. DAIRY ECONOMIST Education Requirement: A four year college degree in an agricultural and economics field. Strong analytical and mathematical skills are necessary. As a professor of Ag Economics a Ph.D. is also needed. Tasks:• Research current market events in dairy and the global economy• Analyze information• Create graphs, tables, and text that explain market trends• Communicate with others about industry trends
  21. 21. AG BANKER Education Requirement: A four year college degree  Anag lender provides loan products, wealth management, crop insurance, financial management and budgeting.
  22. 22. GRAPHIC DESIGNER Education Requirement: Bachelor’s in Graphic Design/Visual Arts plus several years of experience. Must be proficient in various software programs on both Mac and PC platforms. A graphic designer designs and visually communicates messages on behalf of dairy farmers, encouraging and influencing consumers to purchase a dairy product.
  23. 23. BUSINESS PLANNER Education Requirements: Master’s degree in Agriculture Economics A business planner provides monthly financial statements, benchmarks, milk check analysis, & actual-to-budget reports
  24. 24. SALES MANAGER Education Requirements: A Bachelor of Science degree in an agricultural field with sales experience. A sales manager oversees sales representatives who make farm visits to sell a product.
  25. 25. CORNELL COOPERATIVE EXTENSION EDUCATOR Education Requirement: Minimum of Master’s degree in extension education or related field. Some have PhDs.  Educate farmers and communities using research-based knowledge from the universities for practical application and lifelong learning.
  26. 26. DAIRY MARKETER Education Requirement: Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, accounting and/or management, with knowledge of federal orders, state orders, over-order pricing, and of industry and dairy farms in general A dairy marketer adds value to the dairy farmer’s milk through market access to processing. The marketer’s role is to oversee the sales and marketing of raw milk to dairy processors
  27. 27. GENETIC ANALYST Education Requirement: Bachelor of Science or advanced degree  Identify and understand the functions of genes involved in growth, reproduction, and behavior in animals or plants. .
  28. 28. DAIRY EQUIPMENT TECHNICIAN Education Requirements: High school education plus career training in electrical and refrigeration is helpful. A dairy equipment technician provides milking equipment service for dairy farmers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days per year.
  29. 29. ACCOUNTANT Education Requirements: As of January 2012, all CPAs must complete 150 credit hours, have one year experience under a CPA, and pass a uniform CPA exam. The accountant advises the business owner on making decisions by providing sound financial statements and information.
  30. 30. FOOD SCIENTIST Education Requirement: Bachelor’s degree in Food Science Tasks include:• Manager and primary cheese maker, including:  Cheese making  Training employees  Installing standard operating procedures  Assigning jobs to ensure cheese completion
  31. 31. VETERINARIAN Education Requirement: Four year pre-vet program followed by a four year professional degree program, a license in states of practices. There is also a continuing education requirement. Veterinarians benefit the dairy industry by focusing on maintaining the health and well- being of individual animals, maximizing the health and productivity of their clients’ dairy herds and combining their experiences in health and business management to maintain and maximize the health of their clients’ businesses
  32. 32. BUILDER Education Requirement: Required skills depend on area of expertise. Those who design buildings need engineer or architect degree. Dairy background is essential as well as communication and people skills. A Builder provides designs that focus on new concepts on cow comfort, cow flow convenience and durable materials resulting in facilities that create maximum production efficiency for the producer.
  33. 33. NUTRITIONIST Education Requirement: Applicants must have a desire and time commitment to continual learning in nutrition. A bachelor’s degree in dairy field and on-farm experience would be helpful. A Nutritionist provides nutritional expertise and products to dairy farmers, enabling them to maintain and improve the production and health of their cows in a sustainable and resourceful way, thus ensuring the farm remains a vital operation.
  34. 34. ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION A.I. REPRESENTATIVE Education Requirement: Must be a high school graduate, but an associate’s or bachelor’s degree is very beneficial in understanding concepts of reproduction, physiology and business. Interpersonal and communications skills are needed to develop relationships. An A.I. representative serves as an artificial technician, customer service representative and sales person for the A.I. company
  35. 35. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION 315-788-8450 Agronomy – Mike Hunter AG Outreach – Art Baderman Horticulture – Sue Gwise Farm Business – Corey Hayes Dairy / Livestock - Ron Kuck