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CGA Presentation


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NexCycle and CBSI join forces to help Californians Recycle!

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CGA Presentation

  1. 1. Reverse Vending Machine Service Program Where California Recycles! We put the CanDo® in Recycling!
  2. 2. Who We Are NexCycle has provided “service, compliance & solutions” since 1986 CBSI has been supplying high quality Reverse Vending Machines since 1992. NexCycle has over 300 recycling centers throughout California. CBSI has a large fleet of machines throughout the country and maintains three offices!
  3. 3. Affiliations • NexCycle is an active member of: • CGA – (California Grocers Association) • CRA – (California Retailers Association) • ICSC – (International Council of Shopping Centers) • SWANA – (Solid Waste Association North America) • NRC – (National Recycling Coalition) We’re Involved CGA CRA ICSCSWANA NRC
  4. 4. • CBSI is an active member of: • CGA – (California Grocers Association) • MGA – (Michigan Grocers Association) • MPA/MACS – (Michigan Petroleum Association/ – Michigan Association of Convenience Stores) • OBRC – (Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative) • CRI – (Container Recycling Institute) We’re Involved CGA MGA MPA/ MACS OBRC CRI Affiliations
  5. 5. The NexCycle Experience Fully Staffed Beverage Container Redemption Services: • Providing complete service & compliance • 24 years experience in “convenience zone” recycling • Key governing agency relationships • State Regulatory & Administrative Services • State & local permitting/licensing • Key property management relationships • Low profile “staffed operations” • Smallest “footprint” in the industry • State-of-the-art data collection equipment • Managed by local supervision • Complete indemnity/insurance coverage • Increased in-store traffic flow
  6. 6. Retailer In-Store Option • Complete administrative services • Redeemed material logistics & processing services • Equipt. maintenance & technical support • Mandated regulatory compliance • Training of in-store personnel • State-of-the-art material and data collection equipment
  7. 7. Automated Equipment Option • State-of-the-art reverse vending technology • Material storage & compaction units • 3 attractive service packages • Administrative, logistics, marketing, maintenance, repair & technical services
  8. 8. How it Works Your Customer Walks up to the RVM And inserts the container into the feed hole The RVM accurately counts each container Then crushes and sorts each container into separate bins When finished, your customer pushes the red button and takes the receipt to the cashier for their refund Then your customer does the Your customers applaud you for your Brilliance! And you do the HAPPY DANCE too!
  9. 9. RVM Service Package “A” (No HANDS on CANS– Zero Grocer Involvement) NexCycle empties & cleans the RVM daily or as needed! NexCycle will remove material each visit to the store! None of your staff’s Hands are on the Cans!
  10. 10. RVM Service Package “B” (Partial Grocer Involvement) Store personnel empties & cleans the machines as needed Store provides a secure storage area for redeemed containers
  11. 11. RVM Service Package “C” (Increased Grocer involvement) Store personnel empties and cleans Machine daily as needed Store provides secure storage area for redeemed containers Store transports redeemed Containers to central Collection depot
  12. 12. • NexCycle will perform maintenance, repair and replacement of machines • NexCycle is responsible for all regulatory, administrative & permitting/licensing requirements • Reimbursement of CRV redeemed by the store within 10 days of invoice All Packages Include -
  13. 13. Consider this- In-Store Labor costs for hand counts averages 5¢ to 7.5¢ per container Errors identifying “CRV” containers in- store costs you money! “Opt-Out Clause” costs $36,000 per year per store! There is a better way! We will provide you with Service, Compliance and Solutions!
  14. 14. THANK YOU! Talk to one of our Representatives today for more details or visit us at