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Dr Robert Hanner & Dr Dirk Steinke - Campaigns on BOLD


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Integrating BOLD services into your personal online webservices

Published in: Education, Technology
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Dr Robert Hanner & Dr Dirk Steinke - Campaigns on BOLD

  1. 1. Campaigns on BOLD Dirk Steinke & Robert Hanner
  2. 2. What are Campaigns?Over the past six years, a number of researchers with shared interestshave started campaigns to collate and share information on thecollection and registration of DNA barcodes from specific families andregions of life. While these campaigns are not part of the formal iBOLstructure, most of them work closely with the relevant iBOL WorkingGroup(s) and with Barcode of Life Database Systems (BOLD) towardsthe ultimate goal of a barcode reference library of all life on Earth. iBOL website
  3. 3. Taxonomic Campaigns• usually global in scope• progress tracking by taxonomy, and often region
  4. 4. National or Regional Campaigns• national in scope (iBOL nodes)• progress tracking by taxonomy, perhaps individual research groups
  5. 5. Topical or Biota Campaigns• variable in scope (e.g. iBOL WGs)• progress tracking at least by taxonomy
  6. 6. Recent requestTo do this efficiently, we really need a webpage with a virtualchecklist, similar to the All Leps page ( Thiswould really give the project thrust and reduce the number of animals sacrificedby supplying a forum to:1) organize our species lists and track progress2) advertise others to assist with collections3) tackle problems with existing data on Genbank and BOLD (e.g., MCOI vsFCOI, misidentifications, contaminated sequences, etc.)4) encourage others with COI data to supply metadata and photograph vouchers viaBOLD5) create a virtual online DNA and photo guide for one of the most imperiledgroups in the world, the freshwater pearly mussels!Is this something you could help with? Im able to write all the text, supplyand manage the checklist and establishing myself as the point of contact foranyone interested in participating. Several pages appear to be using a similartemplate that would fit well with our project.
  7. 7. BOLD’s hierarchy Campaign Container Container Project Project Project Project Project Project Project Project Project Project Project Project• needs to be requested with BOLD• project type “Folder project” – contains projects• project type “Data project” – contains data records
  8. 8. BOLD’s hierarchy
  9. 9. BOLD’s hierarchy Project list in BOLD 2.5 and 3.0• total number of specimens and sequences of all projects in a container• total number of unique species in a container• summary of all markers• project tags
  10. 10. Tags
  11. 11. The new user console Searching by tags Data upload across projects Recent activitiesYour data by in your projectscampaigns
  12. 12. External connectivity• search for taxa and country/province(inclusive and exclusive)• eSearch returns a text or xml file• filter against a checklist(progress count)• request download of recordsbased on search results• display data retrieved througheFetch on website or reports
  13. 13. Webservices General Progress breakdownProgress by region
  14. 14. Webservices
  15. 15. What is needed?Checklist(s)• compulsory for members• curated and updated on a regular basis• standards for interim taxonomy• provided to BOLD for data submission validationBest practice• vantage point – Barcode Data Standard (CBOL)• data standards for optimal tracking, reporting, and communication• common organisational structure on BOLD• confidence measurements for taxonomyWeb Site• community platform• checklists, wishlists…• Web Site Package provided by BOLD
  16. 16. Thank you!