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  1. 1. Not-for-Profit ServiceS Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C. An Independent CPA Firm
  2. 2. cBiZ & MAYer HoffMAN MccANN P.c. Not-for-Profit ServiceSNot-for-profit organizations continue to face mounting pressure from all sides.reduced government spending, increased regulation, heightened scrutiny and growingcompetition for funding are just some of the forces taxing organizations. Your successhinges on the ability to identify innovative and effective ways to better manageoperations and respond quickly to changing market conditions.Experience Community InvolvementWith a longstanding tradition of providing exceptional, Some business service providers simply look at nonprofitpersonal service to the nonprofit sector, cBiZ and the work as a job. At cBiZ and MHM, our not-for-profit specialistsindependent cPA firm of Mayer Hoffman Mccann P.c. care about our clients, their missions and the communities(MHM) are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of in which they live and work. they immerse themselvesyour nonprofit. Whether you are looking for accounting, in the nonprofit sector because of the lasting and opentax, assurance, compliance or consulting services, our relationships they are able to create with organizations.experienced team of nonprofit specialists is prepared todeliver innovative solutions and the highest caliber service. cBiZ and MHM are involved with several charitableWe serve over 900 clients nationally in various realms of organizations, both nationally and locally. More over, manythe nonprofit sector including: of our professionals are actively involved in local nonprofits, volunteering their time, as well as participating in charitable n Health & Welfare activities they believe make an impact on society. n Arts & cultural n Professional & trade Associations Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C. Services n foundations Mayer Hoffman Mccann P.c. has long been dedicated to n educational institutions serving the unique needs of not-for-profit organizations. With n religious humble roots dating back to 1954, MHM has grown from a n civic small, single location accounting firm, into a national, n Social clubs independent cPA firm with over 35 locations across the n Healthcare country. to this day, our dedicated nonprofit practice is guided by our core values of caring, honesty, respect and integrityour breadth of clients and years of nonprofit experience and the fundamental philosophy that every client deservesare indicators of our unwavering commitment to nonprofit exceptional, timely service from knowledgeable professionals.organizations. through our years of nonprofit experience, MHM has developed customized audit programs and approaches to effectively and efficiently audit nonprofit organizations. our professionals proactively communicate and work with audit committees and members of the management team throughout the year, providing sound recommendations to strengthen internal controls and improve operating efficiencies. At the end of the day, we realize that our name is only as good as the reputation it upholds. We are steadfast in our commitment to you and the public to deliver sound financial reporting and reliable assurance services. We commonly provide the following services to nonprofit organizations: n financial Statement Audits n reviews n Single Audits (circular A-133) n employee Benefit Plan Audits n Agreed Upon Procedures
  3. 3. n Outsourcing Services. outsourcing key financial functions such as accounting and bookkeeping is increasingly becoming a common practice. in many cases, it provides a highly cost-effective and efficient solution for organizations, allowing them to free up otherwise limited internal resources to focus on furthering their mission and/or assisting their members and stakeholders. our knowledgeable professionals can serve in a full outsourcing capacity or supplement your current staff to reduce the burden and backlog of work. n Governance Consulting. our nonprofit specialists can assist you in designing, documenting and implementing governance and management policies. Although notCBIZ Services required by the irS, these tailored policies and protocols can help your organization maintain efficient operationsAs one of the nation’s leading providers of business and safeguard your tax exempt, cBiZ offers our clients access to a wide range ofservices and expertise. We leverage our national resources cBiZ also provides a wide array of non-financial services toto provide you with the solutions your organization requires, nonprofit organizations, including:all while maintaining a close, one-on-one relationshipto ensure your nonprofit’s specific needs and goals are n Hr Assessments & outsourcing Servicesunderstood and satisfied. You can rely on cBiZ for the n Benefit consulting & Administrationpersonal, high-quality service your organization deserves. n Payroll Services n executive recruitment & compensation Planningn Form 990 Preparation. A key component to maintaining n organizational Structure Analysis your tax exempt status is the proper completion and filing n Property & casualty insurance of the irS mandated form 990. the 990 also serves as n valuation Services a ‘window to the world,’ offering great insight into your organization’s operations and fiscal management. it also offers a public depiction of your organization and its Working Together mission to members, donors and other stakeholders. We cBiZ and Mayer Hoffman Mccann P.c. have a strategic understand the intricacies of the 990 series of forms and association that allows us to work seamlessly together so prepare these mandatory returns for hundreds of clients you can focus on achieving your mission. cBiZ, with offices each year, helping them present their organizations in a in major cities throughout the country, is one of the nation’s positive and transparent manner. leading providers of outsourced business services, including accounting and tax, benefits and insurance, and an Tax Consulting. the growing body of tax rules and wide range of consulting services. together, Mayer Hoffman regulations governing the nonprofit sector can be Mccann P.c. and cBiZ are ranked as one of the top ten challenging to keep up with. We are regularly called accounting providers in the country. Whether working upon to address and advise organizations on issues separately or together, we are bound by a common including donation acknowledgements, raffles, commitment to help our clients succeed. intermediate Sanctions, state tax issues, for-profit activities, lobbying, political campaigning and other concerns, consistent with your goals and objectives.n Unrelated Business Income Tax Planning. current market conditions often demand that organizations find new sources of revenue. Whether generated within the organization or by its for-profit subsidiaries, we can help you structure transactions that minimize the impact of income taxes on your organization and the associated risk to your exempt status.
  4. 4. M U LT I P L E S E R V I C E S W I T H A S I N G L E F O C U S : YOUR SUCCESS operating a successful and efficient not-for-profit organization is never simple. Beyond the inherent challenges of limited resources and growing competition for donors, dollars, and volunteers, you have to manage the people and systems that keep your organization running. there are always financial and tax issues, employee benefits and insurance concerns, technology challenges and numerous other business problems which can keep you from focusing on your core mission. that’s where we can help. We are uniquely positioned to assist you with a wide range of professional services and innovative solutions to help you reach new heights. CBIZ and Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C. – industry leaders with a personal touch geared toward your success. NATIONAL RESOURCES ; PERSON A L S E R V I C E CBIZ SERVICES MHM ATTEST SERVICES • ACCOUNTING, OUTSOURCING • AUDITS & fiNANciAL ADviSorY • REVIEWS • BENEFITS CONSULTING & • AGREED UPON PROCEDURES ADMiNiStrAtioN • SAS 70 AUDITS • HUMAN RESOURCES • EMPLOYEE BENEFIT PLAN • INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AUDitS© Copyright 2009. CBIZ, Inc. and Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C. NYSE Listed: CBZ. All rights reserved. • CBIZ-102, Rev. 2 & SoftWAre • OTHER ATTEST SERVICES • LITIGATION SUPPORT • PAYROLL • PROPERTY & CASUALTY ServiceS • TAX COMPLIANCE & CONSULTING • VALUATION SERVICES Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C. An Independent CPA Firm our business our roots is growing yours run deep ™