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Aerial photos


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Aerial photos

  1. 1. Mount Nittany.
  2. 2. East View Terrace - college dorm complex, opened 2004, along College Ave.
  3. 3. Old Main as seen from behind (and above).
  4. 4. West Halls, with Rec Hall (and part of the Nittany Lion Inn) also visible.
  5. 5. The northern edge of the University Park campus. Among the sites that are visible are the Forum,the Palmer Museum of Art, the Arboretum, and the Lewis Katz Building (the University Park home ofthe Dickinson School of Law).
  6. 6. Bryce Jordan Center, Beaver Stadium, Medlar Field at Lubrano Park, and theAshenfelter Multi-Sport Facility, among other buildings.
  7. 7. The Blue Course, looking north.
  8. 8. The Forum Building.
  9. 9. The back of the University Park Airport. Here are commuter planes fromUSAirways and United.
  10. 10. The Village at Penn State, a retirement community not far from BeaverStadium.
  11. 11. Medlar Field at Lubrano Park, where the Penn State baseball team plays inthe spring and the minor-league State College Spikes play in the summer.
  12. 12. The new Business Building, at the corner of Park Avenue and Shortlidge Road.
  13. 13. The H.O. Smith Botanical Gardens, part of The Arboretum at Penn State.
  14. 14. In this photo you can see not only the H.O. Smith Botanical Gardens but also (in theupper right) the Lewis Katz Building, part of the Dickinson School of Law.
  15. 15. The (relatively) new Information Sciences and Technology Building, whichspans North Atherton Street.
  16. 16. The Hintz Family Alumni Center, with Foundry Park (and one of theEngineering Units) behind it. The left-hand side of the alumni center isthe former presidents house, which was built in the 1850s and whichserved as the home of Penn State presidents for more than a century.
  17. 17. A view toward campus as seen from right on top of Mount Nittany. You cansee Beaver Stadium in the upper right.
  18. 18. Still above Mount Nittany, this time looking away from campus to the southand east. Tussey Mountain ski area can be seen here.
  19. 19. The relatively new Chemistry and Life Sciences buildings that straddleShortlidge Road. If you start at 5 oclock and go clockwise, youll see McElwainHall, part of the HUB parking deck, Grange, Ritenour, Chemistry, Ferguson,Tyson, Eisenhower, Life Sciences, and the Thomas Classroom Building.
  20. 20. A closer view of the newish science buildings that span Shortlidge Road (a section of has beenconverted to a pedestrian mall). Between the Chemistry Building and Ritenour you can see Pine andSpruce cottages. On the far right-hand side you can see a piece of the Millennium Science Buildingconstruction.
  21. 21. Construction on the Millennium Science Complex, along Pollock Road.
  22. 22. The Nittany Lion Inn, along with the Biomechanics Lab (the water tower) andCarpenter Building.
  23. 23. Penn State Blue and White golf courses
  24. 24. A relatively new addition to West Campus is the White Course Apartments,which are grad-student housing.
  25. 25. This view starts withthe IST buildingstretching acrossNorth Atherton,continues alongPollock Road pastOld Main, and outto Mount Nittany.
  26. 26. The HUB-Robeson Center, with Osmond and Boucke visible behind it, andthe Henderson Building complex on the left.
  27. 27. Looking across the Old Main and HUB lawns from the west. College Avenue can beseen on the right.
  28. 28. Both town and gown can be seen in this shot looking toward the east.
  29. 29. The Palmer Museum of Art.
  30. 30. Rec Hall.
  31. 31. East Halls, and a view of construction on the new softball field.
  32. 32. Along Park Avenue, an area that used to be (in part) Parking Lot 80. Clockwise fromlower right: the new Forest Resources Building, a parking garage, the new FoodScience Building (including Berkey Creamery), greenhouses, Ag Admin, Henning/AgSciences & Industries, and the Smeal Business Building.
  33. 33. You can see several sports facilities in this shot, including Beaver Stadium, the JordanCenter, the Ashenfelter Multi-Sports Complex, and Holuba Hall.
  34. 34. Beaver Stadium. Ifyou look closely,you can seeworkers using astencil to paint alion in the end zone.
  35. 35. Medlar Field at Lubrano Park.
  36. 36. The Universitys compost facility.
  37. 37. The Snider Ag Arena.
  38. 38. Innovation Park.