Take a fresh look at apprenticeships - Business Breakfast Plymouth


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Plymouth based businesses, heard experts from CCB, the National Apprenticeship Service and BD speak about how apprenticeships are benefitting local businesses. Visit www.ccbtraining.co.uk for more information.

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Take a fresh look at apprenticeships - Business Breakfast Plymouth

  1. 1. Take a Fresh Look at Apprenticeships
  2. 2. Apprenticeship – How could it help your business?• 89% of employers see apprenticeships as vital to their business success• 77% believe apprenticeships improve long term competitiveness• 80% of employers claim apprenticeships boost productivity• 88% believe apprentices increase team satisfaction and motivation• 80% say apprentices have less staff absence and more loyalty to company
  3. 3. Client’s experiences“Cost effective way to develop our engineers of the future” (BAM Nutall)“As a former apprentice myself I recommend apprenticeships to anybusiness – they give us the skills we need to remain competitive andoffers a very attractive and cost effective career path to young people”(Mike Turner, Babcock)“The apprentices we have taken on have given us the edge in what is achallenging and competitive industry.” (Glen Roger and Sons)
  4. 4. Apprenticeship - how does it work?• Can be new employee or existing staff• Can be any age range• Full development programme – including several qualifications• Doesn’t necessarily include college attendance• Businesses of any size can have an apprentice• Huge breadth of professional areas/subjects
  5. 5. Apprenticeship – How do I go aboutrecruiting an apprentice?• Apprentices are employed• No charge for the training programme for 16-18 year olds - £500 for 19years +• CCB can assist with advertising, recruiting staff and assign liaison officer to all apprentices• CCB manage all paper work and access to additional funding• Additional funding – “youth contracts”
  6. 6. Bob HarrisonNational Apprenticeship Service
  7. 7. Apprenticeship Grant forEmployers of 16 to 24year olds (AGE 16 to 24)Employer UpdatePresented byBob HarrisonEmployer Account ManagerPlymouth City Business Park
  8. 8. AGE 16 to 24 - Eligibility National Apprenticeship Service
  9. 9. AGE 16 to 24 – Employer UpdateEligibility • The employer must recruit a 16 to 24 year old who is living in England and not in full-time education • Our aim is to support employers NEW to Apprenticeship delivery to offer NEW jobs in support of young people (not eligible if the employer has started an apprentice since April 2009) • NAS will support up to 3 eligible apprentices per NEW employer • Existing employees starting an Apprenticeship programme will NOT be supported10 | AGE 16 to 24 – Employer Update National Apprenticeship Service
  10. 10. AGE 16 to 24 – Employer UpdateEligibility and Support You will be asked by your college or training provider to sign an agreement which will include: • Confirmation of the number of apprentices you will be taking on as a result of the grant (max of 3) • Confirmation you wouldn’t have taken the apprentice on without this additional grant • A commitment to employ the apprentice for a minimum of 12 months or the time it takes to complete the Apprenticeship framework, whichever is the greater. • Agreement to pay the Apprenticeship National Minimum Wage of £2.60 per hour – although most apprentices receive more than this • Confirmation that you have not taken on an apprentice in the previous three years11 | AGE 16 to 24 – Employer Update National Apprenticeship Service
  11. 11. AGE 16 to 24 - Funding National Apprenticeship Service
  12. 12. AGE 16 to 24 – Employer UpdateFunding • AGE 16 to 24 is available NOW! • Eligible employers employing a new apprentice from 1 February 2012 can apply for the grant, with funding available until March 2013 • The £1,500 grant is payable in two instalments of £750 • the first on completion of week 8 ; and • the second on completion of month 12 • The grant is in addition to the training costs and is exempt from VAT13 | AGE 16 to 24 – Employer Update National Apprenticeship Service
  13. 13. AGE 16 to 24 – Employer UpdateMore information For further information and to check your eligibility for AGE 16 to 24: • Contact your local college or training provider direct • Visit www.apprenticeships.org.uk to find out more about recruiting an apprentice • Call the National Apprenticeship Service on 08000 150 600 when you are ready to recruit an apprentice14 | AGE 16 to 24 – Employer Update National Apprenticeship Service
  14. 14. Any questions? National Apprenticeship Service
  15. 15. Leanne Chubb, Barrie Palmer and Guy Wilkins, BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
  16. 16. Take a Fresh Look at Apprenticeships Q&A Panel Jen Anderson, Cornwall College Business Bob Harrison, National Apprenticeship Service Guy Wilkins, Apprentice, BD Leanne Chubb, HR Advisor, BD Barrie Palmer, Facilities Mechanical Team Leader, BD
  17. 17. Take a Fresh Look at Apprenticeships Find out more: W: www.ccbtraining.co.uk T: 0800 731 7594 E: enquiries@ccb.cornwall.ac.uk Twitter: @ccbtraining