EdNET 2013 Roundtable Handout


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EdNET 2013 Roundtable Handout

  1. 1. For the third year running, C. Blohm & Associates and Winter Group teamed up to conduct two in-depth focus groups with educators attending the annual ISTE conference. As in the previous years, we explored purchasing preferences, media and information habits, panelists’ engagement in social and other marketing media, and their perceptions about new trends and new challenges on the horizon. As always the conversation was earnest, intense, and enlightening. Here are a few highlights… WWW.WINTERGROUP.NET WWW.CBLOHM.COM Creating conversations between publishers and the media is the primary activity at C. Blohm & Associates, Inc. (CB&A). We guide companies in the education and special needs industries by clarifying and delivering their communications—whether speaking to media, chatting with industry colleagues or responding to customers and prospects. We help our clients build strategic communications plans that significantly boost their visibility, which in turn has a substantial impact on their bottom line. Each client’s plan is customized to focus on their key audiences—teachers, administrators, therapists, state and national policy makers, and parents. We execute and analyze media and public relations plans, create and deploy corporate visibility campaigns, and recommend and utilize PR and content marketing techniques to support Web optimization strategies. Operating with a full-time staff of 16 designers, production/programming artists, copywriters, account managers, media specialists, researchers and support staff, Winter Group serves a diverse group of clients in the education, publishing and nonprofit sectors. Our clients include ABC-CLIO, Autodesk, Britannica Digital Learning, College Board, Epson/ Epson Canada, PBS Educational Media, National History Day, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, WNET, Measured Progress, Jonti-Craft, Rainbow Creative Services, LMC Magazine, Scholastic and several other innovative organizations serving the education and library markets. Today, our services include a spectrum of digital and multimedia communications, direct marketing, advertising in multiple venues including online, mobile, social and print environments, lead and demand generation, market research, strategic planning, exhibit/environmental design, event management and the development of comprehensive branding programs. To learn more, contact Charlene Blohm at charlene@cblohm.com, or 608-216-7300, x17. To learn more, contact Linda Winter at linda@wintergroup.net, or 303-778-0866, x12. ABOUT WINTER GROUP ABOUT C. BLOHM & ASSOCIATES Taking the Pulse. Uncovering Trends.
  2. 2. WHO participated? PRINCIPALS TECHNOLOGY DIRECTORS CIOs PERSONALIZED LEARNING COORDINATOR SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT CHAIRS SCHOOL LIBRARIANS CURRICULUM & INSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATORS CLASSROOM TEACHERS SPECIAL EDUCATION/ SPECIAL PROGRAMS DIRECTORS WHAT are they buying? Educators Speak Up and Speak Out... Where are they getting information and how much influence does marketing really have? Educators do the homework DEVICES, DEVICES, DEVICES. Storage Area Networks Apple TV iPad Carts Apps Charging stations and security lockers Interactive whiteboards Database renewals Solutions to accomplish authentic 1:1 New language lab solutions • Common Core State Standards • Common Assessments • BYOD • A pressing need to integrate technology smarter, faster, better • Hybrid instructional models • Teacher requests for more and better online tools • Strategies to “show” engagement • Technology is “driving” students and teachers alike to “rise above” and achieve • Growing needs for intervention and SPED solutions, using technology to serve a growing student popluation What’s driving these purchases? On their minds… online assessments, professional development and digital content The future is looming large.... “We are definitely changing professional development around the Common Core.” “We need better digital textbooks. They’re cumbersome. And they don’t always integrate with our gradebooks.” “The challenge is going online for testing.” “Four week testing sessions are a nightmare. You lose all that instructional time.” “We’re building two new high schools. It’s a five-year project. What is going to be available five years out? You need someone to interpret the future to buy smarter.” “I need consulting around integration.” ”There are larger issues than just apps for your tablets.” Twitter Colleagues Conferences Industry publications in print and online are still “informational anchors” Blogs and social media are gaining influence and importance If it’s a good ad, article, or thought leadership piece...it gets shared! Bloggers are on educators’ radar screens...regularly PLCs are the “inside” source of information Facebook? Sometimes. LinkedIn? More often. Pinterest, YouTube, TeacherTube? Gaining. • More interest and use of Pinterest, PIXLR, Google+, Edmodo, EduClipper • They’re following bloggers • They’re watching TED Talks • They want your email…but they want the facts not the fluff • They Google…first! • They want you to SHOW UP • They want current information on your website…they’re checking! • They want clear, credible information… consistently • They want customization options • They have a growing interest in gaming and “gamification” • They want opportunities to interact with vendors in more casual settings • They are buying throughout the year “I need to look at big data, the next big challenge. I want to find companies to adapt a new platform that takes student data and uses it to help students know what they need to learn and how they need to learn it. I’m looking for more cross-curricular solutions to drive instruction.” “We need to bring it (technology) down and do a few things well. It’s like the Common Core. We need to stop doing it so wide and shallow and do it more deep and narrow.” “I see a huge gap in our district. We have been flooded in technology. We have the initial staff development, but it’s the ‘after that’ training. We only have a selective few people in the district who are doing the work worth doing on the devices.”