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  • Die Universitätsstadt ist mit 160.000 Einwohnern nach Hannover, Braunschweig und Osnabrück die viertgrößte Stadt sowie eines der Oberzentren des Landes Niedersachsen. Oldenburg gehört seit April 2005 zur europäischen Metropolregion Bremen/Oldenburg, eine von insgesamt elf europäischen Metropolregionen in Deutschland.
    „Stadt der Wissenschaft“ im Jahr 2009.
  • Kulturetage GmbHg Oldenburg (non-profit limited company)
    non-profit limited company started in1986.
    We run a professionally equipped & designed
  • That´s interesting!What are chances and risks about this process?What might be the our
    contribution to support the creative development?
  • explore the area what do people think about the area, about urban planing ideas, about ccc
    networkingcreatives in the neighbourhood, in the city, between different groups (triple helix)
    space for possibilities establish a meeting/working/diskussing and event space – quARTier
    Brandingcreative actions with likely effects on the public
    2011Focus: international Die regionalen Netzwerke mit denen der Partnerstädte in gemeinsamen Festival „Nordseeregion“ im Bahnhofsviertel zusammenbringen, internationales kennenlernen, miteinander austauschen und gemeinsam arbeiten
  • Who are the people living in the quARTer? What do they do? What are their ideas? The quARTer and its people are mostly known to people living or working there. With the starting development of the district people of the quARTer should be presented to the public. Therefore creatives and artists who live or work in the district were invited to present their faces to the public and write a self-portrait. An Oldenburg photographer was engaged to take the portraits of the people.
  • Creatives and artists were asked to design boxes that have formerly been used for transporting tea. There were no restrictions. Everybody was invited to construct, form, shape or fill the boxes however they like. Participants could work together or on their own. In the end 26 beautiful boxes, each with their own appearance and spirit, have been created. And a first group of people regularly meeting and being interested in the future of their quARTier was founded.
  • On December 18th 2009 the regional kick-off event for the Creative City Challenge took place in Oldenburg. The new rooms in the former Blauschimmel Atelier were reinaugurated. The Creative City Challenge project with its aims and ideas was introduced and explained to the public. During this creative start event the results of both actions Kisten(t)räume and Wir im quARTier were also presented to the people in the quARTer to show what has happened already. The boxes as well as the portraits were shown in an exhibition in the new quARTer rooms.
    70 people were invited to attend the creative start event. In the end 80 people came to see, talk, discuss and network. The Kulturetage used the event to ask more people for their ideas and wishes how to develop the quARTer. It is important to involve people and it unifies them as a network. The event was very successful to all intents and purposes:
    people have been creative together
    the network has been enlarged
    new ideas came up
    and public attention has been created.
  • filmdocumentation
    TV and Radio
    screening walls: Stummfilm mit life Musik
  • Zwischennutzung
  • Filmaufnahmen – 35 unterschiedlichste Personen erzählen
    90 Stunden Filmmaterial ist abgedreht wird bearbeitet
    es entsteht ein ca 1 stündiges, lebendiges Portrait über ein scheinbar vernachlässigtes Stadtquartier und über die vielfältigen Lebensweisen der BewohnerInnen. In einem abendfüllenden Dokumentarfilm werden dazu anregende Geschichten von den Bewohnern erzählt und filmessayistisch verwoben mit unerwarteten Einblicken in das Seelenleben eines urbanen Nischenquartiers
    Duration: February 2010 – March 2011
    Description: production of a lively portrait of an apparently unattended district and the multifarious way of living of its residents. What does creativity mean to us? The documentary film portraits different persons, positions, visions, fears and lived lifes. A feature-length documentary will present  suggestive stories of the residents and give insights into the inner life of an urban slot-district.
    The film gives an impulse for the future project work and a central input for the demonstration of Best Practice (factsheet, annex 1).
    Participants: filming and interviewing with 35 persons, 20 – 70 years old, 19 females, also a not countable amount of audience
    Outcomes:90 hours of film material, 60 minutes documentary film, DVD
  • Maskenbau & Theater
    Menschen mit und ohne Beeinträchtigungen
    bespielen die Kaiserstr. beim Viertelfest 15.8.2010
    Duration: April - August 2010
    Description: 12 people of different generations with or without mental and/or physical disabilities have designed creative and colourful masks, made of clay, flue and mask-paper. They made up individual characters for each mask and chose fitting costumes. During the weekend workshop in August, diverse skits were created, practised and performed in the course of the “Viertelfest” on August 15th, 2010 (factsheet, annex 8).
    Participants: 12 people of different generations with or without mental and/or physical disabilities, 9 females, also approximately 200 visitors at the event
    Outcomes: workshop and event / streettheatre; newspaper articles, photodocumentation
  • Un-Orte- Übersetzung Ugly spots – sind aber nicht häßlich im gegensatz zu schön – sind besonders, anders, ….. Und für jeden Menschen unterschiedlich
    Per Holthuizen und eine Gruppe junger Kreativer aus Oldenburg und PUB Groningen erarbeiten eine neue, irritierende, Aufmerksamkeit erregende Wahrnehmung von unterschiedlichsten Plätzen, Orten und Dingen im öffentlichen Raum.
    17.7. und 23.7.2010 im Kultursommer Bahnhofsviertel15o und 200 Besucher bei den Rundgängen, knapp 200 in der Ausstellung quARTier über den Entstehungsprozess
    Duration: May - September 2010
    Description: Ten adolescents worked with the support of the german-dutch artist Peer Holthuizen in small groups, realizing their individual art projects with the main topic „Oldenburger Bahnhofsviertel“ (Oldenburg´s central-station-district). Their artworks were presented on two guided tours in the course of the „Kultursommer 2010“ on 17th and 23rd July, 2010 (factsheet, annex 9).
    Participants: 10 students, 17– 21 years old, 5 females, also 457 visitors at the events
    Outcomes: workshop, two events, one exhibition; flyer, newspaper articles, photo documentation
  • taxicab company & literature/ hells engels & bouncing castle (a lot of discussion!!!)/ bank house & fotoactions for kids/ gym studio & tango/ gay sauna & bar (outside )/ studios & ccc vernissage: artist from Groningen / coiffeur & music/ churches & vocals/ advocate office & exhibition „Wir im Quartier“
    District Festival „Offenes Bahnhofsviertel“
    Duration: March- September 2010
    Description: The workshop’s destination was to create a regular meeting point and communication facility for active residents of the district to democratically organize a district festival. By organizing the event, contacts were encouraged, the collective identity "Wir im Quartier" was strengthened and new networks were established: The taxi company worked together with the recording studio, the street crime (Straßenkrimi) co-operated with the local TV and radio station for the first time, residents of the neighbour house planned the informal ending of the event for the actives in the district. It was also the first public appearance of the economic development of the city of Oldenburg in the quARTier (factsheet, annex 10).
    Participants: 40 representatives of companies and initiatives from the district; more than 5.000 visitors at the event
    Outcomes: workshops, one event, newspaper articles, poster, flyer, photo documentation
  • Ccc pecha kucha 2 02 kulturetage mirko

    1. 1. Where is Oldenburg?
    2. 2. OLDENBURG Who are we? Kulturetage GmbHg Oldenburg • concert hall (500 seats/1000 standing) • theatre (120 seats) • cinema (50 seats - very successful) • space for initiatives, pioneers and groups • bar/restaurant
    3. 3. Redevelopment area Urban planning office Oldenburg declared „Bahnhofsviertel“ as a redevelopment area to support the creative development in the city. Kulturetage
    4. 4. creative city challenge 9/2009 – 8/2012 WP 5 develope creative area „Herzblut für das Bahnhofsviertel“ OLDENBURG Our part in the ccc-project
    5. 5. 2009 first check if creatives are interested at all ??? 2010 focus mainly on local activities explore the area working with the network „Bahnhofsviertel“ create a space for possibilities branding 2011 focus mainly on international activities festival „NordSeeRegion“ international artist meeting activities are focused on international contacts OLDENBURG What will we do between 2009-2012?
    6. 6. First check: are creatives interested ? OLDENBURG portrait exhibition in quARTier „Creatives show their working space “
    7. 7. Are they interested in working together? OLDENBURG Creative areas displayed in tea boxes !
    8. 8. Yes: they are interested in networking 2 exhibitions opening on 18.12.2009 45 creatives involved in the exhibitions 80 visitors are interested and Many ideas are fixed on the „ccc board of wishes“ OLDENBURG
    9. 9. To match „wishes“ and applied projects: wishes what do we offer showroom 1 room to meet, exhibit and arrange working area 2 rooms to work and present, 1 office meeting place quARTier – consulting, discussion facility build networks include partners ccc, municipal public relations local radio and TV appearance, press, film documentation about our area events 5 workshops, walks, screening walls, festival
    10. 10. Temporary use - quARTier OLDENBURG Meeting place – open for everyone – cheap - unbureaucratic
    11. 11. What makes a city creative? Filmmakers from Berlin focusing on the area and the people: employees, entrepreneur, politics, masters in the art of living… OLDENBURG To release a film about the area What kind of city do people need?
    12. 12. Workshops to make new experience OLDENBURG Mask and street theatre. Creative work and actions with people with or without mental/physical disabilities, employees, teachers, young people and pensioners.
    13. 13. planet „Bahnhofsviertel“ Workshops to find new points of view „UnOrte“ Groningen, „ Jong Talent & Ondernemerschap“ PUB worked together with 10 young talents „soul vending machine“
    14. 14.  Highly successful publicity for ccc area sunny weather – 350 visitors- very interested in ccc
    15. 15. 40 creatives, inhabitants, non- Profit associations and SME planned and organised the first district festival on 15th of august. OLDENBURG District festival – about 5000 guests
    16. 16. Development of international contacts OLDENBURG 2010 workshop: PUB Groningen „young talent & entrepreneur“ travel offer Noorderzon Festival & Public express presenting young artist form Groningen in Oldenburg 2011 artist in residence International artist meeting Exchange „Amber“ Newcastle DJ-VJ Parties - simultaneous in diff.cities We need your support!
    17. 17. OLDENBURG Vision: international co-working space With the help of ccc: • meeting point quARTier • exhibitions,film,discussion • business development • University & University of Applied Sciences • Youth: dance, theatre, art •„subculture“ • refugee organisations … One office with three desks it´s the beginning…
    18. 18. But the quARTier will be demolished soon… Temporary containers during the construction period of the new building for the local radio and TV. quARTier moves into containers
    19. 19. create a sustainable space for possibilities containers not only for construction period: • develope a concept of an activating place for young talents, pioneers and start ups. • CCC is a great chance to build up structures, contacts and networks, • locally and internationally!
    20. 20. Creative challenge – exciting task ! Thank you for listening