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Evaluating Sources with the TRAAP Test

The TRAAP test. A framework for evaluating information sources. Timeliness, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose.

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Evaluating Sources with the TRAAP Test

  1. 1. TRAAP Test •Timeliness – how new is it? •Relevance – depth and importance? •Authority – who or what’s the source? •Accuracy – reliable and correct? •Purpose – why written?
  2. 2. Timeliness – how new is it? •When was it published or posted? •Has the information been revised or expanded? •Are there newer versions or editions? •Do you need current information or will older sources help as well?
  3. 3. Relevance – depth and importance? •Does the source fully answer your question? •Does it cover all aspects of your topic, or just parts? •Is the information too basic? Advanced?
  4. 4. Authority – who or what’s the source? •Who is the author, publisher, source, or sponsor? •Does the author have credentials or affiliations? •Is the author an expert on this topic? •Has the information been edited? Or reviewed?
  5. 5. Accuracy – reliable and correct? •Is the information supported by evidence? •Does the author list his or her sources? •Has the information been reviewed or refereed? •Can you find other sources that agree with the information provided?
  6. 6. Purpose – why written? •Do the authors make their purpose clear? •Is this source meant to inform, teach, advocate, sell or entertain? •Is the information fact, opinion, or propaganda? •Is the point of view objective or impartial? •Are there other perspectives, especially less privileged perspectives?
  7. 7. More questions to ask •Have you viewed the original source? •What does the original source say? •Was the original source quoted out of context? •What do conflicting sources report?
  8. 8. News Media Bias?
  9. 9. Fake news in 2016 • Timeliness? • Relevance? • Authority? • Accuracy? • Purpose?
  10. 10. Fake news in 1865 • Timeliness? • Relevance? • Authority? • Accuracy? • Purpose?