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Brockton Parents Magazine Summer 2011


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Brockton Parents Magazine Summer 2011

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  3. 3. We received national awards for Children’s well-being our MultiCultural Banking Center. And you can see the results is no small matter. right here at home. That’s why we offer services to help children feel their best, including: In 2010 we were named • Medication flavorings such as apple, bubble Community Credit Union of the gum and chocolate Year by the Credit Union National • Safety caps on all prescription bottles Association, and also received the • Live access to pharmacy professionals 24/7 at Herb Wegner Memorial Award for, so you can ask “Outstanding Organization” from a question about your child’s medication 68 Legion Parkway, Brockton the National Credit Union PLUS everyday conveniences from diapers and Foundation. HarborOne is the only Credit Union to receive healthful snacks to toys, party supplies and more! both these prestigious awards in the same year. We’re pleased to see the positive impact the MultiCultural Banking Center is having on individuals and the community. Visit one of our seven Brockton-area locations today. To sign up for classes or to learn more, you can call To find the one nearest you, visit 508-895-1770. or call 1-800-WALGREENS (1-800-925-4733). 1.800.244.7592/ This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration. Excess insurance provided by MSIC.24HCU177_MCB_Results_4x5_23_j6.indd 1 11PM0126_CommunityConnect_Mag_AD.indd 1 4/6/11 11:09:16 AM 4/13/11 2:03:19 PM
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  5. 5. DENTAL SERVICES for kids and adultsCALL TODAY FOR A PRIORITY APPOINTMENT508-203-7047 Across the street from Westgate Lanes in BrocktonAsk about our Ortho “Braces” Services ¡Hablamos Español!
  6. 6. Go to: and for more information onUV protection, sunscreens, and sun protective clothing.
  7. 7. WHAT TO KNOW BEFORE THEY GOSarah Wright, Editorial AssistantAs the summer months approach information that every parent shouldand the days grow longer, the know before they go.sweltering heat will bring more There are 12,419 (according to thethan the need for reliable air NCCIC) licensed child care facilities inconditioning. Massachusetts alone, and being licensed certainly provides that a facility has metThe absence of school will reign in the certain criteria of the State, including CORIneed for full time (and affordable) child background checks, CPR certification andcare. According to, 47% of uninformed routine inspections. However,children in kindergarten through 3rd unlicensed facilities are not held to thesegrade and 53% of those in 4th through 8th standards of the law.grade received some non-parental childcare in 2005. Below is an easy checklist every parent should use before determining if theirWhether you are trusting your child child will be happy, healthy and safe inwith a family member, friend, or child the child care provider, there is some essential
  8. 8. Together, we can ensure that every child in Brockton graduates.The gradual process of disengagement can be interrupted whencommunities, schools and families work together. If you suspect yourchild needs additional supports, call the school and ask to speak withyour child’s teacher and/or the school adjustment counselor.
  9. 9. GRANDPARENTS YOU ARE NOT ALONE!Are you a grandparent who is concerned Are you a grandparent raising your Are you a grandparent already raisingabout the safety and well-being of your grandchild – struggling with finances, child your grandchild and you sometimesgrandchild but you don’t know how to help, care/school issues, or concerned for your own feel alone, ashamed, guilty, confused,where to go, or what to do? and your grandchild’s mental health? overwhelmed and in need of support?YOU ARE NOT ALONE and there is help outthere! Although this document doesn’thold the answers to all of your questions orconcerns, it is hopefully just what you needto get started in the right direction. Allyou need is to know how to navigate thedifferent systems and advocate for yourselfand your grandchild.Court Finances SupportTo obtain custody of your grandchild, go to the If you are the guardian of your grandchild, You may feel like you are the only grand-Probate Court where the child lives and request you are entitled to apply for grantee relative parent raising your grandchild, but you are not!temporary guardianship. In order to get benefits at the Department of Transitional Find a local support group for grandparents.guardianship of the child his or her parent(s) Assistance (DTA). Call DTA Central Office for Go to for listings.must consent, must be found to be unfit or must more information: 1-800-445-6604. Eligibility • Maintain good communication with schools,be unavailable. The Clerk’s office will have the is based on your child’s income, not yours! DTA therapists, the court, etc. Good communica-paperwork necessary to get you started. You will explain. Bring copies of the guardianship tion benefits you and your grandchild.should bring the child’s birth certificate with paperwork, proof of residence, and ability • Try to find a child therapist who specializesyou if you have it. to show relationship to the child. in child trauma (and accepts MassHealth).• Temporary guardianship means temporary. • If your grandchild is under FIVE years old, For younger children, consider play therapy. The biological parents have a right to be he/she is eligible for Women, Infants, and • If your grandchild has been diagnosed heard and contest your request. The court Children (WIC) which helps with milk, with a mental illness and is covered by will set a date for a hearing. cheese, etc. Call 1-800-WIC-1007 for MassHealth, contact CBHI, or your local• If the Probate Court awards you permanent more information. Department of Mental Health office. custody of your grandchild, know that • If either biological parent is deceased, the • If they are struggling at school, you should permanent does not mean permanent. child may be eligible for survivor benefits ask the school for a TEAM evaluation. Your The biological parent may petition Probate through Social Security. If your grandchild grandchild may qualify for an Individualized Court in the future for custody of the child has a medical or mental health disability, Education Plan (IEP). Make your request to return him/her. they may qualify as well. in writing!• You do not need an attorney. If you have • Your grandchild is eligible for MassHealth • Go to and the legal questions, there is an attorney-of- insurance! Take advantage of this service! “Grandparents” page for more detailed the-day at each court. Contact the Department of Early Education information.• If you do not have the child’s birth certificate and Care for income-eligible child care or • For specific questions: when you apply for custody, the court may day care vouchers at (617) 988-6600. allow you to file it in the future.If the Department of Children and Families (DCF) is involved Created by the:If DCF has custody of your grandchild, you have the your grandchild, and other services. Contact the Massachusetts Commission on the Statusright to ask to participate in a home study and have child’s social worker as soon as possible for more of Grandparents Raising Grandchildrenyour grandchild placed with you as a kinship foster information. For a copy of the Grandparent’s Information and Referral Subcommitteeparent. If you become the child’s foster parent, you Resource Guide, go to receive foster care payments, MassHealth for
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