CBIZ HEALTHCARE SERVICES: Helping Executives & Clinicians Better Manage Their Organization


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From major strategic issues to
minor billing ones, CBIZ Healthcare
understands the business
complexities of hospitals and
other healthcare organizations.
Whatever a client’s unique needs,
we quickly assemble a package of
business solutions and deploy a
highly experienced team of experts
to effectively address the pressing
issues that often consume too much
executive time and attention.

Visit http://www.cbiz.com for more information

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CBIZ HEALTHCARE SERVICES: Helping Executives & Clinicians Better Manage Their Organization

  2. 2. CBIZ HEALTHCARE SERVICESC CBIZ HealtHCare DIvIsIons BIZ Healthcare offers a Through our close association with customizable suite of business Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C. (MHM), and strategic consulting services strategic Planning services an independent CPA firm, our clientsto help executives and clinicians better may also benefit from high qualitymanage their organization’s strate- To arrive at a desired destination, you audit and attest services. MHM is agies, finances, and employees. must have an accurate and detailed national CPA firm with over 50 years of road map. experience and, together with CBIZ, isFrom major strategic issues to one of the Top 10 accounting providersminor billing ones, CBIZ Healthcare While consultants offer plans and in the country.understands the business advice, too often they leave clientscomplexities of hospitals and in the dark as to how best to convert Other financial operationalother healthcare organizations. those ideas into action. CBIZ is enhancement services include:Whatever a client’s unique needs, different. Once we know your organi- n itigation Support Services Lwe quickly assemble a package of zation, its goals, and needs, we work n anaged Care Contracting Mbusiness solutions and deploy a with you to develop cutting-edge plans n linical Coding Chighly experienced team of experts and detailed ‘road maps’ to get you n harge-Master Management Cto effectively address the pressing where you want to be – whether that n ransparency Issues Tissues that often consume too much time frame is next month or next year.executive time and attention. Physician Practice Innovative thinking and strong Management & Billing servicesCBIZ provides value through our deep analytics characterize CBIZ’s strategic planning solutions, including: Excellence is in the details. Givebench of healthcare professionals and n nterprise-Wide Strategic Planning E attention to the details and excellenceconsultants – with every team member n aster Facility Planning M will come.committed to solve our clients’challenges. Because problems are n nvironmental Assessment – E Market Analyses Rely on CBIZ’s team of experiencedusually complex, the most workable n ospital-Physician Joint Venture H management professionals for thesolutions often call for integrated Development high quality accounting, bookkeeping,answers. Our multi-disciplinary experts n ervice Line Planning S and payroll services you need. Leavingensure internal coordination and, in n ew Market Opportunity N the details of these services to CBIZmany cases, offer significant cost Assessments & Product Analyses will allow you more time to focus onsavings over other traditional business n trategic Market Planning & S your patients and your practice.service firms. Research n etreats R Your practice’s financial strength isRely on CBIZ Healthcare to provide the grounded in timely billing and accurateservices that enable you to focus on Financial operational reimbursement. CBIZ providesyour organization’s bigger challenge – enhancement services comprehensive billing and A/Rtaking care of patients. management services aimed at getting Exceptional efficiency in financial you the reimbursement you’ve earned. management is critical to maintaining Our proven approach of providing a margin in today’s competitive these services from smaller, more environment. customer-friendly offices, instead of impersonal processing centers, results To help clients focus on their core in better collections outcomes. We business, our team of accounting, specialize in providing management tax, and advisory specialists works to and billing services to hospital- improve your organization’s revenue based physician groups, such as cycle performance, as well as anesthesiology, emergency medicine, Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement pathology, and radiology. and compliance. To hardwire those gains, we provide your staff with the knowledge they need to be better financial decision-makers.
  3. 3. Benefits & Insurance A key element in keeping employees productive and loyal is the right benefits and insurance package. At CBIZ, our mission is simple: to work with clients to develop successful employee benefits strategies; to provide employees access to CBIZ’s experienced, local benefit planners; and to use technology to enhance and streamline the delivery of these services. Our unique approach to Health and Productivity Management, throughvaluation services n RS Compliance I partnering with the healthcare n &A and Divestiture Analyses MWorking with a variety of entities, community, provides benefits and n IG Requirements Ofrom early stage companies to some cost-savings to employees and their n roperty Records Pof the largest healthcare providers, employers. n ale/Leasebacks Sour services are crucial to healthcare n EC Reporting & Filings Sexecutives and investors, as well as These services, specifically tailored toservice providers. the healthcare industry, include: Human Capital services n trategic Planning/Benefit Review SLeading healthcare attorneys, lending It is essential to find and maintain the n lan Funding Mechanism Analysis Pinstitutions, REITs, and buyers/ right balance of talent and to ensure n lexible Spending/COBRA Fsellers regularly retain us to perform your talent has the motivation and Administrationvaluations, asset appraisals, and tools to perform at optimal levels. n egal Affairs/Employee Benefit Lindependent opinions for the full range Law Updatesof transactions, tax and accounting Successfully managing Human n ompliance Reviews Cissues, and regulatory compliance. Resources calls for a delicate balance n ndustry Trends IWorking with thousands of for-profit of maximizing employee performance, n enefits Administration Band not-for-profit healthcare entities, ensuring compliance with complex n mployee Communication Eour clients have relied on us to value: legal requirements, and meeting n mbulatory Surgical Centers A administrative challenges – all in CBIZ Healthcare’s strong presence in n iagnostic Imaging Centers D pursuit of your organization’s strategic the healthcare industry testifies to the n ome Health Agencies H goals. CBIZ offers the expertise to help value we provide our clients. Today, n ospitals H you find and maintain that balance. hundreds of hospitals and health n harmaceutical, Biotech & P systems, physician practices, and Medical Device Companies Services include: other healthcare organizations have n hysician Practices P n ompensation solutions to C grown to trust CBIZ for superlative n ursing Home & Senior Living N assist in recruiting and retaining consulting and business services. We Facilities quality employees invite you to learn more about how we n abor/Compensation market L can help your business grow.CBIZ Valuation Group’s services studies and assessmentscover a wide spectrum of valuation n ntermediate Sanctions to procure Ipurposes, including: fair market value opinions n lternative Use Analysis A n erformance Management P n ost Segregation Studies C solutions to ensure top n airness Opinions F performers are competitively Your Business n UD Section 232 (M.A.P.) H rewarded Just Got Easier.
  4. 4. M U lt I P l e s e r v I C e s W I t H a s I n G l e F o C U s : YoUr sUCCess Growth and success. efficiency and Profitability. It’s likely these goals are top priorities for your business. It’s also likely that the daily distractions of financial, employee, and technology issues diminish your ability to focus on those goals. CBIZ enables you to dedicate your time to critical business matters by providing custom solutions that help you manage your finances, employees, and technology systems. We offer clients exceptional quality and diverse capabilities with the personal attention your business needs and deserves, all with a single focus: your success. For more information, contact John Leifer, National Healthcare Services Coordinator, at 913-234-1990. nat I onal r eso U r C es; Per so nal se r vIC e eMPloYee ManaGeMent FInanCIal servICes teCHnoloGY servICes servICes • ACCouNtING & tAx • tECHNoLoGY CoNSuLtING • GRoup HEALtH • vALuAtIoN • SoFtWARE SoLutIoNS • pAYRoLL • INtERNAL AudIt • HARdWARE, NEtWoRkING • HumAN CApItAL SERvICES • mERGERS & ACquISItIoNS & INFRASTRUCTURE • CoBRA / FLEx • FINANCIAL AdvISoRY • REtIREmENt SERvICES • Sox CoNSuLtING • RISk mANAGEmENt • CommERCIAL & pERSoNAL • pRopERtY & CASuALtY INSURANCE© Copyright 2007. CBIZ, Inc. NYSE Listed: CBZ. All rights reserved. • CBIZ-072, Rev. 1 INSURANCE • FoCuSEd INduStRY • WEALtH mANAGEmENt SERVICES Your Business Just Got Easier. www.cbiz.com