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Gateshead City Council - Liz Reid/Andrew Tate


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Liz Reid/Andrew Tate from Gateshead City Council - a case study: bringing NGA to the Baltic Business Quarter. NextGen Roadshows 2009

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Gateshead City Council - Liz Reid/Andrew Tate

  1. 1. Andrew Tate Economic Development Manager
  2. 2. High level of jobs in: Knowledge based Industries: • manufacturing, •engineering, • Lowest proportion in Tyne and Wear •public sector • 6% short of national average
  3. 3. Six Big Ideas Improvement Targets More people City of Gateshead Global Gateshead More diversity Creative Gateshead Better qualifications Sustainable Gateshead Active & Healthy Gateshead Better jobs Gateshead Volunteers Better economic activity
  4. 4. Opportunity matched with what modern businesses want
  5. 5. World Class minimum: Resilient fibre-optic/wireless Effectively unlimited capacity Multiple suppliers Low cost international connections Choice of management services Simple and low cost upgrade capability
  6. 6. Getting buy-in Justifying in policy terms Securing funding Not technical experts Finding the right partner Finding the right solution
  7. 7. Procurement Competitive Dialogue Joint Venture Other benefits
  8. 8. •World class communications infrastructure •Designed to give highest levels of resilience •Capable of flexible and tailored services •Meets needs of businesses •Fair and open access to all service •providers •Business case
  9. 9. Insanity: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Einstein