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cbiZ valuation services
cbiZ valuation servicesvaluations lie at the heart of most major corporate transactions – from mergers and acquisitions to...
to establish accurate and supportable     real estate valuation                        simply put, having cbiZ valuationre...
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Valuations lie at the heart of most major corporate transactions—from mergers and acquisitions to financial reporting and litigation. As these transactions become more complex, the need for objective, comprehensive valuations becomes greater. That’s where CBIZ Valuation Group comes in. Since we approach valuation as a science and an art, our clients benefit not only from proven valuation techniques, but also from our highly developed business instincts drawn from years of experience.

What sets us apart from our competition is the expertise and dedication of our professional and support staff. The main goal of our staff is to provide accurate and timely reporting on which the client and any third-party intermediary can rely. Our professionals hold various designations, such as Accredited Senior Analyst (ASA) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), and have significant experience in their respective fields.

CBIZ Valuation Group’s resources and industry knowledge make us one of the most sought-after valuation firms in the United States. With our network of financial and business analysts, appraisers, attorneys, and accountants working for you, you can rest assured that your most important financial transactions are in expert hands.

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  1. 1. cbiZ valuation services
  2. 2. cbiZ valuation servicesvaluations lie at the heart of most major corporate transactions – from mergers and acquisitions tofinancial reporting and litigation. as these transactions become more complex, the need for objective,comprehensive valuations becomes greater. that’s where cbiZ valuation group comes in.since we approach valuation as n purchase price allocations and consulting services for over 30a science and an art, our clients (sfas 141) years. our practice combines skilledbenefit not only from proven valuation n goodwill impairment studies consultants, technology, innovativetechniques, but also from our highly (sfas 142) service offerings, and unparalleleddeveloped business instincts drawn n fairness & solvency opinions customer service to address eachfrom years of experience. n transaction pricing studies client’s specific requirements. We n bankruptcy/reorganizations assist with financial reporting ascbiZ valuation group’s resources and n cheap stock studies it relates to generally acceptedindustry know-how make us one of the n s-corp conversions accounting practices (gaap),most sought-after valuation firms in n buy/sell agreements governmental accounting standardsthe united states. With our network n transfer pricing board statement 34 and statementof financial and business analysts, n accounts receivable (irc 475) 35 (gasb-34/35), and governmentappraisers, attorneys, and accountants studies accounting, auditing and financialworking for you, you can rest assured reporting requirements (gaafr).that your most important financial capital asset managementtransactions are in expert hands. cbiZ valuation group has been additionally, we provide property providing capital asset management insurance placement and underwritingour wide-ranging and comprehensiveservices include financial valuation,capital asset management, machineryand equipment valuation, real estatevaluation, and litigation support forvarious industries, including: n consumer products n energy n financial services n Healthcare n High technology & telecommunications n life sciencesFinancial valuationthe financial landscape is becomingincreasingly complicated and morerisky. valuations that are too high ortoo low can be costly, resulting inoverpayment or lost opportunities.cbiZ valuation group’s financialvaluation professionals can preventdamaging mistakes. We provide clientswith accurate valuations, supplying thecritical information needed to makethe right decisions… quickly. ourexpertise includes:
  3. 3. to establish accurate and supportable real estate valuation simply put, having cbiZ valuationreplacement costs for buildings, group on your side produces beneficial cbiZ valuation group’s approachimprovements, furnishings, and results. our credibility and expertise provides the most objective andequipment, as well as supplemental extend to various areas, including: thorough real estate analysisunderwriting data collection and data n business valuations possible to assist clients with realaggregation. mergers & acquisitions estate decisions. We have prepared corporate restructurings/ reports for all major property types,the wide array of capital asset reorganizations including office, retail, multi-family,management consulting services we federal & state tax planning medical, hospitality, and seniorprovide includes: bankruptcy housing. our clients include fortune n capital asset appraisals & succession planning 1000 companies, law firms, reits, inventories estate & gift taxation pension funds, banks, developers, and n property insurance appraisals & shareholder disputes healthcare entities. data collection n divorce - division of marital n property inventory & valuation property our comprehensive services include: perpetuation services n financial/business damages n market value appraisals breach of contract n eminent domain valuationsmachinery & equipment n market & feasibility studies lost earnings or profitsvaluation n forensic analysis business interruptionmany situations require a valuation Wrongful termination n portfolio valuationsof your machinery and equipment. personal injury n economic impact analysisWhether you are underinsured, require product liability n purchase price allocationscollateral, or simply desire to pass n expert testimony n cost segregationyour assets on to your children, the n low income housing tax creditssolution is a valuation from cbiZ rely on cBiZ valuation group n ad valorem tax appraisalsvaluation group’s machinery and to understand your needs and n environmental impairmentsequipment experts. most of our surpass your expectations, all while maintaining the highest valuationprofessionals hold designations as litigation servicessenior members of the american standards. sometimes litigation is unavoidable. insociety of appraisers, and many these instances, you’ll want to partnerhave over 25 years of experience in with experts in litigation, arbitration,machinery and equipment valuation. and mediation. cbiZ valuation group has the highest credibility whensince our experience encompasses dealing with legal scrutiny. We havea multitude of industries, we provide given testimony before courts of law,valuations for a wide variety of assets conferred in irs matters, and worked– from the simple to the complex and closely with attorneys, accountants,even the obscure. industries we’ve lenders, and investment bankers. oursupported include: familiarity with the litigation process n automotive provides additional assurance that n chemical, oil, gas & refining our reports and documents will be n furniture justifiable and accurate. n medical & healthcare n government in many cases, both parties prefer n communications/entertainment alternative dispute resolution, such as n construction arbitration or mediation, over litigation. n pharmaceutical our litigation support team has served n telecommunications as arbitrators and mediators for n High technology dozens of clients, helping them avoid n utilities the hassle and expense of litigation.
  4. 4. m u lt i p l e s e rv i c e s W i t h a s i N g l e F o c u s : yo u r s u c c e s s growth and success. efficiency and profitability. it’s likely these goals are top priorities for your business. it’s also likely that the daily distractions of financial, employee, and technology issues diminish your ability to focus on those goals. cbiZ enables you to dedicate your time to critical business matters by providing custom solutions that help you manage your finances, employees, and technology systems. We offer clients exceptional quality and diverse capabilities with the personal attention your business needs and deserves, all with a single focus: your success. for more information, contact your local cbiZ advisor or call our toll-free help line, 1-800-asK-cBiZ (1-800-275-2249). Nat i oNal r eso u r c es; per so Nal se rvic e employee maNagemeNt FiNaNcial services techNology services services • accounting & tax • tecHnology consulting • recruiting • valuation • softWare solutions • compensation consulting • internal audit • HardWare, netWorking • Human capital advisory • mergers & acquisitions & infrastructure • employee benefits • financial advisory • retirement services • sox consulting • payroll / flex / cobra • commercial & personal • property & casualty insurance© copyright 2009. cbiZ, inc. nyse listed: cbZ. all rights reserved. • cbiZ-070, rev. 2 insurance • focused industry • risk management services • WealtH management • life insurance our business is growing yours