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Ecp wine


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Ecp wine

  1. 1. Export Programme Bolivian Wine CBI Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries CBI - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  2. 2. Export Coaching modules  Assessment SME on  Coaching SME to meetBusiness competence for European Export European market demands market entry by means of anAudit and Capacity  Exploring European markets export auditaction plan Building  Developing an export strategy  Plan of action  Realisation of skills and experience of their marketing concerning both the regional and European markets Market entry Market entry  Realising a sufficient amount of EU EU relevant business contacts  Taking part in trade fairs, conferences, roadshows and/or B2B2 07/04/2013 CBI - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  3. 3. Business Audit & Action plan  Completed export audit with an action plan based on which the company understands the steps to take to become a successful exporter. The export audit forms the starting point for theResult:Results: decision how the company will further participate in the ECP. 1. Pre-selection assessment (to determine suitability) 2. Company visit by EU sector expertTools: 3. Company visit(s) by local expert  Max. 0.5 years  No participation feeDuration:3 07/04/2013 CBI - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  4. 4. Export Capacity Building  Company is able to meet European market demands and has familiarised itself with the European market. Furthermore, an Export Marketing Plan has been developed. Monitoring takesResult: place through the Export Audit. 1. Technical assistance (visits) by local expert 2. Technical assistance (visits) by EU sector expertTools: 3. Distant coaching 4. Export Marketing Seminar (EXPRO) participation 5. Orientation visit to EU trade fair  1-2 years  Participation fee: € 250Duration:4 07/04/2013 CBI - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  5. 5. Market Entry EU  Company has gained skills and experience in the marketing of its products towards EU/EFTA markets. Furthermore, it has established relevant contact in EU/EFTA markets.Result: 1. Technical assistance by EU market expert 2. Trade Fair participation / conference participation (3x sponsored)Tools: 3. Roadshows 4. B2B activities 5. Assistance in follow-up of contacts (market consolidation)  3-4 years  Participation fee: €500Duration:5 07/04/2013 CBI - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  6. 6. 2013 Planning ECP: • April: Final approval CBI Business Case • May: CBI ECP Bolivian Wine open for application (Launch) • June : Planning for Export Audits • October: EXPRO Netherlands6 7-4-2013 CBI - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  7. 7. Programme Set-up: Institutional Export Coaching Development Wines Bodegas of Bolivia7 7-4-2013 CBI - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  8. 8. 8 7-4-2013 CBI - Ministry of Foreign Affairs