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Ccc 01 creative tampere lasse panaanen

  1. 1. Lasse Paananen Director of Creative Tampere Programme CEO of Ideone Ltd. Creativity Policy in Tampere 21.10.2010 +358 40 720 5088
  2. 2. Kuva koskesta Remote and scarcely populated Small domestic market Insufficient demand and growth base Lack of interest for VC Limited volume of education & research Critical mass only in niche areas Finland
  3. 3. Company WW market share Industry Nokia 40% Mobie phone industry Kalmar Industries > 50% Container handling machinery Sandvik-Tamrock 35% Mining and construction machinery Metso Automation > 15% Automation for process industry Metso Minerals 15% Mobile rock crushers Kvaerner Pulping 10–50% Boilers PCE-engineering 70% Hollow core slab machinery …why those and other global market leaders are located in a region of under 500 000 people... Tamglass > 70% Safety glass machinery Timberjack 30% Forest machinery Bronto Skylift > 60% Fire and rescue platforms Fastems 70% Multilevel FMS Ata Gears 50% Spiral bevel gears for marine applications Gardner Denver 30% Ship compressors Avant Tecno 40% Mini loaders
  4. 4. Tampere, Finland Cool – Creative – Contrasting - Credible The world is filled with good places. At the heart of one of the most competitive countries in the world, the Tampere region offers an excellent alliance of business, science, culture and technology. Within a two hour drive from more than 3.5 million people and around two- thirds of Finland's economic activity, the region is one of the biggest economic drivers in Finland and a desirable place for business, studies and living. The secret to the region's success is its dramatic, yet controlled, transformation.
  5. 5. From economies of scale to economies of scope Two current strengths: • mechanical engineering and automation • ICT and wireless Two emerging areas … • health care technology • creative industries Programme based development Broad innovation system Small city strategy
  6. 6. BUG co-operation City strategy as a starting point City acts as facilitator Development work is carried outside city organisation Seed money from the city Programme time long enough, but still limited Typically dozens of projects Similarities in programmes
  7. 7. Centres of expertise programmes Ubiquitous computing Digibusiness Intelligent machines Energy technology Nanotechnology Health and well-being Economic development programmes eTampere 2000-2005 BioneXt Tampere 2003-2009 Creative Tampere 2006-2012 New Factory 2010-? Experience industries? HealthBio
  8. 8. 40 000 000 € project base Goal 100 000 000 € impact on local economy over 30 000 000 € project base Currently over 1000 companies participating 102 projects running over 200 new companies established 2 national awards Creative Tampere Programme 7 200 000 € City of Tampere seed money
  9. 9. Innovations and Entrepreneurship Creative industries Attractive city Creative Tampere Programme Themes
  10. 10. Creative industries • In the heart of creative economy • Over 50% of programme projects • One of the fastest growing industry group in Tampere region • Since 2006 creative industries have grown faster rate than other industries in Tampere — turnover rose 18% compared to others 9% — No of companies rose 8% compared to 4% • Also the rate of growth has been 2 to 8 times faster in Tampere than other parts in Finland Business development services Facilities Sales programmes Industry specific development programmes Internationalisation Networking
  11. 11. Innovations Innovation platforms Open R&D methods Customer oriented development Multidisciplinary All ages Not only technology- based Entrepreneurship Youth and creative industries as main targets Innovations and entrepreneurship
  12. 12. Creative industries development programme
  13. 13. Constructed surroundings Interesting urban structure Expererimental and quality archirecture Creative industries needs Strong research and education Increasing public debate Events Wide selection Year around Different interest groups Increasing number of visitors Elements of attractive city
  14. 14. The centre for creative industries A clear need for premises for creative industries in Tampere. Synergy effects can be important. A study was made of the business model and renovation needs for an old sock factory (15 000 m2). Survey results: The centre will serve many kinds of space / property needs of creative industries (movie, media, music, design, entertainment, tourism etc.) Operation model: city owns the land and the premises. The city seeks an operating company to look after the renovation and marketing of the premises.
  17. 17. Strong commitment from the leading city required Flexibility in utilization 3. Expand the innovation system Choose and involve key stakeholders Administrative model (entrepreneur to entrepreneur)4. 5. 6. 1. 2. Some experiences from Tampere Targeted development services7. Do the homework – good preparation
  18. 18. Opportunities. Success. Winners.