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  1. 1. SENSES DRIVE CREATIVITYCREATIVITY DRIVE SENSES Team:Paulina Tomanek, Celestyna Krol, Paulina Garstka for Assignments: Getting To Know You A Crash Course on Creativity Professor Tina Seelig Stanford University 24th October 2012
  2. 2. „I am Paulina and I’m 19 years old. I come from beautiful country that is Poland but aiming to find someadventures in the ordinary live and take challenge I decided to take up studies in one of the most beautiful placein the world that is Scotland and currently I’m a second year student of Management with HR (HumanResources). It is also one of the reasons I’m doing the “Crash on Creativity Course”. The idea was suggested byone of my lecturer. In the beginning I wasn’t too enthusiastic about because as far I associated creativity only withartists. Nonetheless, it didn’t take much time to convince myself that I was wrong. Creativity is used in numerousother fields i.a. business that I’m highly interested in. After small research I changed my mind and now I’m surethat adventure can help me to develop my skills which may occur useful in my studies and career.” Paulina Tomanek (aka Paulina T.)
  3. 3. „Im here because creativity has no limits. Creativity surrounds me from all around, creativity is my everyday job,creativity gives me power, creativity gives me perspectives, creativity opens my mind. There is always somethingnew to learn.I am a freelance photographer, taking pictures of people, interiors, dogs, weddings, film sets. Every day is a newexperience, new people, new situations, new creative ideas. Sometimes I need to find the hidden beauty,sometimes I need to discover the hidden talents, sometimes I need to be patient and I always have to be open toother people and their creative ideas. Apart from photography I also supervise design projects (CI for companies),I do translations, I write texts for magazines. I love my life and the fact that there is always lots of various thingshappening around me.I like to be active and this is probably why I enjoy all sports and whenever possible we try to spend time withfriends actively.” Celestyna Król (aka Celestyna)
  4. 4. „I am here because I really like to sit with white paper and create something from "nothing". For me "nothing" isjust an illusion, because we have so many experiences, data, information, pictures in our mind, that give us greatopportunity to creation. Sometimes we just need a little impulse to create great things for ourselves and for others.So I hope that I will find here lots of drivers for creativity.In my job I am focused on sustainability and corporate social responsibility. I work for big companies, which wantto change their business strategies or brand strategies in socially and environmentally responsible way. In my jobvery important aspect is finding solutions for real and effective change, which bring value for the company and forthe environment and society.In my private life I really love explore areas, where my senses can feel happy. So I like: music, cinema, urbanculture, design, cooking and eating together with my crew of crazy friends.” Paulina Garstka (aka Paulina G.)
  5. 5. Creativity is like all our senses used at once. Senses drivecreativity, creativity drives senses! Senses provide data forperception! Sometimes certain senses dominate, sometimeswe dont realize that it was not only the eyes for example thatgave us the new idea. Maybe the sight came together withsmell, maybe with a sound we heard on the street, or maybe itwas just the tone of someones voice. This is why we decidedto describe and explore our senses in this assignment.
  6. 6. „I grew up in very musician family and my mum who graduated music academy passed me herinteresting in music. Nevertheless, music for me it’s not only melody and nice voice. For me music is away to relax, to run away from every-day problems. It’s extremely difficult to specify what kind of musicI listen because much depends from my mood. It’s soul, classical music, rock but one of the mostmagical is symphonic metal which contains wide range of different kinds of music such as: classicalsinging, symphonic orchestra , and metallic music. Also, I enjoy some kind of folk music what isstrongly connected to traveling because while visiting new places I try to listen local music to getfamiliar with the culture.” Paulina T. Here are couple of links of songs I like…do you want to hear something? :
  7. 7. „From electronic, through soul to classical music. Music gives me good mood, music calms me down, music activates me, music inspires me.” Celestyna Here are couple of my favourite artists…do you want to know someone? DJ ShadowBreakbotMassive AttackCoco RosieCaspaNigtmares on WaxTrickyNicolas JaarDreadzonePlan BPsappFlying Lotus
  8. 8. „Music is with me every day. I listen from nu-jazz, through different varieties of funk and hip hop music,to new electronic and industrial music. I like experiments with rhythm, bass, noise and melody. Paulina G. Here are couple of my favourite record labels and festivals …enjoy 
  9. 9. „My huge passion are travels. I lovemeeting new people from different cultures.However, traveling mainly allows my eyesto see numerous wonderful, beautifulplaces around our amazing world. I aboveare pictures from fabulous Scotland whereI currently live and where I discover suchbrilliant places almost every day.” Paulina T.
  10. 10. „My favourite films… …Im also interested in Street Art: product design, graphic Blu design, poster art and architecture.” Roa Celestyna Photography:Design (furniture):Gaetano PesceHella Jongerius
  11. 11. „Film gives me the possibility to move into totally different reality… …Sometimes it makes me laugh and sometimes it makes me cry, but I love this magical atmosphere.” PLAY PLAY„Murals and urban culture gives me sense of freedom.” Paulina G. Erica il Cane Stik Blu
  12. 12. „There is one thing that influences both of the sense and gives me much, much fun- it’s cooking.I love cooking and even more eating. The process of preparation the meal, when raw materialslike vegetables, meet, spices and many others arias in one wonderful meal. In addition, allprocess is associated by beautiful smells. Cooking is a kind of art where the final judges arereceptors of smell (in our nose) and taste (on our tongue).My personal favorite dish is “nalesnik” which is a polish meal. Although the recipe is very simpleit’s difficult to describe it. I can say that it’s kind of british pancake. “ Paulina T. Here are polish “nalesniks”… …and here you have link to the recipe. It is in polish, but google translator will help you for sure .
  13. 13. „„I love improvising in the kitchen and I likecooking with friends. I consider food as one ofthe greatest pleasures in life” Celestyna
  14. 14. "For me eating and cooking is one of the best way of sharing with others.” Paulina G. I really like cooking … …but somethimes I have little problems .
  15. 15. „I’ve been wondering for a while what makes me happy and is connected to touch. It seemedvery difficult but the solution is very simple. I have big family and many children in the family inaddition I’m working as a babysitter and I can claim that the most pleasurable experienceconnected with touch is the feeling of child’s kiss on my cheek and hug when their small handssurround my neck.“ Paulina T.
  16. 16. Tai ChiFrisbeeSnowboardLongboardRock ClimbingBadminton Celestyna
  17. 17. "I love dancing! Body move in dance is for me one of the most beautiful things that people can do.” Paulina G. PLAY PLAY
  18. 18. Thank you for your attention  Paulina T. Celestyna Paulina G.