The Advantage Newsletter - Summer 2014 - Women's Advantage


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In this issue of the Advantage, we'll explore how CBIZ professionals are making a difference in our local community. This includes the national sponsorhip of the Biz Women event and Dress for Success Fundraisers!

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The Advantage Newsletter - Summer 2014 - Women's Advantage

  1. 1. CBIZ Women Helping Women Succeed in Business The CWA Spotlight Jerry Grisko Page 2 Maximize Your Not-for-Profit Social Media Presence Page 2 Biz Journal Mentoring Monday Page 3 CWA Snaps! Page 3 CWA in the Community Page 4 CWA Seeks National Award Nominations Page 4 Inside This Issue Seven years ago, CBIZ made a strong commitment to the professional development and advancement of CBIZ women with the creation of CBIZ Women’s Advantage. I am excited as I read through this newsletter and realize the many opportunities CBIZ women are taking from this Program and the tre- mendous success many of our CBIZ women are experiencing as a result of this commitment. As CBIZ’s President, Jerry Grisko, succinctly advises us in our CWA Spotlight on page two, it is clearly evident that CBIZ women from coast to coast are creating their plans and making it happen for themselves, our company and the communities where we live and work. Thank you, once again, to so many women within CBIZ for going above and beyond in their commit- ment to make CWA a strong and sustainable Program. As I travel around and meet with other CBIZ partners and vendors’ women’s resource groups, I am extremely proud to share our CBIZ Women’s Advantage best practices and achievements.  Nancy Mellard This quarter our CWA client spotlight was referred to us by Tom Gibson, Producer, CBIZ Benefits & Insurance, Phoenix, and focuses on Tara Bethell, company executive, mother of two, weekend aerobics instructor and an active community member who has mastered the art of successfully balancing her career and personal life. “I love my work, both at Beatitudes and in the community, but I have learned it’s very important for me to unplug every so often and focus on my family and my own self health. The only way I am going to succeed at work is if I take the time to take care of myself and my family as well,” Tara said recently. Before becoming Vice President of Human Resources and Risk Management at Beatitudes Campus in Phoenix, AZ, Tara started as an administrative temp for the former CEO, Peggy Mullan. “I became a permanent employee and started making moves throughout the organiza- tion. When I was ready for a major change I sug- gested to Peggy a path in HR, an area outside of my expertise, and Peggy was extremely support- ive and encouraging of the move. What I then lacked in experience, I made up for in passion. Peggy saw that and let me run with it. I’ve learned a lot from Peggy, she’s a strong propo- nent of promoting from within, having passion for what you do and above all, taking care of your- self, and I have really tried to enforce those prin- ciples in everything I do,” commented Tara. Outside of Beatitudes, Tara focuses on helping others in the community succeed in the work- - See Tara Bethell: Workforce Boot Camp on page 2 Tara Bethell Advantage The Summer 2014 CBIZ Women’s Advantage CWA Has a Plan! Tara Bethell: Taking Care of Self and Others
  2. 2. CBIZ Women’s Advantage Summer 2014 2 Today, not-for-profit organizations need innovative practices to spread core messages to a broad audience. By incorporating social media into marketing initiatives, these tools can be used to broadcast your mission, increase awareness and share suc- cess stories with a large scale com- munity, at minimal cost. Below, we’ve highlighted four steps to help you capitalize on your social media presence. 1. Be Accessible Create a dynamic conversation with your audience by initiating public discussions through open-ended comments, calls for questions or requests for feedback. 2. Collect User Data Web tools provide a number of data- gathering opportunities to measure ROI. Also, reviewing your follower’s demographic information provides insight into activities that may inter- est core supporters. 3. Leverage External Support Share positive feedback you receive to spread the message of the ben- efits of your services. 4. Formulate a Plan Stick to a schedule. Minimize time spent building a social media pres- ence by divvying up the responsibil- ity. Consider creating an inventory of interesting articles for future use. Social media marketing can be an overwhelming task, however, with the proper tools, best practices and daily investment of time; it can have a big impact on your organization’s brand awareness. Maximize Your Not-for-Profit’s Social Media Presence By Amanda Markos and Chrissy Hammond The CWA Spotlight Jerry Grisko, President & Chief Operating Officer, CBIZ, Inc. Success by design, not by chance; that was the emphasis of the 2013 Women in Law Leadership Conference in Cleveland, Ohio. When Ann Harlan, past vice president and general counsel for The J.M. Smuckers Company, in conjunction with the Case Western Reserve University School of Law, set out to create a unique symposium for the legal community focused on helping women advance their careers, she quickly found a panel participant in CBIZ’s very own President & Chief Operating Officer, Jerry Grisko. After discussing the CBIZ Women’s Advantage program, Jerry’s passion for the topic and commitment to helping women advance in their careers landed him the only male spot on the five person panel at the annual sympo- sium, leading the discussion on mentoring young women professionals through the legal profession. The panel discussion generated questions and breakout discussions surrounding a vari- ety of topics related to women and their careers. Of particular interest to Jerry was the discussion and panel recommendations for achieving and measuring success in one’s career, whether headed for the C-Suite or trav- eling an alternative path. Success by design, not by chance is the idea that each of us should use to evaluate what success looks like, both in our personal and professional lives, and then develop a plan that satisfies those objectives. “It’s no differ- ent than developing a business plan; create the plan, have measuring points and be able to work that plan so when you look back, you have achieved what you set out to, as op- posed to showing up every day and hoping it all works out,” commented Jerry. As the landscape evolves and women increasingly become more prevalent in those C-Suite posi- tions, there are also many women choos- ing a non-traditional path. “Similarly, you have to understand what success looks like for you and your employer. Make sure you work with your employer to understand those goals and objectives and then create an active plan around that to make sure you are achieving those goals,” says Jerry. “The key, no matter your end goal, is to create a plan for yourself and make it happen.”  Tara Bethell: Workforce Boot Camp Continued from cover force, as a boot camp instructor with UMOM New Day Centers. UMOM is a homeless shel- ter that provides an emergency housing pro- gram for parents with children who have lost their homes. Tara teaches a boot camp for all participants ready to find jobs and focus- es on helping them ace the application and interview process. “Often participants have great skills and passion, but make minor faux pas that are barriers to them moving forward. This program helps them learn to interview to their best ability. The best gift you can give someone is a job,” Tara explained. Tara is currently pursuing an advanced degree in the Ken Blanchard Executive MBA program through Grand Canyon University in Phoenix. This innovative program is value- based and prepares graduates to lead, inspire and transform organizations.  Jerry Grisko Coming in July, 2014, Washington, DC
  3. 3. CBIZ Women’s Advantage Summer 2014 3 CWA Snaps! The Memphis Business Journal not- ed Megan Murdock’s appointment to the CBIZ Women’s Advantage Board: Memphis Business Journal, April 7, 2014. This outlet’s online version is visited by 216,000 people each month. Here is a Twitter sug- gestion for sharing the news: @CBZ Women’s Advantage adds Memphis-based female leader to its Executive Board @ MBJMemphis highlights new CWA appointment http://bit. ly/1oHI5wZ. The Kansas City Business Journal noted both Anne Zeitelhack’s and Carolyn Watley’s appointments to the CWA Exec Board. The online ver- sion of this outlet is visited by 16,000 people a month. Here is a Twitter suggestion for sharing the news: @CBZ Women’s Advantage Board brings in 2 Kansas City female leaders. Read about it here: http:// & http://bit. ly/1kC44DM. Nancy Mellard recently offered some commentary to a MarketWatch story. Here is a link: “Stay-at-home moms: Leaning out or left out?” More than 8 million people visit MarketWatch each month. Here are some suggestions for sharing this coverage on social media for CWA members: @NancyMellard discusses #stay- athomemoms & the workforce w/ @MarketWatch http://on.mktw. net/1krviwE. The Business Journal has developed a new program called BizWomen, which combines the nationwide simul- taneous event, Mentoring Monday, with ongoing content targeted towards women. Since this is a natural tie into our CBIZ Women’s Advantage Program, CBIZ was able to obtain a national sponsorship and CBIZ women across the country participated in the kickoff program, Mentoring Monday, on April 7th. Through CBIZ’s national sponsor- ship, offices had the opportunity to nominate women from their market for the mentor role. Mentors included a combination of CBIZ women leaders as well as some of our key clients. In addition to individual presence at the event, offices also had the opportunity to display market- ing material and were provided a list of attendees for fol- low up. Most exciting was the opportunity many of the offices had to host the post event mentor debrief at their office, allowing for tremendous face-to-face exposure with the women leaders in each market!  The Business Journal presents Mentoring Monday Nashville Mentoring Monday attendees: (front, l-r): Cathy Anthony, Kiera Holbert, Nan Choate, (back, l-r): Adria Fowler, Beth Osteen, Amy Howell, Alaina HInson Amy Strange, CBIZ Nashville A great turnout for Mentoring Monday in Bethesda, MD Megan Murdock (right) and Janelle Niederriter (center), CBIZ Nashville, with client Mary McDonald, CEO, MCD Partners (left) Participating Markets Atlanta Boston Chicago Columbus Denver Kansas City Los Angeles Memphis Miami Minneapolis New York Philadelphia Phoenix San Jose/Silicon Valley St. Louis Tampa Bay Washington, DC Wichita
  4. 4. CBIZ Women’s Advantage Summer 2014 CBIZ Women Helping Women Succeed in Business4 CBIZ Women’s Advantage is seeking nominations for the following recogni- tions. Please note that CWA Executive Board members are encouraged to self-nominate, nominate other CBIZ women in their office or field, as well as nominate clients if and when applicable. In some cases more than one individual can be nominated depending on criteria and categories. Please take a moment to click on the links below, review the nomination requirements and forward your rec- ommendations to Lori Novickis. We will complete the formal nomination. All you have to do is tell us who to nominate. Business Insurance “Women to Watch” – Deadline: July 11 e/20130305/2013WOMENTOWAT CH/130309934 AICPA “Women to Watch (Kansas)” Deadline: August 1 Requirement: Must be a member of both AICPA and KSCPA. Two Categories: Experienced Leader & Emerging Leader. w2w_nomination_form.pdf Boston Business Journal “Leaders in Diversity” – Deadline: August 8 Six Categories: Executive (Corporate Leader, Lifetime Achievement, Role Model) and Company (Workforce Diversity Initiative, Corporate Social Responsibility, Multicultural Marketing) ination/60461 Philadelphia Business Journal “Women of Distinction” – Deadline: August 22 Three categories: Women of Distinction Candidate, Women of Distinction-Rising Star, Advancing Women Company Award nomination/64531 CWA Seeking Nominations for National Awards The Advantage is published by CWA. Kansas City Editorial Staff: Alex Elliott (CBIZ MHM), Joellen Messerli and Andria Mitra (CBIZ B&I) To submit material, please contact Andria Mitra at “CBIZ Women Helping Women Succeed in Business” Avoid a Career Capsize Page 2 CWA Snaps! Page 2 CBIZ Memphis Creates Back-to-Back CWA Buzz Page 3 Maximizing Your Professional Wardrobe Page 3 The CWA Spotlight Page 4 Inside This Issue During a meeting recently with CBIZ CEO and Chairman of the Board, Steve Gerard, he remind- ed me that our first and most important goal for CBIZ Women’s Advantage is the professional development and positioning of our CBIZ Women. What a business case for diversity our women’s program has become! I highlight this point in my brief remarks for this newsletter because you will note that we have decided to continue to spotlight successful women with whom CBIZ is proud to do business. These wom- en have proven the importance of profes sional development and their career paths clearly show that it is that profes- sionalism and positioning that proves the point …“in the end it’s all about per- formance!” By the way – our CEO is also CWA’s #1 Champion! Again, I hope you enjoy this edition of our newsletter and I always value your comments.  – Nancy Mellard, CWA National Leader Nancy Mellard It’s easy to see why Rick Jenson, Managing Director, CBIZ Valuations Group, Dallas, thought Stefanie Cavanaugh was an outstanding candi- date for the CWA Client Spotlight. Stefanie, Senior Vice President of Harden Healthcare, an ancillary services organization specializing in senior care, is passionate about giving back and empow- ering women in the finan- cial arena. As a teenager, she joined her mother as a volunteer at the San Antonio Women’s Credit Union (SAWCU), an orga- nization designed to help women establish and gain credit. She kept the books and learned the financial operations of the organization. “I devel- oped my love for finance during those early years and found my first CPA mentor at SAWCU. I watched an amazing group of professional wom- en help their sisters gain financial indepen- dence,” commented Stefanie. After college and five years in public accounting she joined the San Antonio Symphony as CFO. Thriving in the small environment, Stefanie gained experience in all facets of managing the financial operations. She spent 10 years at Encore Medical Corporation as the Controller, learning about Health Care Finance and the medical device industry, and helped lead the organization through rapid growth in revenue – $35 million to almost $1 billion. Sarbanes Oxley became effective and increased the demands on public companies dramatically. Both these changes meant growth for Stefanie and her team. She began to mentor other accountants, - See Stefanie Cavanaugh on page 4 Stefanie Cavanaugh Advantage The Spring 2013 CBIZ Women's Advantage Nancy's Letter Stefanie Cavanaugh: Empowering Women More from Mentoring Monday CWA hosted a pre-event breakfast for about 40 BizWomen Mentors in DC. These sharp ladies came well-prepared, knowing there would be several hundred attendees, they smartly had plenty of Save the Date flyers on hand for their May Dress for Success event! Can’t wait to hear how well that event turned out ... stay tuned! Karen Clark (far right), with Carolina Bate (left) and Kimberly Stephens (center). Not pictured, Margaret Blaine Congrats to our very own Cheryl Calhoun, top 5 finalist for Philanthropist of the Year. She, along with 200+ women, were recognized by The Los Angeles Business Journal for making a differ- ence in the community. CBIZ Minneapolis employees and clients showing support this Spring at the Twin Cities Sweet Success Luncheon benefitting Dress for Success. Out and About ... CWA in the Community A Better Site with You in Mind! Check out the newly updated CBIZ Women’s Advantage website! Social media links allow you to follow all things CWA ... plus new Events, new photos and lots of great CWA content. Click here to view the new site and bookmark the page for quick access!