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Employers continue searching for ways to manage ever-increasing health care costs. Yet one basic fact too often is overlooked in the push to bring down health care spending: The best way to control expenditures is to avoid them in the first place.

CBIZ understands that genuine cost control goes much deeper than plan design, deductible levels or provider networks. Ultimately, it’s about developing and maintaining healthy employee populations and reducing the health problems that fuel claims and premium increases.

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  2. 2. MAXIMIZING TTHE HEALTH AND PRODUCTIVITY OF YOUR EMPLOYEESEmployers continue searching for ways to manage ever-increasing health care costs. Yet one basicfact too often is overlooked in the push to bring down health care spending: The best way to controlexpenditures is to avoid them in the first place.CBIZ understands that genuine costcontrol goes much deeper than plan “Of the consulting firms we have worked with, CBIZ hasdesign, deductible levels or provider demonstrated the greatest understanding of the fundamentalsnetworks. Ultimately, it’s aboutdeveloping and maintaining healthy of ‘zero trends’ and has shown the competency to move theiremployee populations and reducing clients along the health management continuum into becomingthe health problems that fuel claims ‘Champion Level’ companies.”and premium increases. dee edingTon, Ph.d., Founder and exeCuTive direCTorThat’s why we’ve created the most universiTy oF miChigan healTh managemenT researCh CenTercomprehensive health and wellnessprogram on the market today. Byimplementing the CBIZ Wellness There’s been no shortage of rhetoric percent increase from 2008 and theSolutions initiative, employers can in recent years about the importance biggest GDP percentage gain in 50restrain soaring costs and boost of workplace wellness and productivity years. By some estimates, one-thirdproductivity. programs. But only CBIZ has moved to one-half of all health care spending the concept from theor y to reality goes to unnecessary tests, treatments by creating the first empirical, and physician visits. It is little wonder, “CBIZ is ahead of the systematic approach for addressing then, that insurance premiums market in its offering of the root causes of escalating benefit continue their inexorable rise, climbing costs. Tools designed to fully engage an average of nearly 10 percent a year innovative employee health employees in the management of between 1970 and 2005. and productivity solutions their own health are at the heart of the CBIZ approach. Regardless of what happens with and continues to provide federal reform efforts, it is clear that industry leadership.” Industry Leadership genuine cost reduction must begin at the patient and employer level. Tom Bowser, PresidenT Regaining control over health care Only by embracing a new paradigm Blue Cross and costs has never been more essential of prevention and focused, evidence- Blue shield assoCiaTion — for individuals, employers and the based inter vention can employers country as a whole. Total U.S. health hope to flatten the spending cur ve. care expenditures topped $2.5 trillion in 2009. That equals 17.3 percent of With the reasons for wellness so gross domestic product (GDP), a 1.1 compelling, the issue most employers face is not whether to offer a wellness program but how best to implement it so as to fully engage employees and their dependents in personal wellness. What makes CBIZ the leader in this critical arena? In simplest terms, it’s our commitment to partnering with employers to develop and deploy a comprehensive approach to wellness, health and productivity. That means pursuing a multistage process to create a program that meets the specific needs of your organization and employees.
  3. 3. Here’s How It Works: n Stage 4 - Benefit Design: A key Born from Experience component of our health andn Stage 1 - Organizational As the leading benefits consulting firm productivity approach is the Assessment: CBIZ consultants begin to small and mid-sized companies development of a value-based with a brief survey to determine nationwide, CBIZ has come to benefit design that creates the current state of an employer’s understand what works in health incentives for healthy lifestyle existing health and productivity and productivity. And we understand choices and disincentives for initiatives. The organization’s what doesn’t. Our Wellness Solutions nonengagement. The objective is to commitment to pursuing lower health initiative represents the culmination of foster employee stewardship for his care costs and improving employee that knowledge, along with more than or her own health. In conjunction health status, the presence of 15 years of work in the field by some with this process, we analyze existing health and productivity of the most creative minds in the existing offerings from multiple programs, and previous experiences health improvement arena. vendors to determine the plans and and benefits — all are quantified to tools that most effectively match create a baseline for future efforts. Our value proposition is straight- the company’s needs. forward: CBIZ will help you identifyn Stage 2 - Data Analysis: We next and address the factors that underlie n Stage 5 - Implementation: A examine a range of data sets, rising health premiums. We will strategic health and productivity including demographic information, work closely with you to select the plan is codeveloped with the health risk assessments and claims vendors and tools that best match employer to delineate timelines and histories, to develop a clear your organization’s needs. And we will educational and communication understanding of the factors that may stand with you going forward to ensure goals. Components can include be influencing health care spending. that the objectives of your health and biometric screening, chronic Basically, CBIZ looks at how and wellness program are met. disease management, health where costs are being generated. coaching and a host of other This detailed review of your current enterprise-wide wellness situation allows us to develop a initiatives designed to encourage customized strategy. employee engagement and reduce unnecessar y expenditures.n Stage 3 - Benefit Analysis: Once the data analysis is complete, we’re n Stage 6 - Review and Refinement: able to develop specific, targeted Periodic, ongoing reviews of recommendations regarding employee health are used to interventions and the anticipated assess progress toward goals and benefits to the company. This to allow for course corrections as process provides a clear road map the initiative matures. for moving forward with the design and implementation of a program that will yield measurable return on investment. “CBIZ has demonstrated leadership in our industry with their work with small- and medium-sized employers to advance value- based health strategies for employers, which lead to increased employee well-being and improved organizational performance.” sean sullivan, PresidenT and Ceo insTiTuTe For healTh and ProduCTiviTy managemenT
  4. 4. M U LT I P L E S E R V I C E S W I T H A S I N G L E F O C U S : YOUR SUCCESS Growth and Success. Efficiency and Profitability. It’s likely these goals are top priorities for your business. It’s also likely that the daily distractions of financial and employee issues diminish your ability to focus on those goals. CBIZ enables you to dedicate your time to critical business matters by providing custom solutions that help you manage your finances and employees. We offer clients exceptional quality and diverse capabilities with the personal attention your business needs and deserves, all with a single focus: your success. For more information, contact your local CBIZ advisor or call our toll-free help line, 1-800-ASK-CBIZ (1-800-275-2249). Employee Services EE SERV Financial Services OY IC EMPLOYEE BENEFITS PL ACCOUNTING & TAX EM ES RETIREMENT SERVICES LITIGATION SUPPORT PAYROLL / FLEX / COBRA VALUATION PROPERTY & CASUALTY INTERNAL AUDIT INSURANCE CLIENT MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS RISK MANAGEMENT FINANCIAL ADVISORY WEALTH MANAGEMENT RISK & ADVISORY SERVICES LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATE RECOVERY IN S E F EXECUTIVE RECRUITING AN IC FAMILY OFFICE SERVICES COMPENSATION CONSULTING CIAL SERV HUMAN CAPITAL ADVISORY CBIZ also provides specialized services, including© Copyright 2010. CBIZ, Inc. NYSE Listed: CBZ. All rights reserved. • CBIZ-185 Real Estate Services and Health Care Services our business is growing yours