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Nursing resources


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Nursing resources

  2. 2. What Will Be Covered • The assignment • The Library website • What are journals? • Finding journal articles • Finding reliable online nursing resources • APA formatting &NoodleBib
  3. 3. The Assignment • Find a minimum of 3 current scholarly articles • From nursing journals • Peer-reviewed • Less than 5 years old • Print one of the articles you find • Develop an APA title page and reference page • Including the articles you have found • Two websites or other relevant nursing resources
  4. 4. Library Website
  5. 5. What are Journals?
  6. 6. Why are Journals Important? • Peer-reviewed information • Reliable information that your professors approve! • Tested and vetted by other people in the field • Cover important topics in your field • Written by other nurses • Original research
  7. 7. Finding Journal Articles • Use Library Databases: • CINAHL • PubMed • ScienceDirect • Develop keywords before you search • Take clues from the information you find • Ask for help! • Search Tips: • Use “*” at the root of a word to get more word options • i.e. searching “nurs*” will search for the terms; nurse, nurses, nursing, etc… • Use this when your word can’t turn into another word completely
  8. 8. Searching in CINAHL
  9. 9. Reviewing Results Check for the DATE & your SEARCH TERMS
  10. 10. Looking at Records Use the CITE button to help & the SUBJECTS to enhance your search
  11. 11. Online Resources • Evaluation is Key! • You need to critically evaluate EVERYTHING you find • Use the CRAAP Test • Currency- timeliness of information • Relevance- information relating to your topic • Authority- source of the information • Accuracy- reliability, truthfulness, correctness • Purpose- the reason the information exists
  12. 12. Using Google to Your Advantage Add your SEARCH TERM & limit by DOMAIN (.org, .gov, .edu)
  13. 13. APA Format • Grab the citation from CINAHL • Copy and Paste the citation into NoodleBib • Check the citation against the guide provided for you! • Or Build your citation for journal articles and web resources in NoodleBib