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Lessons Learned from Cyber Incidents in 2016


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Throughout 2016, many organizations have fallen victim to sophisticated cyberattacks. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, more than 35 million records have been exposed from 957 reported breaches as of December 2016. Examining the shortcomings that resulted in high-profile cyber breaches can teach several cybersecurity lessons.

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Lessons Learned from Cyber Incidents in 2016

  1. 1. Wendy’s The Attack: Unusual claims on Customer’s credit or debit cards. The Takeaway: Large corporations that operate multiple independent stores or franchises need to establish a base-line framework of data security guidelines that can be implemented at the individual store level. The Attack: Breach occurring in 2014 resulted in stolen personal information from at least 500 million user accounts. The Takeaway: It is important that confidential company information is never accessed or transmitted using a personal email account. Yahoo! Lessons Learned from Cyber Incidents in 2016 Snapchat The Attack: Hackers posing as the CEO convinced an employee to email them the personal information. The Takeaway: Every employee should be taught best practices, like how to create stronger passwords or how to spot suspicious emails. Premiere Healthcare The Attack: Breached after a laptop computer was stolen from the billing department of their headquarters. The Takeaway: Companies should encrypt data that contains personally-identifiable or protected health information in order to reduce their Data security risks. Dyn The Attack: A DDOS attack impaired normal services and resulted in massive outages affecting the Eastern US. The Takeaway: Designing and implementing an incident response strategy is a critical component of any cybersecurity program.